Hart of Dixie Review: The Ship Is Sailing

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On "Blue Christmas" there was major heartbreak - but also major love!

From Crazy Earl turning not-so-crazy Earl... to Ruby breaking up with Lavon, this Hart of Dixie Season 2 episode was definitely one of my favorites to date.

Zoe's Christmas

Let's start here: Wade and Zoe FINALLY got together!

Zoe's speech to Wade at the end was ADORABLE and you have to admit that it was even if you ship George and Zoe. I really enjoyed how she maned womaned up and came to her senses. Wade HAS evolved and is definitely worthy. Now that they're on the same page, it's working out great. The tension they've played up to the past few episodes paid off here. Big time.

Since I missed last week and didn't get to review "Sparks Fly," I will take this part to talk about how I DO love Tansy and George. Except every time I see Tansy I think of the actress and her role in Magic Mike. Anyone else? No? Just me. Okay. Anyway, George looks happy with Tansy and he's changing too. He is going outside of his "good guy" box, which is something that needed to happen. 

I was so proud of Lemon tonight, putting aside her personal feelings to help Lavon keep the current love of his life in Bluebell. I am astounded at how much Lemon has grown in these 10 episodes of Hart of Dixie. This is how character growth should be done. Ruby just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and bad things won't happen. (I still love you, Ruby)

That said, I adored the immaturity between the both of them tonight. I was laughing so hard at their scene at the cookie contest. They hate each other so much and are not afraid to show it, it's perfect. I really will miss these scenes between Ruby and Lemon. I will also miss Ruby. I don't believe we've seen the last of her, but I do believe we won't see her for awhile. I was actually surprised when it was revealed that Lavon was going to be proposing, but I am glad it didn't work out. I'm sorry, Lavon, except that I'm not: you and Lemon are meant to be. 

Elsewhere, Brick has a new and much younger lady friend! What a HYSTERICAL add the end, I was not expecting Brick to come up from the covers. Last week, Brick was dreading going on a date with her because of her cell phone obsession and look how that turned out! I love it. Get yours, Brick, it makes me love you more. 

Back to Zoe and Wade. After watching last week's episode and this one, I have to say that Wade is becoming a very likable and lovable character. In the beginning and at times he can be a real ass and very immature. Now it's the opposite. He has become this sensitive and down-to-earth guy ever since Zoe and that is what love is folks. Love changes you and "evolves" you. That is exactly what happened to them both. Crazy Earl said it best. Those two are in love. 

Move over George and Zoe, endgamers, Wade and Zoe is where it's at. I'm on this ship and I will sail with it until the end!

Overall this episode was definitely top three if not my all-time favorite. Unfortunately, we have quite the break before Hart of Dixie returns. Hopefully when that takes place, we will see more of Rose and Annabeth, my two underused favorites. 


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I was boycotting the show. I decided that I would not watch as long as Zoe and Wade were not together. It's been my belief that the show runners want a George and Zoe pairing, so I was really pissed off. Now, I'm simply kicking myself. I'm going to have to wait a couple of days until CW puts it up on their site and someone splices together the Zoe and Wade Scenese. I say we Zade fans scream loud and proud so that Zade is endgame! I like George and Lemon too, but if I only get to choose one it's gonna be Zade.


Loooooved this episode! Wilson Bethel was just outstanding in all his scenes...I also cried during the church scene with Crazy Earl! And what an ending! AMAZING!


@T I completely agree. Lemon was over Lavon last season. I don't know if the idea that her whole world got turned upside down is what is bringing the Lavon stuff to the surface again. Even more it seems to me like Lavon is really over it and her. He got really hurt and I hate for that to all be brought back up and he get hurt again. For me personally I think L/L are long over and he needs someone who is capable of really putting him first. Lemon is growing up but she still and probably always will have those moments of selfishness which I'm fine with because I love her. I don't think that is good for Lavon with their history. I really hope they see if there is anything with AB and Lavon. She really could be good for him and what he needs. I also really like Lemon with Walt for now until George figures out his crap and she hers and they figure out that they do belong together.


@ tap76 - I think that's part of the reason the whole Lemon/Lavon thing is bugging me this season. IMO, she WAS over their relationship and past him by the end of season 1 and even the beginning of this year. Until she suddenly decided she wasn't (possibly partly as a competition thing with Ruby??). I personally like L/L much better as friends, so I feel it's rehashing something that was already nicely resolved and moving forward to a new kind of story/relationship between them. But apparently they can't completely give up the idea of having love triangle drama on this show.


@ Ellen - I don't really remember everyone being angry at George about doing exactly what Zoe told him to do and what many people in the audience agreed he needed to do, i.e. figure out who he was without Lemon instead of immediately rebounding w/Z. Considering G and W's histories/personalities and the type of relationships recently ended, they're completely different situations. It's unfair to imply that Wade simply gets a free pass. Not to mention, to me, it was such a (frankly unnecessary to the plot) non-moment I almost forgot about it. Zoe clearly did.


Zoe did expect Wade to pine for her. So I feel that he needed to move on since he clearly felt the relationship was over. For his own good he needed that as well since he has been pining for Zoe for more than a year and up until the end it wasn't getting him anywhere or anything but heartbreak.


@Ellen: There is a huge difference between George moving on so quickly and Wade. George just called off his wedding 2 weeks prior to going out with Shelby. And that ended a 15 year relationship. George also didn't know if he was in love with Lemon or Zoe. George needed to spend some time alone. It has been a month for Wade and Zoe since their break up. And it was clear that Wade was still hurting from the break up with Zoe. It is also around Christmas time. We found out that his mom died around this time as well. And he was seeking comfort. I can't fault him for that after having his heartbroken and thinking that things were over with Zoe. I also didn't fault George for going out with Shelby although I do believe that George needed to really get over Lemon which I still don't think he has. He hasn't had time by himself yet except for one week of fishing and drinking. I also think it was important for Zoe to see that Wade wasn't sitting around pining for her. She fully expected that. Their relationship was clearly over so I don't have a problem that he had someone over.


Loved the episode. Very happy to see Wade and Zoe working things out and moving forward as a couple. Loved Earl and Zoe's mom and the roles they played. @T: I see the chemistry with Tansy and George, but I agree that eventually I'd like him to get back with Lemon. He is being carefree right now which he needs and he can have that with Lemon. Also Lemon needs to move past and find closure to the whole Lavon thing. And then I would love to see them back together.


This was a fun episode and a great fall finale. I loved everything about it. Well maybe not the end entirely ;) because I still have my hopes up for George and Zoe. But I have to agree that Wade and Zoe are fun, as are George and Tansy, and I'm happy that they all are happy. One thing surprises me though. And that is that no one mentions the fact that Wade had a lady friend over for the night. I remember everybody was all over George for his date with Shelby, because that was seemingly too soon after his break with Lemon. Apparantly Wade can do that kind of thing because ... he's Wade?
But any way good episode and January 15 can't get here soon enough.


Did anyone else wonder how Wade actually somewhat fit into a shirt that was supposedly Zoe's? That must have been giant on her. I guess I'm in the minority for not seeing any sort of chemistry between George and Tansy. I love her, so I want something different/better for her. And, OK, I still want George and Lemon to find their way back to each other. And more than anything for George, I want him to be developed beyond his love life. He's still so underused/underchallenged this season, IMO. But I do think it's very telling that he and Zoe are basically entirely removed from each other's lives and yet extremely happy. I can't wait to see Lemon's reaction when she finds out about Wade and Zoe. And also for her to yell at Lavon for blaming her when absolutely nothing about the Ruby break-up was her fault.

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Tansy is short for Lemon. Crazy, southern ways.


Zoe: Wade did not break with up with. I am so much happier without him because now I can focus on more important things. Like trying to figure out how to redirect air traffic with my mind.
Lavon: Your mom is almost here?