Private Practice Spoilers: Who's Getting Married?

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With Private Practice Season 6 inching toward a conclusion, TV Guide has some major scoop for fans of this Shonda Rhimes drama:

Addison and Jake and getting married!!!

The nuptials will take place on the January 22nd series finale, titled "In Which We Say Goodbye."

One Happy Addison

"I feel like the fans have been with us so long and Addison has been through so much torture, angst and suffering that I think it's really beautiful to send her off this way," star Kate Walsh tells TV Guide.

As you might expect, everyone at Oceanside Wellness will be in attendance, while this also explains why Audra McDonald will resurface on the finale. Teases Walsh of that reunion:

"It turns out that Naomi has a lot going on herself so having Addison be able to witness Naomi's life and what steps she's going to take and bring that relationship full circle - really full circle - in a way that I never expected is really cool for me."

Private Practice airs a new episode, centered on Cooper and Charlotte, tonight at 10/9c.

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Maybe marrying Jake will finally get Addison to stay with ONE GUY for a change. She has truly had her share of men since the series began.


Seaside Wellness NOT Oceanside. Sorry but it is kind of annoying me that they kept getting it wrong


love addison and sam so much dont like addison and jake his boring
addisam the end game that right always love addison and sam together
sam and addison are more closer that jake and addison together his old
sam and stephanie or getting married to so happy addisam fan


I love you so much, Addie. All my blessings for a blissful, blissful life to you.


I can't wait for the wedding!


Yup Yup can't wait for this episode, not because its ending but because its exactly what I wanted for Addie since she came to oceanside wellness.


Why does Charlotte, a hugely pregnant woman, have no big boobs? I've noticed in a lot of shows involving 'pregnant' actresses, that they look almost flat-chested. Pregnant women have big boobs! Why not portray them that way?


I'll be front row and centre.


It's really great that Addison is getting her happy ending. She deserves to be happyly married with Jake and with Henry to complete their little family

Private Practice Quotes

Charlotte: My mom always says God doesn't give with both hands. You're young, beautiful, brilliant. There has to be something you can't have.
Amelia: Some days I'd give that all up.
Charlotte: That's just the craving talking. The longer you go without a drink...
Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
Charlotte: OK, since then?
Amelia: Nothing, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Charlotte: It was an accident. Don't let a slip turn into a fall. Get your butt to a meeting.

You are your past. Own it.


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