The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Sired?!?

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Okay, so maybe Damon hasn't known this entire time.

At the end of last night's polarizing Vampire Diaries episode, Caroline and Stefan had an epiphany: Elena is totally sired to Damon! That explains everything!

They arrived at this conclusion, of course, just as Delena was finally coming to fruition (if you know what we mean!), leading to one very awkward conversation on next week's flashback-heavy "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street."

Watch now as Stefan tries to convince Damon of the spell he has Elena under:

Sound off, TV Fanatics: Elena being sired to Damon is...

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Okay, he actually does tell her she needs to drink from the vein, but he tells her when he's giving her his blood from the vein. Either way, there are so many holes in this sire plot twist....I just don't care for it.


Hold on, wait a minute. Rewatch the scene where Damon says she needs to drink straight from the vein. She's not even in the room! He does say she will be miserable with the bunny diet, but he never says that she can't drink from anything else to her face. If this sire bond is true, let's not blame everything on poor Damon, it's a cop out. All of a sudden everything that's wrong with Elena, or anything that her friends don't like is Damon's fault? That's a cheap tactic that takes away from Elena's character and the storyline.


the only way i would like a sire twist is if it turns out not to matter. that she is really into him and that is why she is sired... other wise i truly dislike the notion.


So...if she can drink from a blood bag now, it definitely means she's sired and couldn't possibly have been a vampire long enough to adjust? There needs to be a different "sire test" than that...come on!


A cool twist!


What's with this sire bond crap? At first we only heard it happening between hybrids and now it occurs even amongst vampires? Then why wasn't Caroline bonded to Catherine? Talk about let's make stuff up as we go and hope the viewers are dumb enough to go along with it. As lame as it is though I guess it does explain why Elena would have slept with Damon so fast, otherwise she would just be a whore for sleeping with Stefan's brother. But then what is Damon's excuse? Seems like the writers just wanted to give delena shippers what they wanted, I find it pretty hard to believe that damon would be so selfish and heartless to do that to his brother.


I think the sire bond between Elena and Damon does make things interesting. I hated the idea at first, but now it gives us Delena fans some great Delena moments together; moments between them that we would normal have to wait longer for. I can understand if it may seem to Caroline that Elena is moving on quite fast with another special someone and it does come off to viewers that Elena is moving quite fast from one guy to the next, but I feel that the sire bond helps give more of a reason on why she isn't dipping herself a bowl of ice cream and taking more time to reflect on all of her feelings. I also believe that it will give Damon a chance to do the right thing by Elena and Stefan. The sire bond will get them both asking all of the hard questions: How much of this is real and how much of this is do to the siring bond. I believe eventually when the sire bond is broken they will discover that most of what took place between them was very much real. Elena and Damon has gone through a lot together and the sire bond will continue to push them closer. Besides if she was just a vampire not sired by Damon, her persona would still be amplified. She would still be in love with Damon. She would still trust him. She would still listen and understand Damon on a personal level. Her true colors would finally be seen by someone other than Damon.


I agree, definitely not the right timing for Damon and Elena's perfect moment. If this was real life and not TV Elena would deserve such a slap for sleeping with Damon that quick, I mean, they are brothers. But this isn't the real world and her not so great decision to jump into Damon's bed 5 seconds after she and Stefan broke up is something that can definitely be blamed on the sire bond.


Does anyone stop to think that these brothers will never be the same again!? How can anyone accept that Elena and Damon are meant for each other and that he deserves Rlena? Stelena were together first. How could she be a Kathetine and sleep with his brother after just breaking up? I swear only fans of DE are blinded by reality. They call Stefan bad but he is not. He sacrificed everything for them and how do try repay him? If Damon had any respect he would not date Elena. Both men are better without her.
Sure bond makes sense he killed his brother, he is ready to kill anyone In a heart beat and not once has she agreed with Damon. Sorry only reason there are fans of DE is cause Damon is hot. No self respecting woman would date A man like Damon after what he has done.


I read an interview done by the producer and when Damon find outs he will question Elena's love for him but Elena insists sire had nothing to do with it and her feelings are true and if the shows somewhat go with the books delena will eventually get through it and see that their love is real PS even if she is sired 1 Damon had no idea and also Damon never told her to break up with Stefan. That was all her doing.

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