Private Practice Review: A Lot Like Charlotte

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Ah, finally! It was Charlotte’s turn this week to take the spotlight on this Private Practice Season 6 installment.

I’ve been sitting tight and anxiously waiting for the focus to be on KaDee Strickland’s Charlotte King, as we’re winding down on the final run of this outstanding drama. And it definitely did not disappoint.

I’ve said it numerous times before, and I’m saying it once again: Shonda and company, please consider a spinoff featuring the Freedman family! Charlotte was absolutely spectacular. She was vivacious, over-the-top, and kept me laughing throughout the night. By the way, how amazing did she look in all of the dance sequences? I bet filming those scenes was a blast.

Dancing with Charlotte

"Georgia On My Mind" focused on Charlotte, who continued to run Saint Ambrose Hospital from her doctor-ordered bed rest. At a first glance, I was thinking: seriously, Charlotte?!?

However, I couldn’t have imagined her any other way. She’s a control freak and with her thoughts so loud, it was easy to feel and see how difficult a time she was having.

Her frustrations and uncomforting position were more than she could handle. They were, in fact, more than she had ever asked for, as she drove the nurses crazy. Luckily, Stephanie was back to give her a reality check and tell her that she didn’t care if she was fired because no one else would be willing to help Charlotte. Simply put, our girl just needed to hang in there and chill a bit with the call button.

I couldn’t help but feel incredibly sad as Charlotte started to regret once hoping for a miscarriage. She cried out and wanted her life – instead of one of the triplets – to be taken if need be. It was truly a heartbreaking scene. Even more distressing was seeing “Sissy” struggling throughout the installment. Thanks to Addie, Sam and Amelia, “Sissy” was all right in the end, named Georgia and seen by her mom.

Elsewhere, Mason began acting out in school because he was scared that Charlotte might never leave the hospital. Could you blame the little guy? After losing his mother recently and considering Charlotte’s pregnancy complications, it was no wonder he was having such a hard time dealing with everything. 

We saw CharCoop argue over whether not Mason should be punished. Each were pushed to his/her limits with a very intense argument. Ultimately, we were reminded that they need one another and make one heck of a team. I'm going to miss them terribly once all’s done and said.

Other Thoughts

  • Hey, Dancing with the Stars, I think you should call up Paul Adelstein and KaDee Strickland. Those breakout dancing moments were awesome. So much fun to watch.
  • I laughed out loud when Charlotte threw her stress ball at the “choir reject Christmas carolers.” She’s absolutely hilarious!
  • I was surprised Charlotte didn’t end up smashing a cupcake in Violet’s face during the non-shower shower. How about you?
  • Sam and Stephanie are giving it a go again. Did anyone see this coming?

I thought this installment was remarkably well done and loved that we closed out this year in such a strong way. 

We won’t see our favorite doctors again until 2013 when they’ll return to wrap up Private Practice Season 6. Until then, be sure to hit the comments because I’d love to hear your thoughts on tonight’s final episode of the year as well as what you’d like to see happen in the final three installments. Also, don’t forget to return later this week for our Private Practice Round Table.


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@Jarrod Wasnt Violet's episode way back at the beginning of the season? I dont think i can handle another one and i think i read somewhere that Amelia's episode is the last one concentrating on one character.


I just loved this episode, every second of it! Making a whole episode about a woman who's on bed rest could be a little risky, but the writers did an amazing job as usual! The dancing scenes were great, I mean Paul and KaDee were so good and the hip hop part...oh my god I couldn't stop laughing!
But there were tears too, of course.....Charlotte asking God to take her life instead of one of her babies', and then finally being able to see her daughter and find the perfect name for was all so beautiful. And last but not least Charlotte and Mason.....I LOVE this relationship, Charlotte is a great mother to Mason and she'll be just as awesome with the girls!
Amazing episode!Now I can't wait for the other two baby girls to be born....and for Amelia's episode too!


I didn't like this episode because I hate what they did to Charlotte this season. I think they went overboard with Charlotte. I guess I'm suppose to think her bad attitude is funny, but I don't it makes her unlikable :(


I am just getting a small feeling that Charlotte will die... I really don't want her to I really want them to be a happy family as I love them but the way she met her daughter was like she was saying goodbye....


I don't get the point of the dancing. I thought it was stupid. Charlotte was rude and mean the whole episode. She wasn't the Charlotte I grew to love.


They spent S4 and S5 pushing the Charlotte and Cooper show. ABC canceled PP after Addison leaves because they aren't good enough to have their own show, and ABC knows it. Their arcs lost PP more viewers than anything else on PP. So don't be delusional about a spin-off. It they were any good PP would have continued.
Crap episode.


I'm going to disagree with most of you - I didn't like the dancing. I didn't get it. I didn't see the point. Pregnancy dreams could have been much better. I didn't think it did the episode any favours. I do agree though that there's a potential spin off in the making. i'd watch that. I liked the drama and I liked Charlotte's realisation that she loved her babies more than anything - and, as always, her interaction with Mason. She'll be a fab mum and I do wish I could see how her story goes.


Gonna break the chain here and say that this episode was a miss for me. Funny there should be all that dancing - the entire episode felt indeed choregraphed. Yes, I meant forced. I know this a show but isn't the point believable storytelling? Last time I checked, this show didn't come under the fantasy genre.


This episode was amazing! One of the best so far! Loved the dances but felt they should have done something else instead of the Bollywood Dance. Adelstein did not look comfortable and KaDee had a ridiculous smile on her face. Very forced. I know Shonda used people from Debbie Allen's school but she should have gotten an indian choreographer. Or they should have done Gangnam Style. That would have been hillarious!
Charlotte was born to be a mother. The way she handled Mason was so very good.
Uh Jarrod, in case you missed the season 4 finale, Naomi went to New York with Fife, There isn't any way that she can get back with Sam.


Agreed that it was fantastic and hilarious. Charlotte seriously needs her own spin-off or even a TV movie, haha.
As for Sam and Stephanie, I can't say I'm thrilled seeing as I was hoping for a Sam/Naomi reconciliation in the series finale, however, if Sam is happy and has stopping pining over Addison I'm happy.
I can't wait for the next episode that is Amelia-centric. I'm glad they're saving Violet's episode as the 12th. I'd like to see how things are going with her and Lucas.

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You're going to laugh for me one day. You have to.


Hello, precious girl. This is your mama. Sorry you don't have a name yet. I want so much to be with you right now, hold your little hand, tell you everything's going to be okay and let you know and let you know you are blessed.