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Blue Bloods Season 3

"This Way Out"

Frank is further unnerved when a second crisis comes on the heals of the Reagan family's crusade against the the gang leader who killed Jamie's partner on the season finale on Blue Bloods.

"The Bitter End"

Danny and Jamie are both devastated when a young woman takes her life and that of her infant son in order to escape gang violence on Blue Bloods.

"Devil's Breath"

A man found covered in his girlfriend's blood claims he has no memory of what occurred and Jamie's good intentions end up making matters worse for a fellow cop on Blue Bloods.

"Ends and Means"

Linda refuses to let Danny question a suspect before surgery. A fierce argument ensues when the suspect doesn't survive on Blue Bloods.

"Loss of Faith"

When a devoutly religious woman is found dead in a cemetery, Danny and Detective Baez find out she had several secrets on Blue Bloods.

"No Regrets"

Danny works to link a series of seemingly random cases while Frank tries to help an old friend suffering from alcoholism on Blue Bloods.

"Protest Too Much"

Erin protects a witness while Danny investigates an off duty police officer who got disarmed during a bank robbery by a couple reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde on Blue Bloods.

"Quid Pro Quo"

Danny and Erin team up to solve a cold case involving a rich man who got away with attacking his girlfriend on Blue Bloods.


After being accused of being too aggressive while working a case, Danny must attend anger management classes while Frank tries to save a Turkish woman from persecution on Blue Bloods.

"Men In Black"

When a Grand Rebbe ends up dead, Danny's investigation puts him in the middle of the Hasidic community and Frank learns of a surprising secret within the Reagan family on Blue Bloods.

"Inside Jobs"

When a man covered in rat bites is dumped from a moving vehicle, Danny and Detective Catherine McElroy try to figure out why on Blue Bloods.


The Reagans scramble to prove Danny's innocence when a bag of cocaine show's up in his car on Blue Bloods.

"Front Page News"

On Blue Bloods, Jamie has trouble dealing with the emotional consequences after a shooting while Mayor Poole is reluctant to testify in one of Erin's cases.

"Fathers and Sons"

On Blue Bloods, the family rallies together when one of Danny's sons suffers a brain injury after a bicycle accident and an environmentally conscious serial killer terrorizes motorists.

"Secrets and Lies"

Will Jamie choose justice or vengeance when he hunts down the man who attacked Henry while Frank gets an unusual tip from an old friend on Blue Bloods.

"Higher Education"

On Blue Bloods, Danny investigates the murder of a college student while Erin and Nicky pull Frank into their argument about a college party. Will Jamie's new love interest cause him to rethink his career choice?


On Halloween, Danny must dive into the world of voodoo to investigate a strange stabbing and Garrett reveals a secret on Blue Bloods.

"Greener Grass"

Danny considers leaving the force when money issues begin to pile up and Frank and Henry argue over whether or not Henry is fit to drive on Blue Bloods.

"Risk and Reward"

On Blue Bloods, Danny searches for a missing detective who was taken hostage by a drug lord and Henry celebrates his 60th anniversary on the NYPD by going on a ride along with Jamie.

"Scorched Earth"

Danny and Jackie are pulled from a bride's murder and reassigned to protect a Central American president while Jamie runs into trouble with his new partner on Blue Bloods.

"Old Wounds"

Danny suspects a vigilante serial killer is on the loose and how will Erin react when her ex-husband show up in court on Blue Bloods?

"Domestic Disturbance"

On Blue Bloods, when a woman recants her claims of domestic disturbance, Danny and Jackie continue to investigate and find she's having an affair with a powerful politician who is also a friend of Frank's.

"Family Business"

Michael Madsen guest stars on the Season 3 premiere of Blue Bloods as a criminal from Danny's past kidnaps Jackie. Jamie meets his new partner and officer accidentally shoots an innocent man.

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