Vampire Diaries Cast Plays Shag, Marry or Stake [Video]

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TV Guide recently visited the show's set outside Atlanta and posed a pressing question to members of The Vampire Diaries cast:

Which character would each most want to shag, marry and stake?

While the responses to two of the topics varied, a certain kind-hearted employee of The Mystic Falls Grill was the runaway winner when it came to settling down for good.

Watch the TV Guide interview excerpts now and then answer for yourself below...




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David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure about this type of questions involving the cast but I can't wait to see what else happens throughout season 4. =]


Shag Klaus, Marry Klaus, be Mrs Freaking Klaus- stake Matt. From the girls- shag Rebecah once but marry, and shag Caroline forever, stake Elena because she got even more whiny as a vampire, if that is possible.


LOL at how Ian just wants to shag everyone..i'm surprised he didn't only want to shag Nina ;)

Dancing eyes

Shag Damon/Klaus,Marry Stefan,Stake Tyler(wish i could stake Elena too)*sigh*


shag klaus, marry klaus and probably stake him along the way (because he drives you crazy)


Shag Klaus, Marry Stefan and Stake Elena ;D

Fruit salad

Stake Damon, marry Elijah, shag Katherine. Staking Elena would be fruitless, she would just be retconned back to life


Ahhh Matt you must be a Howard stern fan,only on his show its called "F,MARRY,KILL" #thumbsup


Shag Klaus


I would Shag and Marry Damon. I absolutely love this guy without any limits. I can shag Klaus too but I am way too biased for Damon. So, Shag and Marry, Damon. I can heartlessly stake Bonnie. Hate her. I can stake Stefan too. :P But Bonnie wins. lol. P.S. How come Caroline came up with highest score in killing, damn it? Bonnie and Stefan is strong competition. lolz... No offense to their fans!

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