Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "I Was Made For Lovin' You"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy review broke down "I Was Made For Lovin' You" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Courtney Morrison have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Courtney: Meredith telling Derek she is pregnant! These two have been through enough and deserve something as happy as this. Surprisingly, this is followed closely by the intern following Arizona with the wheelchair and chair. Creepy and hilarious.

Sean: It was kind of a goofy moment, but Heather following Arizona around cracked me up. It was overly ridiculous, but I couldn't help but keep waiting to find her like "Where's Waldo." Just follow the squeaky wheel sound.

Christina: I'm going with the ending MerDer scene. I especially loved that she chose to tell Derek first.

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2. Cristina wants Owen back but he wants a divorce: What is going to happen to these two?

Courtney: These two need to break up for good. I have been a fan of them in the past, but Owen is right. They want different things and no longer work as a couple. Neither should have to give up on a future with or without kids if that's what they want. There is so much damage there, it would be hard to come back from it.

Sean: I know the will they won't they keeps playing out, but they need to call it quits. I thought maybe they could try again, but at this point it just really doesn't seem in the cards.

Christina: They'll officially be over, and it's been a long time coming. It won't be easy, though, as we all know letting go isn't something you do once.

3. April and Jackson breaking up after her “dodge a bullet” comment: Good decision or not?

Courtney: Absolutely not. First of all, Kepner is one of the luckiest girls on this show. Not only is she a little crazy and weird, but she got her job back after being fired and landed the sweetest, not to mention GORGEOUS, guy in the hospital. I get the relief of not being pregnant, but it was a little harsh of a reaction after Jackson's "I'm all in" speech. I'm betting we haven't seen the end of these two... not even in this season.

Sean: I find it unfortunate in the way Kepner's character is written, because as much as I want to like her, the amount of reasons to dislike her keep piling up. I've no doubt they'll find their way back to each other, but honestly, if it means hearing her complain again or become overly distraught about Jesus, I'll pass. There's a lot of other girls Jackson could be with.

Christina: Good, maybe April can be re-fired all over again. Just kidding, but seriously... I think it was the right decision as Jackson could certainly do better.

4. Could April’s results have gotten mixed up or is she really not pregnant?

Courtney: I was thinking that until Mer dropped her bombshell. I'm not sure they would have two main characters pregnant at the same time, so I'm going with Not Pregnant.

Sean: That's interesting, but I'm gonna go not pregnant. Unless they pull a switch and flip it so Meredith isn't and Kepner is. Either way, it's going to mean a lot of baby talk around the hospital.

Christina: April's not pregnant and Mer definitely is... at least that's what I'm hoping. I'm so happy for MerDer!

5. Meredith is pregnant! Will this be happily ever after or is something bad bound to happen?

Courtney: It better be an enjoyable time for these two. No tragedies, no loss. Just pure joy with the fact that they are finally pregnant. PS. - Not that Zola isn't adorable, but can you imagine the perfection of a Mer/Der baby? With those genes, Baby Shep is guaranteed to be the cutest thing ever.

Sean: That depends. If I knew that this would be the last of Meredith this season then I could see happily ever after. I've just always got this feeling it won't always work out perfectly for some reason.

Christina: Any Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice viewer would love to answer this question. Shonda and company love their babies, but the complications are a plenty. Here's to hoping that Mer gets dealt a good hand this time!

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments below!


This was such a wonderful episode! 1) Something I thought was pretty darned funny was when April was operating on the kid who had the horseback riding accident and started going off on how protection didn't work and you might as well ride bareback.... Maybe I'm getting too old and that's not considered a naughty innuendo anymore, but I found it hysterically funny. (I also loved the intern following Arizona with the squeaky chairs. It reminded me of the way the ticking crocodile followed Captain Hook around in Peter Pan.) 2) Eh, I think they will make their way back to each other. I have trouble rooting for them after what Cristina put Owen through, but Cristina is a great character for driving storyline. 3) I love the April and Jackson pairing, but April needs to endure the heartbreak of realizing that she just let love slip through her fingers. Jackson was experienced enough to recognize it, had the courage to commit himself to it and was crushed when he saw that April did not reciprocate. There should be some painful character development ahead. 4) I believe the results are exactly what the writers wanted. 5) The only way for characters to have happily ever after is to leave the show, but I like to think the new baby will be a happy storyline. The couple has Derek's hand and the ongoing crash investigation and lawsuit to provide tension.


1. fav scenes: 1-Calzona+Sofia & all C & A; Mer-Der baby; Cris/interns
2. C/O back together, but don't know how this will happen, maybe a shift in the earth's axis??
3. Jackson/April: Wish they had stayed together, Jackson seemed very hurt.
4. That crossed my mind, but I think April's not preg.
5. There's no reason to believe that things will go HapEvAft for Mer's pregnancy, and Mer even implied it!


I hope Owen divorces Bitctina. Owen is the victim he tried to reason with her. I tought Meredith couldent have kids. I really like Shane aka wheppy he's nice and their never b***s*** coming out his mouth. I hope Shane & Jo replace Jackson & April.


Thanks for the reminder that I need to block this site from my search engines. I'm sick of the trashing of characters who are not originals. Some of us happened to start watching the show later seasons. And it's poor taste to insult adopted children. You imply Zola is less than perfect?

Spindae 2o

1.Fav scene!
Xtina and her Intern! I love her working with her-them! Great! :D
I don't want them back together! I loved their chemistry, but they aren't what they were. They changed and Owen could leave the Hospital ASAP!
3. Dodging Bullet!
I Love april, but I would slap the shit outta of her cause of the way she is threating him. He really loves her and she just sees the SIN!
4.April pregnant!
No leave her belly empty! Let her learn what Jackson means for her!
of course we will have problems! But we need a reason Addison can come by! And tag Amelia and Henry along!


1. Loved the last scene with Arizona and Callie as well as Meredith announcing her pregnancy to Derek. So much cuteness for all these people ! 2. Why does Shonda always have to ruin it all ? She messes it up way too much, I don't know if they'll ever solve the baby issue, I hope they do but I really don't see how. Let's hope Shonda will make it realistic. 3. I agree with Sean, have been blaming the writers since the beginning. April's character and storylines don't make any sense, it's a writing failure. They need to fix it soon or get rid of her. Jackson deserves better. 4. No mix up, April is not pregnant, Mer is. Thank God ! 5. I'm happy about this pregnancy, hope it'll be a baby boy with Derek's hair ! lol. But nothing goes smoothly on Grey's so I'm sure there'll be some drama during the pregnancy but I'm confident she'll have the baby !


Dear Nina
You are Hero!!


I kinda find it really funny how opinions are changed week by week here. It was confirmed several times CO will make it. Its a soap. Of course they will make it. Why dragging this story if it was for the same outcome again? C has changed a lot. And O did not ask for the divorce cause he doesnt want his marriage anymore. He did it bc he loves her. And once she finds out what sacrifice he made for her they will get back together. I find it rather unfair of you all to say these things when there are fans out there hoping it will be fine.

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