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Grey's Anatomy Clips: Jitters Abound in Seattle

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It's shaping up to be an emotional week on Grey's Anatomy.

Four clips from Thursday's mid-season finale hit at the tension building on several fronts. Bailey's anxiety is building up before her wedding, as April finds out the hard way, and Callie devises a strategy to counter.

Meredith, meanwhile, tries to play up her familial connection with sister-in-law Lizzie (Neve Campbell), only to be shot down fast by Derek's sibling, who chastises her for keeping her distance from the family until now.

Also caught off guard? Cristina, by Owen's request to move forward on their divorce proceedings quickly. If there's any hope for this estranged couple, Hunt does not appear interested in finding it here. At all.

Watch the scenes from "Run, Baby, Run" below ...

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Nice to see Mer got shot down by Liz, Neve Campbell rocks! lol It's so interesting to see Callie reaction at the last clip.. Can't wait to see what will happen to her and Arizona.


@Carilie (nice name) You're right about Tessa Ferrer resembling Sandra Bullock. She could definitely play her younger sister. Nice to see someone else out there likes the interns. They're a good group. Hope they get more of a story, at least in between the regulars. Still want to see them, of course.


I like the new interns as well. (Guess I'm not too hard to please Leah (Tessa Ferrer?), to me, resembles Sandra Bullock.


it's hurt to see Cristina's losting Owen~~ We know Cristina's becoming to be a better teacher to intern? is she still a lousy wife to Owen? I want Owen back is not enough showing off her change


I like the addition of the interns to Grey's this season. I think the newest one Leah is gorgeous. I hope she sticks around with the rest of them. I also love Neve Campbell and hope she becomes a regular. I wonder if Constance Zimmer wasn't brought to the show to be another of Derek's sisters? She kind of resembles Derek, Lizze and Ameila. Guess we'll find out next year.


I think the reason Owen is divorcing Bitctina because she's arrogant and self-abosrbod. He just wants to move on. It has nothing to do with the lawsuit. I hope we see some more Calzona scenes this week their hot!


Owen loves her. He LOVES her. He's only pushing forward with the devorce because he wants her to get a fair result from the court case! Does anyone else agree?


Aha! I was just wondering that Callie and Arizona are, all of a sudden, out of their problems, Arizona is not pissed as hell anymore and they are suddenly all peace and in love and lovingly kissing each other. Pink bubbles all over...
Don't get me wrong, I loooove Callie and Arizona al cuddly and lovingly, but it happened to 'all of a sudden'! But apperently, if I see the last sneak preview, not everything is good? Sooo... are they going to have a talk or something that gives closure? I hope so, because otherwise it seems not fair to them. And it certainly wouldn't happen in real life.


I think Owen wants a divorce more because he doesn't want that conflict of interest to affect the pending law suit against the hospital; not so much that he is closing the door on reconciling with Cristina.


The Merliz conversation should also include Der as a fellow nonfamily visitor. Ironic that Der was so close to his sisters, but doesn't have the nerve to take a nerve(LOL)from one of them; but Mer did choose to give her liver to her estranged father because of her sister,who Mer didn't know about for years!
Lizzie ought to say 'if I give you my nerve, you've got to come and see your family for Christmas'!