How I Met Your Mother: What's the Next Chapter?

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She said yes!

On the final How I Met Your Mother Season 8 episode of 2012, Barney got down on one knee and viewers were treated to one of the more romantic proposals on television.

Where does the sitcom go from here?

Barney Proposes

Following Barney's long con - which co-creator Carter Bays actually told Vulture was influenced by Breaking Bad Season 4 - it looks like both sides of this engaged couple have some pondering to do.

"The next chapter in this story is about Robin deciding if that's really what she wants in a husband, and Barney deciding if he's about more than just magic tricks," Bays teases.

Also: Robin Sparkles is returning!

Look for this alter ego's appearance to take place on February 4, which Bays previews as a "monster" installment that will feature an "astonishing lineup" of guest stars.

Looking even farther ahead, no word still on How I Met Your Mother Season 9, although signs appeared positive just a couple months ago. We'll keep readers apprised of that renewal, but in the meantime: Hooray for Barny and Robin!

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@sookie No, actually. Barney and Robin have so much trouble being together because they're too similar. Opposites attract, but they're not opposites. I do think they belong together though :)


If they have a 9th season, I feel it should be shorter than a normal season. For instance, I hope Ted really meets the Mother for real at the end of the current season, and maybe we can have a few episode in season 9 to enjoy it and see him happy. But it's time to end the show. As I said in a previous comment, I'm not a great fan of Robin / Barney together cause I just don't think they are meant for each other, they are really way too much different actually (but that's just my opinion). We are not sure if they'll get married. Am looking forward to seeing Robin Sparkles again and also all these guest stars :)


wonderful episode of HIMYM ,loved every second of it. Lots and lots of emotions were shown at the end of the epiosde.

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