Rizzoli & Isles Review: The Single Sock

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Rizzoli & Isles fans were treated once again this week to the sight of Jane's estranged lover, Lt. Casey Jones. What's the "Over / Under" that we'll get to see Maura's mother, the other serious dangling plot point, during next week's winter finale?

A Football Player's Death

I was both happy to see Casey, yet highly disappointed. No doubt the guy is going through Hell, but he's sending Jane such mixed signals that he had my stomach turning during each scene.

First he showed up at her place of work, but swore it wasn't to see her. Then he shared that he's having surgery that could possibly heal his paralysis... only to tell her that they're over.

It was as though he kept dangling the carrot and then pulling it away. With every interaction you could feel the hope well up in Jane, only to have him crush it over and over. It all seemed utterly cruel.

And, as usual, Maura was there to help pick up the pieces and hopefully buy her some new socks. It was both funny and poignant when Jane ditched all of her single socks and told Maura in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

 They don't have partners and they're making me sad. | permalink

My heart just ached for her because when your heart is breaking, even the little things are painful.

Frost and his Mom were kind of adorable. Of course he knew that she and Robin were in love. He's her son and a detective. I would have been disappointed if he didn't.  And the fact that he invited them to Massachusetts, one of the states where same sex marriage is legal, in the hopes that they'd get hitched was very sweet.

Another winning scene was Camille and Angela's chat at the cafe. The two women quickly bonded over divorce and raising independent, sometimes stubborn children.  Their similarities far outweighed their differences.

The murder of the week was rather gruesome, mostly because I never expected Enzo to get his throat slit while sitting in a car wash. That McKenzie could kill a friend so easily and brutally because he suspected his scheme was truly scary. I wonder how much he'd made rigging bets over the years.

So will we ever see Casey again? Will Jane try to convince him not to have the surgery? And will next week's Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 winter finale - on Christmas night  tie up any more loose ends?


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Hopefully, Jane will ultimately marry Gabriel, like in the books. Casey is irritating.


Two words: Agent Dean


I wholeheartedly agree with the reviews of this episode, which I thought was one of the best of the season. Love the friendship between the two leading ladies much better now than when they were being too cutesy in the beginning of the season. They are so hilarious! I also was very upset with the whole Casey "thing"; it was so mean/cruel of him to lead Jane on and give her hope that their relationship could have a chance only to continue pushing her away. I understand that he's hurting but so is she; emotional pain is just as real as what he's going through. And then to ask her to let him kiss her just to again tell her to forget about him? What!!! Jane needs someone who values her and not plays with her emotions. Until then, let her (and Maura) focus on the crimes!


I agree with Scarlet I do not like Casey or the begging. I love drama but I honestly would like to see the Jane and Maura in a drama situation where one is fighting for the others life then drama over a boyfriend. I did like the end how Maura is there for Jane. That relationship is the one I care about. It was a decent episode. Next week looks great!


Casey is a selfish prick that cares more about his pride than Jane's happiness. Jane begging him for another chance was pathetic and beneath her. Please get rid of him and have her be with someone more deserving.

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Casey: It's good to see you.
Jane: You can see me any time you want.

Maura: What if I practice my swing in that cagey thing?
Jane: It's called a batting cage, Maura.