Chuck and Blair Wedding
Chuck and Blair in a photo from the Gossip Girl series finale. "New York, I Love You XOXO" airs December 17, 2012.

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Seems pretty obvious what's going on here...
- Chuck & Blair are marrying quickly after Bart's death so that she cant testify against him. That's why the wedding party is hastily thrown together, and why Lily is in black.
- Dan (Lonely Boy) IS Gossip Girl. That's why he had so much information to work with when writing his profiles, and it makes sense that he has had 'a plan' all along. Dan will reveal himself in his own tell-all profile. He may potentially kill himself, requiring Jenny etc to show up for his funeral.
- Nate & whatsherface will figure out that Dan is GG and Nate will tell Dan that he owes it to him to let The Spectator newspaper publish that information, so that his business & reputation can get back on track.
- Serena will also get married.
- Ivy will break up with Serena's father after it is revealed that he was only using her to get to Lily. He and Lily may reunite solving all of Serenas daddy issues. OR Lily re-marries Rufus officially now that Bart is actually dead and that was part of Dans plan, to see Rufus happy.

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