Once Upon a Time Episode Synopsis: "The Cricket Game"

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Regina and Emma... on the same side?!?

With Once Upon a Time Season 2 on hiatus, viewers have a few weeks to ponder what will happen with Cora and Hook in Storybrooke. But ABC has at least given them something to consider.

The January 6th return episode will be titled "The Cricket Game" and, we'd have to presume, will therefore center around Archie's alter-ego. What else can fans expect? Based on the official network synopsis...

When Regina is accused of murdering a beloved fairytale character, Emma thinks she is innocent; Prince Charming and Snow White plan the Evil Queen's execution.

Two possible murders in one hour? We're excited for Christmas and New Year's and all... but is it January 6th yet?!?

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Ah!!! Can't wait!


I love this show so much! Can't wait for when it comes back. :)


Can't wait for Once to return and it returns on my birthday too :)


Let it be Leroy or the blue fairy.


Oh no no no who will be murdered?! Not Archie?!?!?!


I think that 'The Cricket Game' is more related to the Queen of Hearts game of choice in "alice's adventures in wonderland" than to Archie. Can I say 'Swan Queen'?