Private Practice Review: Sheldon's Story

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Fans of Sheldon were in for a treat tonight, as Private Practice put the psychiatrist front and center.

Since the beginning of Private Practice Season 6, I've honestly wondered if there would be a Sheldon-centric episode. I've always liked the friendly and helpful doctor; we just know so little about him.

Blame it on the writing, but the problem was never that Sheldon wasn’t likeable. It was simply that that we never had the opportunity to really get to know him. I was afraid that he wasn’t a strong enough character and wouldn’t be able to carry the entire hour.

Sheldon Worries

So, how did he hold on his own? Well, let me just say that I wanted to really like Sheldon’s story. Unfortunately, it was only subpar. There were moments I even caught myself yawning away. Luckily, the final minutes saved the outing from being a complete disaster.

"I'm Fine" opened with the night Sarah went missing. Sheldon was dancing with his ex-wife, Laura. He then briefly brought up his prostate cancer and the fact that he hadn’t decided what to do next. Nearly two seconds later, Laura was gone and out of his life once again.

While the first half of the installment was mostly a snoozefest, I appreciated the newfound friendship Sheldon found in Miranda, his cancer counterpart. Back at Seaside Wellness, he’s always played the role of the supporter and has helped every one of his colleagues and friends out at some point in time or another.

I felt terribly sad for Sheldon as he decided not to tell anyone about his cancer and treatment. He was alone, and I was so glad that Miranda was there for him in a simple but necessary way. When she didn’t show up for her appointment, I assumed that the inevitable had happened and Sheldon would be alone again.

Thank goodness she was still all right. Sheldon needs her. Also, high-five to Sheldon for kissing Miranda and even asking her out. That guy deserves some actual happiness. It’s a shame that she’s terminal, though.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the installment was trying to figure out if Nick, Sheldon’s patient, actually took Sarah or not. After Nick decided to start seeing Sheldon again, he often talked about a new developing relationship. Sheldon had some reservations and was concerned that Nick was behind Sarah’s disappearance.

During a final visit with Sarah’s parents just in the next room with Violet, Sheldon confronted Nick about Sarah and tried to get him to confess that Alyssa was actually Sarah. Instead, Nick denied all he could. 

Sheldon ensured that the police would arrive and had Nick committed. He even lied to his cop friend and said that Nick confessed. Without evidence and only assumptions, I was worried that Sheldon could possibly be wrong about Nick.

Thankfully, all worked out in the end when Sheldon saved the day and the police found Sarah in Nick’s basement.

Other Thoughts

  • I know Charlotte’s a bit preoccupied, but I think Sheldon should have gone with Mason to the vending machine. With Sarah still missing at that point, he just shouldn’t have gone alone.
  • Sheldon changed his socks for Miranda. That was sweet of him.
  • I loved when Sheldon reached out to Sarah and sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to her.

Overall, this was a mediocre episode. The episode ending on a high note was the right way for it to conclude. I don’t know about you, but I seriously can’t wait until Charlotte’s time to shine next week.

So, what did you think Private Practice fans? Be sure to hit the comments to share your thoughts and return later this week for the Private Practice Round Table.


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Ava mila

Sheldon and Victoria??? Wow, I didn't see that one coming. But I'm kind of glad, they are both amazing. Yes, excellent acting, very touching especially the facial expressions during chemo, reflecting each 5 minutes with Miranda. Great job!


Well, I loved it, and thought Brian Benben did a fabulous job last night, he really gave it his all. Very well written, no complaints from me. FYI, does everyone know he is married for 30 years to Madeline Stowe from Revenge, kudos to them.


This may be the best episode I've seen. Very in depth, well-acted, and moving. Just simply excellent performance.


I liked it. It wasn't mind-blowing, but it was nice - totally different from last week's drama. So, four episodes left, you say? My two all-time favorites, Charlotte and Amelia, and who else? James? One last for Addie? Oh God, I hope the end is really, really well done; PP should get a Mark Sloan exit, not a Lexie Grey one.

Ava mila

@Christina exactly! They never keep each others secrets so why start now? Sam should know how lonely and lost Sheldon must feel. You could see by the looks Sam has given him after his strange behavior at the practice. The saddest moment for me was when Sheldon told Charlotte that he knows how she feels but he wouldn't tell her the truth, instead he told her the hideous gym story. Probably because he didn't wanna worry her given her condition. Another proof how much he puts others before himself. He is such an underrated character, it's a shame.


@SoapJunk - There are four episodes left in this final season.


Like many of you, I was always fond of Sheldon. I too hope that Shonda won't use again the solution to kill a character and that Sheldon will survive. It would be too predictable, because she made that too often!!! I am disappointed that Amelia and Sheldon shared a lot last year and that we now don’t see them again together without any explanation. It’s a big lack of continuity.


I though this was one of the best episodes of the season. It was not as hectic as most of them, but kind of slow and exciting at the same time. It was so beautiful to see Sheldon singing for Sarah, everything brought together in that moment...
Also loved the repetition of the chemo, of the doctor, the room... It just worked.


I also agree with DeAnn. Yes the episode was slow but this episode epitomised sheldon and his state of mind. He is a calm, careful slow to act or react kinda guy and when he does its all va va voom.
He knew in his gut that Nick had Sarah but because of the lack or proof and his general nature he didn't act like Violet, Pete or Even Cooper would have. They would rush to judgement and do more harm than good. Its been done before. I was never a Sheldon fan but I really liked this episode. This ep and Jakes ep are by far my favorites if only for the guest stars. Dainne Faar and Marisol Nichols. Perfect casting. It was great insight into Sheldon but nothing I didn't already surmise.
I kinda hope that Violet and Sheldon end up together. Maybe she will do something useful and help him out of his depression when Diane's character dies...


How many episodes are left?

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