Gossip Girl Finale Sneak Peek: Will You Marry Me?!

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It's twisted, yes, but it's totally them ... and totally sincere.

In this latest clip from the Gossip Girl series finale, Jack Bass comes up with a new plan to help protect Blair and Chuck: Get married! Because legally, one can't be forced to testify against one's spouse.

Not the way Blair drew it up in her mind, but certainly without genuine emotion, either. Despite the unconventional circumstances, both seem wholly committed to the union that is about to go down.

Watch Chuck get down on one knee and propose below:

What do you think? Everything you never dreamed? Were you expecting more? And will their wedding go off without a hitch (or at least be enough of a success that they remain together for good)?

This is the fifth Gossip Girl finale sneak preview clip we've seen so far, probably equaling the number of sneak peeks released all season, as the CW has just remembered the show exists.

The other scenes from tomorrow night's swan song:

Share your predictions and comments on "New York, I Love You XOXO" below!

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It wasn't his idea of course but Blair convinces him that Jack's right it's twisted and it's so them loved it


If you read between the lines this will be the actual line:
"Blair marry me so that you don't have to witness against me in the court of law". Yes that was really beautiful to say the least, but it rhymes wholeheartedly with that redneck wedding between them. The two groomsmen and that horn-dog a.k.a uncle Jack standing there and the common thread between them is that they all had sex with Blair. A classic redneck wedding!


I can't believe tomorrow is the last EPSIDEO ever... I would of thought ill be really really really sad... Gossip girl is my all time Favourite show it's my whole life ... I love everything about it ; the fashion ; the music ; the city of New York ; the story : the characters : I even read the book >< and I can't believe it's the finale :( it's so sad 6 years of watching gossip girl ... I was there from the very start and now it's ending xoxo- gossip girl


We know the wedding won't go off without a hitch, because the police will put in an unwelcome appearance. However, the promo pictures suggest they'll be too late to stop the wedding.


Called it!


Yeah!!! So happy. I can't wait to watch tomorrow.


Aww, that was beautiful. I almost teared up a little :)


'Blair Cornelia Waldorf' good on you chuck for saying her whole name!!! :)


How beautiful is that?! Love them soooo much!


Do u notice how blair is tearing up when chuck asks her....but when the prince asked her she didnt!....TRUE LOVE!!!!!