Robbie Jones to Play Major Role on 90210 Season 5

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A One Tree Hill alum is set to make a significant impression on 90210 Season 5.

Robbie Jones - who starred as Quentin Fields on the former CW hit, and also as Lewis Flynn on Hellcats - is headed back to network, TV Line reports, in the key new role of Jordan Welland.

Look for this book publisher to take a romantic interest in Naomi and also get involved in many other upcoming storylines.

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“We feel like we won the lottery when Robbie agreed to do a recurring role on 90210,” showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen tell TV Line.

90210 moves to 9 p.m. and returns on Monday, January 21, where it will follow The CW's anticipated new drama, The Carrie Diaries.

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Absolutely obsessed with Robbie he has such a beautiful smile. On top if that he's a great actor all the haters need to stop!!! So excited!!!!


meh. I never miss ethan. and Robbie who? lol whatever.


Micheal B, I would like Sean Farris to come on 90210& I miss Ethan so it'd be great to have him come back.I also agree with you about Robbie, I'm not a fan of him either.Didntt like him on Hellcats or OTH.


You guys are in believeable Robbie was mean BC he was acting that's what he is suppose to say and whoever said he was ugly I bet your not any prettyier & Naomi and Liam definitely should not get back together there two different and my opinion is Liam and Annie should they both will always have feelings for each other. Max & Naomi should definitely break up BC it puts a twist we don't want the same boring things to happen do we. To make a even bigger twist I also agree that ethan should come back.


@Michael B
It's good to know I'm not the only one who wishes Sean Faris was on 90210. I from the start have been hoping for him to join the cast, I think he would be great for the show and a perfect match for Naomi.

Michael b

Oh no! I hate this guy. i did not like him at all on Hellcats. He's hideous and a horrible actor. And not a good match for Naomi at all. I think Patti Car and Lara Olsen have done an excellent job with casting so far, but not with this choice. I wish they would hire Sean Faris and Grey Damon. And they need to bring Dustin Milligan back. At least for one episode. What do you think about my choices for new guys on the show?


Maxomi better NOT be over.


I don't think that Max and Naomi are over, I just think that seeing as Max has gone and blamed Naomi for everything, as well left the country to do whatever he pleases, she should not feel obligated to sit and wait for him to come back. I mean, a letter to say goodbye? Very harsh seeing as they've been together for almost two years (on and off) and married for 6 months.


feels like they won the lottery? what's so special about this guy? I mean, he's not that pretty.


Yeah I'm a big fan of Robbie jones but not if he's gonna break up Naomi and Max… if they break them up I'd at least love to see the return of the power couple - Naomi and Liam! That's when the show was in its prime. She was a way better fit for him then dull and boring Annie. I would love to see a Naomi and Liam reunion if the show has to destroy max and Naomi.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.