The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "My Brother's Keeper"

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Sorry, we got distracted there for a second, as The Vampire Diaries provided plenty of fodder for our Round Table team - comprised of staffers Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines, Steve Marsi and Miranda Wicker - to discuss in "My Brother's Keeper."

Highlighted by a certain closing scene that exposed both secrets and skin...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Stefan prompting Jeremy to kill that newly-turned vampire, no doubt. That was some seriously intense stuff and it furthered the show's best storyline at the moment: Jeremy's murderous urges and that ever-growing mark.

Leigh: I love Tyler, but I found myself oddly drawn to the scenes between Klaus and Caroline. I think there's a chemistry there, whether Caroline like it or not. He was the only person keeping her calm and entertained during the pageant.

Steve: Klaus making his move on Caroline. Being the most powerful creature on Earth only gets you so far when it comes to women apparently ... fool's gotta run game like anyone else (if only we all had that accent). Second place? Jeremy morphing into a mini-Connor before our eyes. Third place? Any scene with Hayley for obvious reasons, if you get what I'm insinuating. What I'm insinuating is that she's not unattractive.

Miranda: It feels too easy to say Damon and Elena, but I've been waiting for that since the balcony on The Vampire Diaries Season 3. I also really loved Klaus and Caroline and almost, for half a second, started to think they should give a relationship the old college try. I kind of think I wouldn't hate it if they did. Bonus favorite scene: Matt moving in with Jeremy. Was his house finally foreclosed on? Was he finally evicted? I mean, I can't imagine he was making enough at The Grill to pay that bill every month.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

More likely to hook up: Matt and April, Stefan and Caroline or Hayley and Tyler?
Matt: I have no clue how Tyler will be able to resist Hayley after seeing her in that dress (especially if she breaks out the Australian accent soon), until I remember that he's dating the amazing Caroline Forbes. Matt, meanwhile, is way too nice to get down and dirty with anyone... so let's give it up for Scaroline, everyone! They will soon drown their sorrows over Delena by drowning in one another's hot bods!

Leigh: Hayley and Tyler for sure. Hayley wants it, Tyler is gonna get mad at Caroline inevitably over something Klaus related. Plus, you don't bring Phoebe Tonkin to guest star on your show if you're not gonna show off her sexy side!

Steve: Matt and April, without a doubt. Who's NOT waiting for that? TVD water cooler topic of the spring, mark my words.

Miranda: More likely? Hayley and Tyler. Paws down. But I'm hoping Matt, April and Jeremy become the new triangle. I could see there being something supernatural about her where she's the only one who can help him control his urge to hunt.

The Delena sex scene: All you ever dreamed about, or a total letdown?
Matt: As I mentioned once or two dozen times in my Vampire Diaries review of the episode, any positive feelings I possessed over these two were wiped away by the siring nonsense. Was the scene scorching? Of course. But my brow was more furrowed over Caroline and Stefan's discussion than any other body parts of mine were... nevermind.

Leigh: Hot hot hot! I don't ship one brother over the other. Well done. I enjoyed how it started off with the dancing. And I wonder if Ian and Nina's offscreen chemistry makes it easier onscreen.

Steve: See last night's Vampire Diaries review by Matt for my sentiments exactly. Hot, sure, but a total letdown thanks to the contrived sire bond, a twist made even more lame by Caroline's drawn-out epiphany. Sorry, C. Not even you could sell me on that.

Miranda: All I ever dreamed about. And more. I don't for one second buy the "The Sire Bond Made Me Do It" angle. Not even a little bit. And I'm actually kind of peeved that even now there's still some angle for WHY she has feelings for Damon. It's okay for her to have feelings for Damon, and those feelings existed before she was turned even if she wouldn't admit it. He never said "Hey, VampElena, have feelings for me and me only." Sire bond, schmire bond. THAT WAS HOT.

What is Professor Shane's endgame?
Matt: Easy. He wants to un-sire all hybrids? Maybe kill Klaus? Find a cure and put an end to the existence of vampires, if not every supernatural in the world? He's working undercover for TNT, trying to get The Vampire Diaries canceled.

Leigh: Well, he wants all of the hybrids un-sired... so it's safe to say he knows about Klaus. Perhaps he wants to cure Klaus? Hunt him? Certainly wouldn't make him the first person with such desires.

Steve: If he played a role in murdering the entire council, which he kind of obviously did, his endgame can't be as simple as killing Klaus for the sake of it. Maybe he just wants that charming Original out of the way so he can have the Cure all to himself. Shane mentored Connor in addition to Bonnie, so he's gotta be after that first and foremost.

Miranda: Either he IS Silas, or he wants to awaken Silas. And he's hellbent on destruction. I don't trust him.

What would you hope to accomplish as Miss Mystic Falls?
Matt: World peace is probably out, considering the events that take place in this town alone. I'd probably start a Stay in School campaign. Seriously, when was the last time these seniors attended class?!?

Leigh: To just keep breathing. In this town, you never know when your time is up! Also, I'd open up another hangout besides the Mystic Grill. We need a little variety.

Steve: The way things are going these days? Living long enough to hand the crown to Miss Mystic Falls 2013. That and modernizing the school's mascot ... the 1994 Minnesota Timberwolves called, guys, they want their logo back.

Miranda: World Peace? Life insurance policies for workers at The Grill? A truancy officer to check on why all these kids aren't attending school? Making sure no one ever cares that all these teenagers are drinking in public?

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.


I knoowwww the producers have to keep the story moving but that lovemaking scene (it was above sex) was a moment when time stood still. It truly was the hottest sex scene I have ever scene on film. They didnt need to act. To miscalculate and put Caroline and Stefan's conversation in between was to miss the power of the chemistry between Damon and Elena when they truly were allowed to unleash it. Ooops Ms Plec, ooops indeed


This link is pretty good too!:D


That version of the Delena end scene killed me in the best possible way. I am now dead... and possibly sired to Damon. ;-)


Favorite scene from this episode ? PHOEBE TONKIN IN THE RED DRESS \m/


Thank you so much for posting this version of the Delena scene. This is what it should have been last night without the interruptions. Beautiful. Made me catch my breath...Sigh....


The sex scene between Elena and Damon was hot. It was also the most depressing moment in this entire series, and I find myself not really caring what happens on this show now. Elena breaking up with Stefan and moving on (quickly) with his brother has validated two cynical sayings - "Nice guys always finish last" and "No good deed goes unpunished." Once again, it's the bad boy that gets the girl. How original. And Delena wouldn't have even been possible if Stefan hadn't agreed to become Klaus's slave so that he would save Damon's life. Would Stefan make the same decision again even though it turned his world into a living hell and led to him having to endure the anguish of seeing the love of his life leave him, and for his brother no less? Yes, I think he would because unfortunately for him, that's just the kind of person he is. Plec has done a masterful job of showing that doing the right thing will usually come back to bite you in the a**. And from the number of fans who are thrilled with the way things have turned out, that seems to be a popularly held belief. So even though it's only a TV show, it is still disturbing to me to see even a fictional character go through such emotional pain whe he did nothing to deserve it. I don't find that entertaining in the least. I have watched every episode of TVD, but as far as I'm concerned, last night's episode was the series finale.


Thank you for your version of the Delena scene. That is EXACTLY how it should have been on t.v. last night. A bit slower and no overlay of Caroline and Stefan.


"He's working undercover for TNT, trying to get The Vampire Diaries canceled" haha omg laughed so hard

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