The Good Wife Review: One Murder, Two Convictions

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I have to ask: were the trials happening in "Battle Of The Proxies" actually permitted in real life?

Can two separate people be on trial for the same murder in neighboring counties? It seems most places can barely eek out one suspect, but Illinois somehow managed to find two with enough evidence to put on trial. There should be a law against that. I'm not kidding. There should be one. 

Keeping a suspect on the list is just groovy, but arresting two people for the same crime seems silly, especially trying them at the same time and then inter-evidencing within their trials. I just made that word up, but it fits, right? Inter-evidence. Evidence used at two trials, at one to claim guilt and the other to prove innocence. Inter-evidence. 

Cary Asks For Help

Generally, the trials seemed like a three-ring circus. I didn't like the defense attorney in the case outside of Cook County and I've come to the conclusion that I do not like Laura Hellinger, who was the prosecutor in the Cook County case. She is being utilized so much that I'm starting to wonder if she is going to get married so Juliana Margulies can leave the show and Amanda Peet can take on the role of The Good Wife. I daresay I liked Mamie Gummer's Nancy Crozier a lot more.

The kicker here is, and this is only speculation, but I am thinking they're ramping up the witty repartee between Laura and Will because they will engage in a romance. If someone thinks we are interested in such a thing, I can only hope they read this and take heed. We do not want Will dating Laura Hellinger. She was interesting when first introduced, but has become a pain in the arse since joining the State's Attorney's office.  

With every case, Will and Laura get a little closer. It's something to keep an eye on.

With the addition of Laura, we also got a loss for Lockhart/Gardner. It was convenient that Alicia was working with the secondary case and learned that man was innocent and Will's client was guilty so viewers wouldn't feel cheated when the almighty Lockhart/Gardner went down. The most confusing part of the episode and the greatest miscarriage of justice? Both suspects were found guilty. Of the same murder. Someone please tell me that can't happen. If Will and Laura being friendly helps the innocent guy in his appeal, then everything about their friendship isn't bad.

Thank you, Alicia, for finally telling Nick that Lockhart/Gardner can no longer represent him. Of course the idiot would threaten her. The State's Attorney's wife. He was such a sleaze bag and I was cheering out loud when Kalinda took matters into her own hands, ran down Nick's partner and found drugs in the trunk of the cars, just where Cary said they would be.

It was a pity that Kalinda felt she had to pay Nick off to leave her. The question is: did he take the money and run? Or did Kalinda have to bury something else in the walls that will come back to haunt her? Would you put it past her to kill someone, especially someone like Nick who was an imminent threat to her and all of those around her? I wouldn't. While I hope that wasn't her last resort, I do have to say: welcome back, Kalinda.

A few things of note:

  • I had the same phones they used at Lockhart/Gardner at my office, and I can tell you they were not plugged in. The lights on the console were amber, indicating there was no power. Details are important!
  • I thought that Grace's continued to use ChumHum to research her sex life indicated to me that she was definitely too young to be participating in the act. Except for the fact it was JACKIE searching for condoms. Um...yuck!
  • I guess we learned who was being investigated, and it wasn't Kalinda. It's Eli? For offering discount crisis management services in return for political donations? I tried to think of him doing that, and either he never did it on screen or he's innocent.

What did everyone else think of the midseason finale?


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I found this episode's trial very confusing. I think the repartee between Laura and Will is being over-written; however I would rather seem them continue as worthy opponents than have them engage in an affair. Let the sexual tension continue. More dramatic; more fun; and let Will be spurned! Jackie! Good Grief!


Did anyone watch the show last night, what happened was two people were found guilty for murder in two different towns. Only one really did it in Chicago and as an lawyer Alicia let Will double talk her and she did nothing to see that the out of town guy was innocent ( is the law that bad people lie or say nothing, God help). And at the end with Alicia sitting at the bar again slurping that rot gut down with two drinks up, who was suppose to be there (Laura) Kalinda showed up by herself not invited. Laura was being banged by WILL his usual BS waY, when are the writers and producers going to open their eyes ans ears as to what fans would like to see and not this everyday soap opera.


Overall the show was really good! Wish I had seen the last ten minutes but since it started ten minutes late thanks to some sports event that went on longer than expected my DVR didn't pick up the last ten minutes. I'll just have to wait for it to be on demand I guess.


I bet Kalinda killed him. That's what I would have wanted her to do.


"I'm not being murdered, I'm just screaming in the hallway" :) freaking hilarious :D


@ Mrs. M: agree totally. I was thinking that the legally awkward nice girl from the military sure stepped up too quickly. Now she's representing the State's Attorney Office in murder cases and snapping off come backs like she's the Attorney General. Way too much, too soon.


Every viewer will have their favorite character(s) or couple(s). That is natural. The Good Wife is blessed with the best cast on television so we viewers are very lucky. However, it is also natural for viewers to be upset when their favorite is under or mis-used. I agree with the TV critics who say that Cary is an essntial part of the mix at Lockhart-Gardner and that the show would not be the same without him. The frustration comes from years of broken promises from the show's producers and writers. Let's see how things go in the second half of the season still hoping they will engage this wonderful character more fully.


Hooray for Kalinda and I hope she doesn't get into trouble for getting Nick out of the picture. Pattik, I just feel sorry for you for wanting Will to be with Alicia. Alicia has a man; her husband and Will has had many trysts and his narcissism keeps him from having a good relations with any of them for long. His affair with Alicia is over and is no long intrinsic (had to repeat this much used word agsain)to the storyline. Someone should give Laura some crediit for being a good lawyer instead of hating her. She beat Will in litigation and he is suppose to be good. They will get together; WATCH and see. Jackie's therapist should be checked out and Grace needs help. Why isn't Alicia letting Peter in on the family matters?


Agree with Sarah, I think I am gonna enjoy Will and Laura together..... Alicia and Will is over so the characters have to move on.
Plus I think Will being morally grey will come to the focus when he starts dating her which is always interesting to see.


The Laura character needs to be toned down.

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