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Zoe oh Zoe, what are you doing? 

Zoe's look of disappointment over George's acceptance of her relationship with Wade was not a fleeting response last week. Instead, it was a heartfelt admission that she isn't entirely into Wade. Zoe's disregard for his feelings at her door step and moving forward made the once fun and adorable Zoe into an unlikable gal.

A Date for Zoe

In "Sparks Fly," after six days of separation, Wade put his heart out there and asked Zoe to go on a real, traditional date with him. Of course in Bluebell that means bidding on a charity basket to win a picnic date with him. Is Zoe selfish? Clueless? I'm not sure, but her reaction didn't make her look very good. All the guy wanted was to have a meal together and Zoe treated it like he was asking her for a lifetime commitment. 

Zoe did end up buying Wade's date from Magnolia, but really the damage had already been done. She only made the situation worse by bringing The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats as a conversation starter. I don't get it. She has had plenty of conversations with Wade in bed and out, why is this so difficult for her? I just wanted to knock some sense into her.

But, is it possible that Zoe really does like Wade and wants to move their relationship forward, but is afraid? Initially Wade was a placeholder for George, but is he still? Now that their arrangement is off and she understands why he is avoiding her, perhaps she will start to recognize her own feelings for him. This mean, selfish Zoe is annoying and needs to go away.

While Zoe may have been had a placeholder for George, he was going full steam ahead in wooing Tansy. And, it worked! Unlike Wade and Zoe, George and Tansy embraced their differences and used them to help the other experience new things. Who would have thought that George would break into a car? He did it and he loved it. They were joy to watch together. Whether it will be a long lasting relationship or not, who cares. They enjoyed each other in the now.

Unfortunately, Lemon was not nearly as lucky with her basket bid. She unwittingly bid on the wrong basket and ended up on a date with her former love, Lavon. Though not the way either of them planned to spend their date, it ended up helping them both get closure over their failed romance. It was touching when Lavon credited Lemon with teaching him how to love. Despite her feelings for him, she saw how much he loves Ruby and supported that. Plus, she had a guy waiting for her at the bar!

Eventually, it would be awesome to see Lavon and Lemon get together. Just like the timing isn't right for Zoe and George, it isn't for the Mayor and his first love either. Though, they all could end up happily in love with their current prospects as well.

Whether Zoe was acting out of insecurities or an undecided heart, she hurt Wade and he didn't deserve it. Please let her come to her senses and soon. Wade is a good and sexy guy, who cares about her. What more could a girl want? 

Did Zoe drive you crazy this week too? Or, do you think she handled the situation appropriately? Who was your favorite picnic pairing?


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I do not agree with the comment that says Zoe is doing the right thing because she is being honest with Wade. I do not think she is honest, she is lying to herself, how she can be honest with anyone else when she is not open and honest to herself about her feelings. I would agree that fear of change is one of the motives for Zoe's behaviour, but not the only one. She believes herself to be superior to Wade and can not manage to "condescend" to his level on a regular, open to public kind of relation. She also seems to have hard time about changes in life when it does not suit them, although she also changed during her time in Bluebell. She lacks self awareness in a major way.


I agree that Zoe is really afraid. Things are changing around her and she stubbornly seems to want everything to just remain the same. She did come across as completely selfish in this episode though, but I'm taking that as a reaction to feeling out of control. I think Wade had every right to ask for a date. Up until now it has been Zoe setting the pace of the relationship. Wade has gone along with her on everything. It was time that he stood up for himself and forced an issue. He knew Zoe would react the way she did and he tried to keep it as low key as he could so she wouldn't freak out. Unfortunately it is yet another change that she hasn't had time to adjust to. I don't think this has anything to do with George and is just her not liking change. And no Zoe and Wade aren't over by a long shot. There has been too much build up just for it to end like that. We still have next week.


I have a different perspective on the Zoe/Wade thing...first, for sake of argument...switch their genders. If Zoe had decided she wanted a real relationship and then tried to test or trick Wade into a ultimatum type decision and Wade was the one who was having commitment issues and being afraid of change, well, that would be what has happened in five billion other sitcoms and dramas throughout time. And if we are going to follow this path...Zoe is going to have to make some grand gesture to Wade (likely after a series of pitfalls) and the two of them could likely be engaged by the end of the season. Additionally, her mother comes to visit next week and that has been the thing that has propelled Zoe to change before.


As much as I wanted to kick the TV screen last night because watching Zoe with Wade was so incredibly frustrating, I think Zoe is just really scared. She's only been in one other relationship before this and it was not a good one; she has no idea how to act. Also, she's terrified of change and, if I'm being honest, who can't relate to that? I think she's going to realize that she does have actual feelins for Wade and that change can be a good thing if you let it be...the question is when!


It is not Wade, but Zoe who has decided about the pace and parameters of the relationship up to now. If you are talking about equality, you should also accept the right of Wade to make demands in the relationship. Wade backed off, because he could take being hurt any more and had to take a stand eventually. I do not think/I never did Zoe was in love with George. She does not even know George let alone a real relation/friendship with him. George is just a fantasy, a picture in her mind about how her perfect husband should be. Despite his flaws and immature behaviour sometimes, Wade is the most mature and sensitive guy on the show. He asked for a real date, as an adult would do after spending so much time together. He has always been there for her, they have communicated, talked and been open with one another in the past. It is Zoe's condescension, snobbery and delusion with George that is keeping them apart. Still, I think Wade and Zoe will eventually end up together, they are the ultimate couple. George seems to be far more grounded in reality than Zoe, not getting fixed on this idea of a happy George/Zoe as a picture/fantasy. George moved on very quickly for someone supposedly in love with Zoe. Good for him...I hope he can find someone that will help you grow and mature. His interaction will Tanzy clearly showed that George needs someone different than his usual preferences (Lemon, Zoe) to change and mature. George is not for Zoe, neither Zoe is for George. Zoe definitely needs to grow up and mature, everyone is growing up and Zoe is progressing backward. She has been very selfish in her relation with Wade, always demanding never giving anything back. I hope she gets the bitter pill she deserves and wake up to the realities of life. At this moment, Zoe is not good for either Wade or George for that matter.xUnfortunately, Wade's comment about her being superficial, shallow and condescending seem to have come true at this moment. As a big fan of Zade, I am looking forward to Zoe working for her relation with Wade, trying very hard to get him back. Her head is full of fantasy and unreality like a teenager, she lives in her own mind as Lavon said, devoid of any connection with reality. I think George moving on and getting together with Tanzy saddened Zoe not because of her love for him, but because of her pride being broken, losing her fantasy. I am glad Wade stood up for himself at the end. He also has the right to make demands like asking the woman he loves on a date, when she has asked him to be monogamous, be romantic, help her in all kinds of goose chases and weird errands. We need Zoe back on the ground soon otherwise she will continue to look like an annoying, selfish, superficial, shallow, condescending person like she was in this episode.


Well, my comment was cut short... which is probably for the best :) Anyway, I can't see why would writers build their relationship for a year and a half only to drop it like this.
Is this really the end of Wade and Zoe?


@William1 I am sorry, but I can't look at this from you point of view. Let me just get back to how their relationship started. Remember that barn scene: "Admit it, you have feelings for me that I don't have". And then she jumps in bed with him. And she continues doing it. OK, she pointed out that her having sex with someone she doesn't really like is not the best version of herself, but hey...
She knew Wade liked her. He may have acted like a jerk at the beginning of the season 2 after George entered the picture again, but we understood his reasons. She went to him and asked him to be monogamous, she wanted romance, they slept together almost every night... and now she decides that two of them going on a real date is Wade asking too much?! Please! This is not about defending Wade... He drives me crazy sometimes with his little remarks. But, Zoe showed no "moral sense" in this. At least, there's no way someone can convince me that that that's why she didn't want their relationship to progress. In other words, why is it OK to sleep with someone you don't like (and their monogamous casual thing was much more than just that), but it is not OK to go on a date with that person? She didn't even consider Wade as something that can become real. He was just a placeholder for her. I just don't see why would writers build their relationship for a year and a half and then just drop it like this. It doesn't make sense.


Can I say for the first time since I started watching this show I couldn't take Zoe!! Ugh! She was unbelievable. How can you not have anything to talk about with the person you have sex with on the regular??? And they had many conversations before. What's so different now? Lemon and Lavons date was the best closure anyone could ever have, it's great to see them both moving on now. I hope this guy becomes a "real" interest for Lemon. She needs a little love in her life. It was a nice episode aside from the Zoe mess. I enjoyed it


Zoe needs to fix this because bringing that book on the date with Wade was just wrong plus they had casual talks before couldnt they just had another one she also needs to figure out what her felling are for Wade


I don' t agree with the comments above. Isn't it better to be honest about how we feel to the people we care about ? That's what Zoe did. There's nothing worse than to get in a relationship jus because you're afraid to hurt someone's feelings by being honest. If it doesn't feel right for her to be more involved with Wade, then she made the right choice. She's not selfish or narcissist. From the beginning of the show, she had always put herself in trouble to help the Bluebell's people. And clearly, she still has feelings for George. She has a strong moral sense and that's what make her likeable for me.

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