The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Sired?!?

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Okay, so maybe Damon hasn't known this entire time.

At the end of last night's polarizing Vampire Diaries episode, Caroline and Stefan had an epiphany: Elena is totally sired to Damon! That explains everything!

They arrived at this conclusion, of course, just as Delena was finally coming to fruition (if you know what we mean!), leading to one very awkward conversation on next week's flashback-heavy "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street."

Watch now as Stefan tries to convince Damon of the spell he has Elena under:

Sound off, TV Fanatics: Elena being sired to Damon is...

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Same here. Although I never really rejected the idea it did seem weird and totally out of the blue. Turns out it had already been mentioned back in season 3. And if you think about it, it makes sense if siring mostly occurred when the newvamp was in love (or had feelings at least) with the oldvamp. If they do it right it could become worthwhile. And though I'm not a shipper of any kind (okay, maybe klaroline) I think Delena will get it's scene when the time is right. PS: The time was NOT right. Actually the timing was bordering heartless. Really? They'd JUST broken up!


I knew it! I knew that Damon didn't know. :-)
I feel sorry for him, he will be heartbroken when he finnds out that it is true. @fayeolivia
I am starting to feel the same way about it.


Same here, because if she is sired, she was questioning her feelings and said something is different and that she still loves Stefan but she always also had a thing for Damon. She needs to be herself, free of of everything to make an informed decision. And with the sire bond, if she really is, how can you break it?


That's exactly what I was thinking!!


I think I might be starting to warm to this whole "sired" thing. I like the way it looks like they're going to handle it in next weeks episode and also, the more I think about it, the more I've started to like the fact that its going to make Elena (and Damon and especially Stefan) confront her feelings head on and really look hard at her feelings for Damon, which she's never really done. And maybe at the end of all this, when they break the sire bond, she'll be able to tell Damon she loves him and there'll be no outs, no excuses, it'll be true and all the characters will have to recognise that this triangle has become far more equal.

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