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He may be off Teen Wolf, but he won't be off the small screen for very long.

Colton Haynes, who shocked fans of that MTV hit by announcing his departure this fall, has been cast on another hit show: the actor will debut in early 2013 as Roy Harper, "a handsome, street-savvy, teenager from 'the Glades,'" according to a CW insider.

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According to TV Guide Magazine, the character will serve as a love interest for Willa Holland's Thea.

The network also teases Roy will "become an important player in the larger world of Arrow."

The Arrow Season 1 winter finale, meanwhile, airs on Wednesday night.

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Yes, 'Speedy' is the original sidekick alter ego for Roy Harper but he becomes 'Red Arrow' and a girl (Mia in the comics) becomes 'Speedy'....=)


Speedy! Now there's a character with some potential!


So excited, they're adding Roy Harper!
Wonder what name they're going to use for him, if they have him become Oliver's sidekick.
Speedy, Red Arrow or Arsenal?


As a fan of Teen Wolf, I'm sad about not seeing Jackson anymore but as a fan of Arrow and Colton... I am thrilled about this news. It will be great having Colton back on my tv screen.

Sarah silva

Very cool! Looking forward to this!


I'm gonna hate a little because I loved Colton on Teen Wolf so much. He does a**hole so well but as a fan of Arrow I'm just glad he's gonna be on my screen again.


I actually think you won't get too many Teen Wolf fans totally upset (I am a fan) because you were upset initially, and honestly most were kind of more upset because he could have easily died and it would have been as powerful of a storyline and almost all the characters would be in the same place if he had. Also, we all know it was contract negotiations and both he and Teen Wolf writers and producers were all like, well, we won't shut the door. I think the biggest issue we will all have is if Roy is supposed to be nice guy, that will be hard to watch because Jackson was a jerk (we loved him, but he was a jerk). I am more intrigued by the idea of who he will be considering all Arrow fans were assuming someday Thea would be Oliver's sidekick. Heck, maybe she will be but Roy is first and then he dies tragically and Oliver lets her in on all of his secrets in trying to be comforting big brother, and hell, maybe she becomes more like the second Speedy so Thea might be in store for a very dark path.


@Jarrod I'm a Teen Wolf fan and I think that Colton Haynes joining the Arrow cast is rather interesting. He deserves it.
I'm glad Thea gets to play a more significant role in the episodes to come thanks to Roy of course.


I'm a little confused now because Roy Harper is the name of speedy and Thea's nickname is speedy so I'm wondering who's going to become the sidekick.


I'm just waiting for the Teen Wolf fans of Jackson to come and rage now that Arrow "stole" him...

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