Once Upon a Time Midseason Report Card: A

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The holiday season is upon us, but true magic will be missing from Sunday nights  until Once Upon a Time returns with "The Cricket Game" on January 6.

Until then, we're breaking down various shows in our TV Fanatic report cards, from The Vampire Diaries to The Walking Dead to, below, everyone's favorite fairy tale-based drama...

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Best Episode: "Queen of Hearts." Emma's magic trumps Cora's heart fetish. Snow and Charming have their romantic reunion and share true love's kiss. Emma's reunited with Henry. Regina's heart gets broken even after she does the right thing…and all the while Cora and Hook are about to descend onto Storybrooke. 

The winter finale tied up loose ends, gave viewers a satisfying conclusion and set us up for a dark and wild second half of the season.

Worst Episode: "The Doctor." The whole Dr. Frankenstein's monster story line didn't work for me. I'll gladly give them creative license, but Frankenstein strikes me as more classic horror than fairy tale. I also hated watching Rumple, Whale, and Jefferson gang up on a young Regina to turn her to the dark side.

Most Improved Character: Ruby/Red. In Once Upon a Time Season 1, Ruby was lost. She had no past and no direction. Knowing that she's part wolf has given her strength, spunk, and made her a lot more fun.

Most Disappointing Character: It's a tie for Mulan and Aurora. They started to gain more traction and a bit of depth in the final episodes but overall these two ladies swung between being boring and annoying.

Most Confusing: What do we call everyone?Is Rumplestitlskin still called Mr. Gold when he's in Storybrooke even though he knows he's really Rumplestiltkin? Does Emma call her mother Mary Margaret, Snow, or Mom? If I'm confused I can only imagine how the characters feel.

Fairy Tale Character We Still Hope To See:  As I really enjoyed Disney's movie Tangled a few years back I would love to see what this show could do with Rupunzel.

Going to the dark side, wouldn't it be interesting if the Pied PIper came to town in order to steal Henry?

Biggest Shocker: Emma's superpowered heart. It looks like the power of true love keeps her heart safe from Cora's evil. That will definitely come in handy now that Cora has hit the shores of Storybrooke.

Mystery We Most Want Solved: Who is Rumplestiltskin's son? Hopefully he makes his ways to Storybrooke soon. It can only make things more interesting, especially with Hook looking to take his revenge against Rumple.

Hopes for 2013: 

  • I'm hoping Emma, Snow, Regina, and Rumplestiltskin are forced to work together to prevent Henry from Cora.
  • Neal finds Storybrooke, Emma, and his son Henry. If Neal ends up being Baelfire it's a definite double bonus.
  • More romance for Snow and Charming, Rumple and Belle and Emma's certainly earned herself a little bit of love.

The first half of the season was filled with magical fun. I have no doubt the rest of the season of Once Upon a Time will be a wild, mystical ride.

Overall Grade: A

Your turn, Oncers. What grade would you give Once Upon a Time Season 2 so far?

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I'd give Season 2 a B . . . so far. There are three problems - the Red Riding Hood episode, Neal and the Charmings. All three were BORING.


1. Best Ep: I really liked The Crocodile, but Rumple's my fave person on the show so I like anything that's centred on him. 2. Worst Ep: Into The Deep annoyed me - too many characters doing senseless things. 3. Most Improved: David/James. 4: Most Disappointing: Holy crow, could Mulan and Aurora be any worse? 5: Most Confusing: Rumple's motives. And I'm so glad they are. 6: Hope to see Flynn Rider (played by Zachary Levi) and Rapunzel (by Mandy Moore). That would be awesome! 7: Shocker: Emma's got magic?!?! 8: Please tell us who Rumple's son is! SO looking forward to that!


So far I give the season an A-....
I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who finds Neal boring....I'm hoping he does not end up being Baelfire


Worst episode: "Child of the Moon". The story just went nowhere both in the past and in the present and I personally didn't care one bit about Red's mother. It's was obvious she would die and Ruby would just continue with Snow. The only four important things that happen take like 30 seconds each. Very filler-y episode.


I give it an A.


LOVE the photo! I just found the show this season and I'm enjoying it immensely. I didn't bother with it last year because I thought it would be just like 'The Charmings' (IMDB it! It was such a joke.) and last just as long.


Best Episode: "Queen of Hearts" OUAT at its finest.
(P.S, I LOL'd at "Emma's magic trumps Cora's heart fetish" (: )
Worst Episode: "Tallahasee" This was the only non-stellar episode so far. It was underwhelming for an Emma backstory episode. Neal was boring, nothing like the other extremely layered characters on OUAT. And the B-plot was completely forgettable.
Most Improved Character: Ditto Ruby. She's my official favorite character now.
Most Dissappointing Character: Neal. A snoozefest. He has great chemistry with Emma, but he's just "Henry's father". There's nothing special about him. At least Mulan's a badass.
Fairytale Character we Still Hope to See: Ariel, the Little Mermaid, mostly because I want to see OUAT's special effects department do the ocean.
Biggest Shocker: Henry giving Regina the deep-freeze and just walking away with Emma. Went against the whole character.
Mystery we Most want solved: Where is August?
Grade: A+


First of all i LOVE the picture above of emma and the gowns! i love this show! now, i didnt like the turning her to the dark side but i did enjoy rump, whale and jefferson hanging out and plotting their evil. the bad boys of fairytale land! i dont think i can pick a favorite episode so far, theyre all amazing. david i feel redemed himself when his charming personality took over from david of last season.. its almost like theyre two different people. ifeel for regina so much. she did the right thing and has genuinlly tried to be a better person about 55% of the time and you can see the hope that henry or anybody i think could love her, or even like her. i think charming might reach out to her if she doesnt screw it up too bad when it returns. wheres august? anybody have any ideas? maybe he was able to go somewhere to heal? who knows. i just cant wait!

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