Hawaii Five-0 Review: Rumor Has It

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"Ha 'awe Make Loa:" Death Wish

In his slow progression from being my least favorite character to making the top three, Max made a lot of progress this week, thanks in part to his quick thinking to help and injured man and his adorable new girlfriend Sabrina (Rumer Willis).

I actually feel a little bad for the Willis (the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), as she was put into an episode with the acting talents of C. Thomas Howell and sexy super model Behati. Talk about a double whammy. How is she supposed to compete with them?

Thankfully, she didn't have to. She just had to look cute with Max and not flinch when he melted ice chips on her lips. Setting aside how touching that gesture was, would they really need to give her water by mouth if she’s only been out a few hours? Last time I was in the ER I got an IV of fluids and didn't need to drink anything for two days.

But I'm no doctor, so I'm willing to go with it. 

Danny Protects a Model

For the record, I know she couldn't have been out very long, because Max was still in his bloody shirt and nobody seemed to think that was weird. Hey, Steve, next time you go to the hospital to get Max’s statement after a shooting, take him a shirt would ya! 

In a rare “double case” episode, Danny had the horrible job of protecting three Victoria Secret models from a stalker all of whom took a strong interest in Grace. Best part about this story is Danny was not grumpy once. In fact I don’t think he stopped smiling the whole time, even after shooting the stalker. 

And of course for those of you playing the recently created H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game, it was a banner night as we got two different chases with several things knocked over, a person car-jacked and knocked down, one suspect tackled, and I’m giving a bonus drink for the naked chase as where else would we get awesome Hawaii Five-0 quotes like this:

Kono: Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked. | permalink

Overall, this was a fun episode. I’m guessing C. Thomas Howell got a new agent, because he has been in everything lately. In fact, this appearance gives him the trifecta of Monday night shows, as he was on Revolution and Castle in the last couple of months. So I’m giving this episode 4.5 cute bank tellers in honor of Max and his new girl. 

What did you think? Do you want to see Rumer Willis with Max again? 


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So glad we didn't have to see Doris again don't like her story line at all. The show was nice. I enjoyed it very much.


Fairly entertaining episode. The Victorias Secret plug was pretty shameless, but also amusing. Episodes without the extraneous characters (Doris, Catherine) just flow better - it's more of the old rhythm and dynamic that worked so well, and nothing feels forced. Although, I do find it odd that they start a story and then forget about it for a few episodes (are we done seeing Mary and Doris rebuild their relationship?).


I give it a C. I am sorry but the side model story did nto wow me starting with the main titles when you can see a model coming out of the water. It blew the entire episode. Those models cant act, the speaking roles were terrible. and Peter said that Behati was amazing according to a tweet I read, he must have been high or something when he said that. The entire VS plot was forced and unnecessary because that was only to promote the VS fashion show tonite it was torture. Danny looked like a teenager around those models. For the first tiem I did not like Danny here, he looked stupid. That whole storyline of a staker for the models was to me seem like a teenager boy wrote it. I like the interaction between Steve and Kono. We could see finally the human side of Max which is good. The naked running guy? Really? that was a lame scene. What could have been a good episode the VS plot really blew it all. Once again the show endorsing products just right there.
It was not good it was not bad but it could have been much better if the VS story was not even there. Who in the H50 production office, thought this was going to be a good idea? Well they failed.

Sarah silva

This was a good episode. I would rate it as 4.5 out of 5, just because we are seeing less of Danny. Kono seems to be replacing him as Steve's side kick and while I do enjoy Kono, I prefer Steve and Danny like they have done all series long except the last 3 episodes.
Seeing Danny and Steve around models was super funny, Katherine is just a pretty and they are not gaga when she is around. I guess put the word model with a girls name and guys lose it. :)
I too think the best line went to Kono! That whole chase seen with her, Steve and bare ass naked guy was super funny! 2 more episodes before winter break!
Side note: I have always thought Alex was hot, and this season now that he is healthy he is hotter than ever!


Fairly good episode, but I'm wondering with this new relationship with Max and Sabrina, are you going to play it out or is she going to just disappear like other characters (i.e. what happened to Adam)? When can we expect another appearance from Wo Fat? The custody of Grace? Nothing ever seems to get answered or talked about. You shouldn't start storylines if you're not going to play them out.


Really an enjoyable episode. This may sound biased but Behati did a pretty good job, I think its because she was playing herself that it felt more natural the stalker storyline was entertaining it was like Bodyguard and Danno was Costner.


I thought the episode was great, love Steve and Kono scenes they have great chemistry. I love core 4 scene and I miss this. I was glad Catherine wasn't in this ep, I don't like her and didn't missed her at all.


I had low exceptions of this ep so I was pleasantly surprised. Liked Max and his girlfriend hope she does come back. I always love it when Kono and Steve are a team. I laughed so hard when Kono had to handcuff the naked guy that I had tears in my eyes. Remember Steve paybacks are a bitch. Over all a very good ep. If I could be allowed one small complaint it would be that Kono and Chin weren't at the fashion show, can't have everything I guess.
Next week Adam"s brother, can't wait for that. Maybe we will find out whats going on with Kono/Adam. Last year I was all in on Kono/Adam but now I'm starting to hope she ends up with Fong eventually.


Good review. Best part was the crime du jour. It was different, and Steve and Kono were awesome working together. The nekid chase scene and the blue room scene were both worth the rest of the hour, but I will say the C. Thomas chase seen was also pretty cool. Also the end scene. While the model side story was just fluff, the final scene gave us Uncle Steve with Monkey and some McDanno for the evening. Gotta have a little McDanno in each eppie! And I love how Danny gets so gaga around girls, but Steve just plays it totally nonchalant. Those two characters are just fun together. And I think Alex O'Loughlin somehow became even more handsome.


The episode was fine. Love C. Thomas Howell. Just to address a couple of things:
1. I believe the deal with the ice chips on the lips is not for hydration of the body, but so her lips don't dry and crack, call it a hunch. Granted I don't know that she was out long enough to need them, but I think that was the purpose.
2. The reason for the shameless plug for Victoria's Secret and Bahati has to do with the fashion show CBS is airing tonight.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Chin: I reached out to an FBI contact that recommends we try vascular mapping.
Steve: What is it?
Chin: It's when you isolate a suspect vain pattern and running it against the Federal database, just like a fingerprint.

Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked.