Blue Bloods Review: Always the Bad Guy

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After weeks of sticking Jamie on the back burner throughout the beginning of Blue Bloods Season 3, the show is making up for lost time. "Higher Education" finally put him front and center.

Wasn't it about time Jamie got a shot at having a love life? We haven't seen him with anyone since he and his fiance broke up back in Blue Bloods Season 1.

Nicky's Freedom

In some ways, Dana appeared perfect for Jamie, Harvard-educated and idealistic. But she was just asking for trouble walking around the streets of New York City in that Homeless Avengers costume. And for a girl that said she'd been kicked and punched by a couple of grown men, wasn't it amazing that she didn't have a bruise on her or a hair out of place?

And when Jamie went to visit her at her multi-million dollar loft (had she made partner at that law firm already?), she didn't appear to be suffering any side effects from her beating other than suddenly realizing that being a cop might be a dangerous profession.

All in all, as silly as I found Dana's story, I think she might be a good fit for Jamie, at least for a while. I'm just not sure he can handle the vast differences in their finances over the long haul.

Sunday dinner turned out to be all sorts of fun as Frank ended up in the middle of a mother/daughter feud as both Erin and Nicky vied for his vote.

I was surprised that Nicky dropped in on Grandpa at work to plead her case. As much as I sided with Erin, I will admit that her daughter made a fair argument.  She's quite obviously the offspring of two lawyers.

Poor Erin felt completely betrayed when Frank took Nicky's side. As a single mom, Erin's always the bad guy and it had to hurt to look for support from Frank and not find it. Her anger bubbled over as she told Nicky in this Blue Bloods quote

 Fine. Go. Get drunk. Have sex with Greg. Get a tattoo. You need bail money, call your grandfather. | permalink

The funniest part was watching Jamie who sat next to her and looked like he was contemplating whether his best course of action was to run or hide under the table.

In the end, Nicky went to her first college party with her 19-year old boyfriend. Maybe we could all be so generous with our teenager's freedom if we had police officers on speed dial to follow them.

The murder of the week wasn't all that compelling although Danny's partner grew on me a little more. I guessed that the professor was involved from his very first scene. He was far too helpful to be anything but a red herring. 

Danny clashing with Eddie from Narcotics was typical. The guy was a complete ass but Danny seemed to hate him before he had barely opened his mouth. I'd think that cop's cases overlap from time to time. Was asking for a heads up on any new information really that out of line?

The best part about this episode of Blue Bloods was that it didn't feel like the Danny show. The stories were far more balanced and it was great to see all of the characters get their moment to shine.


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I wouldn't mind watching an "all Danny, All the time Show". Same for the Comissioner. Don't knock what is so enjoyable. Lets hope Erin also gets a love life, she is pretty sour. I love these characters and wouldn't mind having a good, interesting Sunday dinner.


Christine don't forget that mafia's sister Jamie kinda run into when he work undercover in Season 2? I thought they had such great chemistry.


Liked this episode of Blue Bloods. It was nice to see a show that was not completely about Danny. It gave balance to the installment to have the focus on other members of the family. I love most stories about Jamie. I worry about his career choice - it seems he would be much better off and safer as a counselor or social worker. He's too trusting to be a cop.
Loved the reveal at the end of the show that Frank was not as trusting and ready to let his granddaughter on the loose at that college party after all. I got such a good laugh when he admitted that there were 3 officers watching Nicky.
I like the new partner - liked Jackie better, however, I felt sometimes she and Danny were too close. So glad the viewers didn't get another story about a cheating husband. I gave this episode 4****.

Sarah silva

While I am glad to see more of Jamie as that is my one issue with the show, I do not like Dana!
I too agree that it did not feel like the Danny show.
Eddie was and ass but in the end they all worked together to solve the case.
I can see both Erin and Nicki's sides and I felt bad for Frank being put in the middle but in the end it all worked out.


I agree: it was not out of line to keep the narcotics cop in the loop on new information. It seemed like Danny had a mad-on from the get go, only we weren't privy as to the reasons why. Oh, I know he had a long prejudice regarding narc cops - and it makes me cringe when someone dismisses an entire group the way he did. So I'm not sure why that is, because as cynical as he is, I like to think that Danny is a bit more nuanced than that. Great review Christine!

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