90210 Review: Back At West Bev

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Well, it's been 100 episodes of the 2.0 version of America's hottest zipcode - and it's been quite a ride. In "902-100" we learned that as much as things change, sometimes they also stay the same. 

It was an episode chock full of guest stars, a few blasts from the past and the reveal of what happened to Vanessa... so buckle up!

Silver Strips!

First, could Silver have been any hotter in all her burlesque glory? I'm so proud she decided to get up on that stage, put her money where her mouth was and show Teddy that she too can overcome her own fears. She's been handling the cancer gene and baby stuff like a champ, but sometimes it's the smaller things that get under your skin. It was good for Silver to show Teddy that not everyone is as perfect and fearless as they appear.

What's the deal with Teddy? I feel like he really gave Shane the brush off in a bunch of ways. I felt bad that Shane had no clue about the baby thing, but we still forget how young they all are. Some people take years before they are ready for trusting serious commitments. At least they all acknowledged it had only been two years since they were in high school. It's hard to forget that they're still so young with all the marriages, hooker scandals, stalkers and sex tapes!

How did you all feel about seeing Jasper and cousin Emily again? Not gonna lie, when Annie locked eyes with Jasper I was scared for her. But it seems like he turned a corner and is a different person now. Do you buy it? Also has cousin Emily influenced Annie to become the new Carrie Bradshow, blogging voiceovers included? Well whether or not Annie's blog is a success, I have a really good vibe about a possible reunion with Liam.

Liam needs to be close to people he trusts. I'm so glad he confided in Annie and forgave Navid. Navid's apology seemed sincere so I'm glad he's returned from douche-ville. Who do you think is behind the threats to Liam? Obviously we now know that Vanessa is ALIVE (as we all predicted) but I don't think she's working alone. Could she be working with the bodyguard who gives me the creeps every time she's on screen? Don't forget that you can also catch Miss Arielle Kebbel in a role that I actually love her in, this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries.

Hands down, my favorite part of tonight was Naomi's apology.

Here I am, former bitch, asking for your forgiveness. Please don't let the message get lost because I'm physically perfect. | permalink

Despite her scheming ways and standard arrogance, she usually has a good intention behind things. I'm sorry Max lost his company, but he was most likely going to hire Bryce anyway. With Alec's return next week, it looks like a lot of the audience will get the confirmation that Alec was indeed in love with Max. I'm very interested to see how this played out.

Other Tidbits:

  • Dixon finding out about the affair was inevitable. "Unfaithful Records" Touche sir.
  • Silver and Teddy hitting tennis balls off the roof felt like old times.
  • Are we ever going to see Navid's bar mitzvah video?
  • Denise Richards did a perfect turn as a West Bev alumni who is in a snobby society.

What did you all think of the big 100th episode? Were you pleased? Who did you enjoy seeing the most/least? Hit the comments and prepare for the winter finale! 


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Ok, I have been a huge fan since its first episode, so let me start off by saying that I am so proud the show has made it this far! Congratulations to the cast and crew. However, I was slightly disappointed. I expected more for the 100th episode, like maybe flashbacks or something. I loved catching up on old characters like Emily and Jasper (that was my hilight). I hope they do something with Ethan's character soon. Even if they can't get Dustin Milligan, maybe they could just talk about the character. I'm glad Adrianna and Dixon are over. Dixon needs to be with Silver. On that note, here's to 100 more episodes!!!


Why can't Liam and Annie just finally reunite? They have crazy chemistry and so obvious there is still something there


i love how Adrianna is always trying to redeem herself - however a tiger does't change his stripes... she's been introduced to the show as a cheating drug addict and instead of abandoning these character trades the writers made her have a relapse and have her cheat again. the weird part is that i love ade's character even more when she's like that! you go girl!


Ade and Dixon really should do one of those murder-suicide things.


@Sa'ad702: GG has nothing on 90210. 90210 may have always not had the best writing, but at least they don't try and escape what they've been given. GG itself has turned itself into a nothing more than constant over-the-top soap opera with the characters constantly changing themselves from bad to good and good to bad every week. The writing on 90210 may not always be consistent, but at least the characters are regardless of their bed hopping.


Oh and as far as I'm concerned, Adrianna got what she deserved. She only ever thinks about herself. I think that storyline will be fun to watch too. Hopefully they put Dixon with that girl from his support group now. Then I'm sure we'll see an unnecessary Navid and Adrianna reunion too.


I think, as someone else mentioned, that Silver is really shining these season after sort of getting lost for a few seasons. I'm finding myself realy anxious to see what she's going to do next! I'm hoping she is able to get pregnant sooner rather than later because that's a story I'm really interested to see. I love her chemistry with Teddy. Part of me keeps wishing they'll try to conceive the old fashioned way to give her more of a chance, even if it's just platonic! Otherwise I really hope they explore her relationship with Liam more. Now they have GREAT chemistry. I feel the opposite about him and Annie. Please don't hook them back up. Her character is finally tolerable, let's not ruin it. And as usual, Naomi was on fire! Max blaming her makes him a moron. He wanted to hire her. And she can't be blamed for Alec making Max make the decision he did. This season has been great so far!


@Beck: The actor who played Ian wanted to leave the show so he had the writers write him out at the most unfortunate time as Teddy's storyline at the time was already gaining momentum thanks to him.


It's a boring episode. Unfaithfull Records? really DIXIE? I think Carmen Electra and Denise Richards didn't add too much impact to this show. Same goes to Jasper/Emily, what a waste. I'm more interested to watch next weeks episode.


Even though I disagree with you about Lannie not having chemistry ( I think they have chemistry), maybe in the -POSSIBLE SPOILER- 'what if' episode Liomi may still be a couple, it's an episode based on Annie never leaving Kansas and never moving to Beverly Hills. I believe it's episode 5x14. Btw, there are still a lot of Liomi fans, so don't feel alone, join a fan club :) I am SOOO looking forward to next weeks episode!

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