The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 142

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Another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest is behind us.

As always, TV Fanatic is grateful to all who participated (although, can we retire The Twilight Saga references? Thanks!) and, as always, our job was made difficult in selecting a winner.

But that honor falls to a user named Laura, as she submitted the entry below and mocked the sire bond storyline that has been weighing down the latter half of Season 4. In our opinion, at least.

Check it out now and remember to return every week and play The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest!

Tyler cap pic

What do you mean Damon and Elena stole my sire bond storyline?


Tyler: I'm tired of you presumptuous idiots! I'm not Jacob Black - I get cold without a shirt!


Tyler: "Aaagh! I can't stop scratching! I think I might have fleas..."
Caroline: "Eeew."


Tyler: ::singing:: my heart will go on & o...::speaking:: not this wolfsbane crap again! ::collapses::


Caroline- If only I could read his thoughts right now...what is he thinking?
Tyler- I know a year ago I thought it would be cool to be Jacob Black, but this is ridiculous!!


Tyler: What do you mean Damon and Elena stole my sire bond storyline?

Leon alexis

Tyler: Klaus want to fry my heart with onions and potatoes for dinner.
Caroline; Bonnie,make him stop!
Bonnie: Tyler,stop it now! You can controle yourself!!!


Caroline and Bonnie (thinking): Come on, rip the shirt off! DO IT! NOW!


This was a horrible screencap to choose.


Tyler: He was tall... he had some kind of tattoo here on his chest... looked a bit like a moose,
Caroline: There was someone else with him too, his boyfriend or something.. very pouty (supernatural reference)


OMG is he gonna take his shirt off again...? This is great - Caroline Don't make me do this! - Tyler

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When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

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