Hawaii Five-0 Review: Rumor Has It

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"Ha 'awe Make Loa:" Death Wish

In his slow progression from being my least favorite character to making the top three, Max made a lot of progress this week, thanks in part to his quick thinking to help and injured man and his adorable new girlfriend Sabrina (Rumer Willis).

I actually feel a little bad for the Willis (the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), as she was put into an episode with the acting talents of C. Thomas Howell and sexy super model Behati. Talk about a double whammy. How is she supposed to compete with them?

Thankfully, she didn't have to. She just had to look cute with Max and not flinch when he melted ice chips on her lips. Setting aside how touching that gesture was, would they really need to give her water by mouth if she’s only been out a few hours? Last time I was in the ER I got an IV of fluids and didn't need to drink anything for two days.

But I'm no doctor, so I'm willing to go with it. 

Danny Protects a Model

For the record, I know she couldn't have been out very long, because Max was still in his bloody shirt and nobody seemed to think that was weird. Hey, Steve, next time you go to the hospital to get Max’s statement after a shooting, take him a shirt would ya! 

In a rare “double case” episode, Danny had the horrible job of protecting three Victoria Secret models from a stalker all of whom took a strong interest in Grace. Best part about this story is Danny was not grumpy once. In fact I don’t think he stopped smiling the whole time, even after shooting the stalker. 

And of course for those of you playing the recently created H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game, it was a banner night as we got two different chases with several things knocked over, a person car-jacked and knocked down, one suspect tackled, and I’m giving a bonus drink for the naked chase as where else would we get awesome Hawaii Five-0 quotes like this:

Kono: Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked. | permalink

Overall, this was a fun episode. I’m guessing C. Thomas Howell got a new agent, because he has been in everything lately. In fact, this appearance gives him the trifecta of Monday night shows, as he was on Revolution and Castle in the last couple of months. So I’m giving this episode 4.5 cute bank tellers in honor of Max and his new girl. 

What did you think? Do you want to see Rumer Willis with Max again? 


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Very enjoyable episode with Max and Sabrina. Despite the very cheesy tie-in with tonights Victoria's Secret special on CBS the Danno and the models story was entertaining with a smiling and less grumpy Danno. Our favorite super seal though had a bad day. First he had to tackle Naked Boy, then he was smoked by a guy with terminal brain cancer in the parkour chase. Then the same guy easily got the drop on him in the clinic.


The "Model stalker" arc was LAME LAME LAME-a cheap attempt by CBS to garner attention for the VS show they're airing on Tues ( and those models are gonna be pissed that the entertainers are prettier than them--and I include Bruno Mars). Who was the stalker? What's her connection to the model? And waxing rhapsodic about what your job is like is, I'll say it again, As for the "real" crime, the detective work was good, the naked chase scene hilarious, and seeing Max knee deep in smit was cute, but by the time the whole motive was revealed, it just sorta fizzled for me. Oh, and a middle-aged man with cancer jumps 10 or 15 feet out a shattered glass window without a scratch? Talk about "suspension of disbelief!"


I liked the episode I liked the Danny and the girls and McKano was cool. And I liked the Max and Sabrina that was the best part.


Not as good as the last 2 weeks, but good twists in the story which I didn't expect. Not much of a Max fan but I enjoyed his scenes with Sabrina. The best part of the episode was Steve/Kono. They should pair them up a lot more. They're awesome together. The models were terrible and the Model/Danny story was dire. I guess the whole Grace custody thing has been totally forgotten, no mention of her possibly leaving but it will probably get dragged up again sometime in the future.
The best scene in the episode was Steve chasing the nakid guy. Missed Catherine.


Cool epi. Different. Lots of comedy. Danno with the girls was perfect. And no complaints from me. There's always lots of cute guys on this show, and addding Cath to help Kono carry the load is great, but a little VS model here and there is just fine for the husband. Steve and Kono are great together, which made that chase scene so funny. They both have a great ironic/disgusted look. And yeah, Uncle Steve at the end is icing on the cake. Looks like even more Uncle Steve next week. I'm so in!

Mrs cleaver

LOL Jim, good review. Your personal hospital experience and drinking game references made me laugh.
I thought for sure Rumer Willis was a goner, due to the old "girlfriend has to die so guy can show angst" rule. I was glad she didn't cause she (like Catherine with Steve) really humanizes Max. I wouldn't mind seeing her again, here and there, maybe dressed up in some kooky outfit as Max seems to like to do. CThomas Howell plays a great bad guy. Naked guy chase was a hoot, especially when Steve dumped Nakie Boy on Kono to arrest. Supermodel stalker case was pretty good, Dan sure did look happy. Always love the Happy Ending type wrap up scene, when H50 does it. The boys clean up good!


As much as I love the show it was not their best episode. Didn’t like both cases.
Please Peter NO! more models on H5O the first one in season 1 was crap and this one was not good either.Cast real actors instead of models next time. The highlight in this episode was Max and Sabrina they were cute together I loved Sabrina (daughter of Bruce Willes and Demi Moore) you can see this girl has talent. Did enjoy seeing Steve/Kono as the main duo again.Love how they are switching up partners this season. Steve and Kono chasing the naked hula guy was hilarious!! Steve all yikes! when he tackled the guy down and saying to Kono "Your turn fair is fair" Steve roof chase was awesome!SuperSeal in full mode!
And Uncle Steve and Gracie were adorable. For the rest it was a filler episode for me. Missed Catherine in this episode. Next week looks awesome can't wait for that one! The girl in the yellow bikini that's been in the credits since season one has been replaced with a shot of guest star Behati Prinsloo in a bikini. I hope it was only for this episode.


This episode was pretty awesome. Alot of McKono, and that naked chase scene had me cracking up. Behati far exceeded my expectations in terms of acting, she was pretty dam awesome. Gracie at the end!


I thought it was a great episode, only I would like to see Five-0 rooted back to more specialized cases and see the ties with the governor. I was struggling to understand the relevance of the Victoria Secret case.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Chin: I reached out to an FBI contact that recommends we try vascular mapping.
Steve: What is it?
Chin: It's when you isolate a suspect vain pattern and running it against the Federal database, just like a fingerprint.

Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked.