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Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Best Day of Damon's Life?

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Elena knows. Stefan is aware. Fans have been discussing it in our Vampire Diaries forum and everywhere online:

It's all over for Stelena.

But Damon will hear this news for the first time on Thursday's "My Brother's Keeper." How will the man who has desired Elena for so long react? In a mature, rational, respectful manner... until Stefan comes right out and tells him to stop pretending. This is clearly the best day of Damon's life.

Watch these brothers interact over their shared love now and let the countdown begin to the 2012 Miss Mystic Falls pageant:

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Wow. Damon was being nothing other than a good brother, trying to be there for Stefan, and Stefan is just being a complete asshole. Stefan is the one that broke up with Elena, not the other way around. You reap what you sow, bro. Don't be a dick to your brother, who isn't the one at fault here.


and damon was hurted many times, fuck the saint stefan.


R I agree with you...."Damon" needs to adress the elephant in the room ...Stefan is acting like any guy who was ditched "for a brother" what's wrong with you people...he is hurting!!!! and for those unfeeling "fans" who don't understand about being rejected by the love of one"s life....then I hope you get to experience it and eat CROW!!!!!!!


stef is a dick. can't stand him anymore. elena hurted damon sooo many times and rejected him and damon didn't go to stefan to act like a dick, poor stef i don't wanna see his reaction when elena sleeps with damon.....


OMG my heart is broken for Stefan right now. I will agree that Damon was being nice and trying to make him feel better but I just cant deal with how sad Stefan is :(


I agree that Damon was nice in this case.


I know what now is going to be. Ealier Damon wanted to be with Elena. Now Damon will say Elena that they can't be together because of Stefan, that it wouldn't be fair and so on. :/ A cat and mouse game... It is unfortunately normal in the serials...


Wow, that was so mean of stefan \: I mean, my opinion is not base on the love triangle, but damon in this case was trying to be nice. what do u think guys?


I agree with R 100%


Poor Damon, he has no idea why it should be the best day of his life :-) He doesn´t know that they broke up because of him....

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.


I'm not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't feed anymore.