Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Report Card: A

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With over a week to process the twists and turns from an exhilarating Sons of Anarchy Season 5 finale - Tara is in jail?!? Clay is in jail?!? Tigs owns a dog?!? - it's time to breakdown another violent, crazy, Kurt Sutter-inspired ride.

Report Card style!

Read on for my evaluation of 13 intense episodes and then weigh in with your own grade of this year's SOA...

SAMCRO vs. Grim

Best Character: Jax Teller. Is there really any other option? Season 5 was geared around Jax's presidency and the question of which path he'd choose. Any hope that he'd make his father's dreams come true were destroyed along with the back of Opie's head early on, however, and Charlie Hunnam excelled in depicting the angry melancholy that engulfed Jax for the rest of the run.

Worst Character: Juice. This may be the only show I watch about which I can say I truly like every single character. And I especially adore Theo Rossi in this role. But forced to choose a member of SAMCRO, Juice gets my vote because he can sometimes come across as too naive, first last season in believing that the club would care about his father's race; and then here with how willingly he followed around Clay.

Coolest Character: Nero Padilla.

Most Surprising Justified Cast Member to Guest Star in Drag: Walton Goggins.

Best Episode: "Laying Pipe." Jarring. Shocking. Brutal. Devastating. Opie may be gone, but his death episode and scene will live on forever.

Worst Episode: "Stolen Huffy." The action had to slow down after Opie's death, but this installment centered far too much on guest star Ashley Tisdale and gave us that contrived Carla beatdown by Tara and Gemma.

Most Gruesome Scene: Otto slicing off his own tongue. Yes, there actually was competition for this, considering dogs fought and dude's face was filled with nails on the season finale.

Hopes for Sons of Anarchy Season 6: We delve more into Lee Toric to ensure that character wasn't just thrown in as a plot device (NOTE: Donal Logue is signed for multiple episodes); Juice finally catches a break; Clay dies... it's about time, isn't it?

Overall Grade: A

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Sons of Anarchy Season 5?

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Kick ass!~


Best character in my opinion was Nero. I really like Jimmy Smitts in this role. I truly hate Gemma, I also feel she is responsible for Tara going to jail. Clay I do not believe will make it out of jail as Augie has a hit on him now. Juice, deserves two in the back of the head. Jax is turning into pure evil, and I am starting to dislike him alot. I just feel Tara has been through enough already


I live for every episode. Just love the show but hated Opie dying.


Best Character: Nero Padilla. Worst Character: Jax. I'm sorry, but he is really turning into a person I detest. Coolest Character: Lee Toric. There is something about him that I really, really like and I think he is going to bring absolute hell to the club in a spectacular horrific way. Best Episode: Laying Pipe without a doubt. Worst Episode: Stolen Huffy. What the hell was the point of Ashley Tisdale? Most Gruesome Scene: Opie's death. I ugly cried for a solid 15 mins. Hopes for Sons of Anarchy Season 6: More Toric. And more Chibbs. Overall Grade: B+


Maggie Siff is so underrated on this show, some people hate her but I think she does a great job as Tara and I think that the character brings more balance to the show and Jax's life. I thought Siff did a great job this season. I hope Tara makes it out and she gets out of the prison sentencing. My least favorite character is Gemma, she was really annoying this season and showed her evilness in the end, I hope she eventually gets whats coming to her. And I also dislike Juice, he cries too much and should be dead right now for ratting on the club, seems kind of fake that hes still alive after they found out what he has done.


. Best Character: Nero Padilla. Worst Character: Tara. Was all over the place. Coolest Character: Venus Best Episode: Laying Pipe. @Matt R. Agree Worst Episode: Stolen Huffy. @Matt R. Agree Most Gruesome Scene: Opie's death, like Jax I couldn't watch. Hopes for Sons of Anarchy Season 6: Character accuracy. Overall Grade: B- -


imo the best and worst characters are turned around. juice is slowly becoming the only completely likable character on this show - he's human and to me his devotion towards clay comes across as completely genuine (and realistic). he's lost and sutter did it beautifully. jax, on the other hand, pissed me off with every episode in the back half of the season; he's turning into the man he hates most (which is clearly the intention) and it colors every decision he makes. plus, his whole "children face inward" thing still irritates the hell out of me, seeing that he did every single thing he did this season was for his own gain.


The episode with Walton goggins as the transsexual, took me 10 mins to realise who it was, it was a rare bit of levity in a dark season, funny as hell

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