Person of Interest Review: Risky Business

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There's no such thing as a risk free life.

The winter finale of Person of Interest Season 2 was just another of example of what makes this a hit series, as it allowed all its main characters to be actively involved, provided a mystery worth following, made us chuckle with witty lines and dared to take risks with the story and the pieces connected.

There's a reason to holiday cheer for "Shadow Box."

Reese Provides Cover Fire

The cases that have a personal impact on the characters are always the most intriguing because they really capture those moments that further expose who they are. And with Reese, we've been getting bits of pieces of his past, but having the main case of the veteran charity scandal was a great way to show something he cared about.

Sure, he wanted to stop Abby and her boyfriend from killing people or blowing up buildings, but after he learned that Campbell was corrupt and a bad guy? All bets were off and he was willing to put himself on the line to capture the man when the police couldn't.

It was great seeing Finch take similar risks in stepping out of his comfort zone and track that boyfriend. Without his willingness to go above and beyond, he might never have known how exhilarating motorcycles were.

But truthfully, if Finch and Reese never took risks and always followed the book, they would never make those great saves or discover that much-needed clue.

It only makes sense that the show itself would take risks and never settle for standard, which enhances the quality of the each hour. You never quite know what you're going to get, even if you think you do.

Because even with that main case, Carter and Fusco both had chances to not only be connected, but take part in their own stories.

Fusco, who has clearly taken cloning phone cues from Finch, has gone to tracking Carter's new boy toy. Which begs the question, is he looking out for her or himself?

Either way, it's an interesting revelation that Detective Beecher is the godson of the HR boss. So is he further connected than we know?

And on top of that, Simmons seems to be sneaking around himself, but he's still taking cues from the HR boss. It's certainly looking like HR is trying to rebuild with an alliance from the Russians.

So, will there be a war against Elias? If so, who would Reese and Finch side with? Or would they at all?

Of course, Carter got a chance to play both sides (although, really she's still loyal to Reese and Finch.) It was hilarious that she kept learning that Reese knew everything right down to Beecher and that if he was bad to her, Reese would be there to deal with it. These two have great chemistry and I've been noticing a more brother/sister relationship lately.

But I do wonder if she ever would take on a full FBI position. As it is, it's great to see that the FBI is still trying to hunt down the "Man in the Suit." It's rather fun when Reese's enemies aren't completely incompetent. Which made the ending of the episode so incredibly cool.

I expected Reese to escape and when they turned around the guy, I wasn't surprised it wasn't him. Yet, what made me smile and shocked at the same time was the reveal of Reese and the other two men in suits.

Yes, Reese was captured with no way out, but there's no way the FBI can figure out which one is the guy they were looking for.

Plus, with an iconic song like "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones to close it all out, I can't help but acknowledge how much this show knows how to finish out an episode with cool, entertaining, and top notch quality.

It's great to see the last Person of Interest episode of 2012 conclude on a high note and I can't wait to see what happens when the show returns next year.

Will Reese escape? Will Root return? Will Fusco face off with Simmons? Will Bear learn to sit when taking a bath?


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The main storyline was not nearly as interesting as finding out Reese’s soft spot for vets; Finch taking a ride on a motorcycle and lovin it; (lol) and finding out that Beecher is godson to the HR Boss.
The kid’s plan in the main storyline, while noble was not well thought out at all. I didn’t find either character to be endearing or noteworthy.
The finality left a lot of unanswered questions indeed – will HR rebuild itself or will the identity of the HR boss be discovered in the near future? Who is Beecher exactly and does he have a motive for his interest in Carter? Who will win the battle between Simmons and Finch and will Finch ever be able to leave HR?
I can’t wait for the return of POI - great show!!


"Person of Interest" just gets better and better. Love the Cast and the interesting storylines of this great show. The writers have done a brilliant job in developing the characters. This is one of the networks finest shows and hope it lasts a long time.


In the beginning of the season Reese looks so lost without Finch, and now at the end of this episode Finch looks lost without Reese. I like the contrast, love the cliffhanger and cannot wait until January 3rd.

Sue ann

I'm very excited. My DVD set of the first season of PoI arrived today. I missed some episodes last year, and this is one of those shows you cannot get online without paying for it. I think one could consider the weekend coming up to be another Lost Weekend, and I don't even drink! I, too, have been wracking my brains trying to figure out how he is going to get out of the predicament in which he was left. January cannot come too soon!


I am SO glad everyone likes this show and that all are anxious to watch when it returns. There are so many bad shows on television that I began thinking the TV audience is just not sophisticated enough to care about fictional characters, etc. Then along comes a true masterpiece like Person of Interest- it is all simply wonderful (and fun!) To watch. My favorite show as well. Hope everyone has a nice Holiday.


@Tom - Did the NYPD ever get fingerprints for "The Man in the Suit"? In the pilot, when they took Reese's prints he was just a bum. It was never 100% clear that the bum was ever associated with The Man in the Suit. And I can't imagine the other guys the FBI arrested with Reese have squeaky clean records, themselves. So I'm not really sure that running their prints will give Donnelly a huge degree of certainty about which is the right guy - especially if Finch, Carter, and Fusco start obfuscating things.


They just need to check the fingerprints, they have Johns on file. I'm thinking that Finch will hack in and change them, maybe he will be forced to get Root to help.


This episode was a 5+. Never knowing what's actually coming next in addition to the great story lines and characters makes it one of the best dramas I've ever seen. Can't wait for it's return and will be ready, however it's done to see Reese escape just one more time. Happy Holiday's all.


War, children, it's just a shout away, it's just a shout away.."Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones
Wow, what an awesome winter finale that was! I also loved the look on Reeses face when Finch declared his love of riding on a motorcycle...hilarious!
I can't wait to see how Reese extricates himself from the FBI. That should be an interesting episode right there.
And I hope Fusco can bring down HR and get out of the organization himself.


@Mia - Or Reese could play Stills, undercover NYPD detective... There are numerous routes the writers could take to extricate Reese from his current predicament. I'm really looking forward to seeing which one they take!

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There's no such thing as a risk free life.