Gossip Girl Finale Photos: A Wedding For the Ages

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The first (official) pics from Gossip Girl's December 17 finale have been released by the CW, and they offer an up-close, spoiler-filled look at ... the wedding we already saw unfold in paparazzi photos earlier this fall.

Oh well, at least we know now that it wasn't staged to throw us off.

Click to enlarge many shots of Chuck and Blair's long-awaited nuptials below, along with Eric's return, a sighting of Katie Cassidy’s Juliet, and some additional scenes involving Serena, Dan, Nate and Georgina.

Is this the happily ever after fans have yearned for?

Chuck and Blair Wedding
The Gang on the Move
Wedding Gift Perhaps?
Blair Waldorf Wedding Dress Reloaded!
Blair and Serena in Finale
Lonely Boy With Flowers
Chair Wedding Photo
Gossip Girl Wedding Photo
Chuck and Blair Finale Photo
It All Comes Down to This
Eric and Lily Photo
Nate, Chuck and Jack
Nate, Dan and Georgina
Dan, Nate and Georgina
Heading Out
Sullen Serena
Kate Cassidy on Gossip Girl Finale
Nate, Sage
Chair Just Married?
Chuck and Blair Wedding Photo

Blair's wedding dress isn't white this time, but it sure is beautiful. Why do you suppose they seem to be leaving in such a hurry? What's Georgina's wedding gift for the pair? What role will Jack and Nate play in the finale?

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@b, Unfortunately I have to agree with you, you're right! Other than that related to the book, the series was created based on the book, but not literally following the events from the book! And the rest, as I said - you're right, from season 3 character Serena was not in the way it was in 1 and 2 season, because the actress Blake devote more time making movies, and the series she used to rest from movies!


Leighton is the clear winner Blake seems bored and only occasionally puts effort into her performance


When the series began Blake Lively(Serena) was the star of the show. She's the most successful cast member sure but she hasn't been the star of the show for quite some time. In the books Blair is the main character. Serena is Blair's foil, a counterpart. When the series began the roles were reversed, Serena was the star and Blair was her foil. Then the foundation of the show changed Leighton Meesters Blair became the star. Her character and her relationships dominated the second fourth and fifth season the only season both characters and actresses seems equal easthe third but at that time Taylor Momsem's Jenny was receiving the same amount of screen time. I don't know if it was writers, producers, or an executive from the CW but someone made the decision to have Blair and her story become focus of the show. If the decision was based on the actresses abilities


@b, Well love between Serena and Dan is epic, as epic between Chuck and Blair! These two pairs are not in conflict, they co-exist side by side. There is no first and second couple in love! There are a first couple in love that happened and that was Serena and Dan, second Blair and Chuck , third Lily and Rufus! At the end of the series there are no winners, all three pairs are the winners, the only question is for whom who cheers! On the other hand Serena / Blake is the main character in the series, simply in 99% of the episodes picture of Serena is at the beginning of each episode! Without Serena / Blake series would be canceled, as well as without Blair! What changed the course of the series happened in season 3, a complete removal of Serena and Dan of each other, and that's one of the reasons why the audience then dropped drastically!




Dan and Serena were suppose to be the epic love story of the show but it never happened then the writer's paired Blair with Chuck captured lightning in a bottle their chemistry was undeniable people who think Serena's relationship with Dan is the show's epic romance probably still think Serena/Blake is still the star of the show the seventh episode of the first season changed the shows foundation


They should make a movie after showing the time that happen after the season finale and before the Derena wedding ...


lmao i can smell dair butthurt worldwide


there are still people who see this shit?


I ABSOLUTELY love that chuck is the one wearing white, since its his first marriage and her second.

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