The Vampire Diaries Clip: Is That Our Thing?

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The first Vampire Diaries sneak peek released in advance of Thursday's midseason finale left us asking many questions regarding circumstances and plot, but there's little doubt about what's going on in this one:

Klaus and Caroline getting their flirt on!

The clip begins with Caroline and Klaus admiring his artwork, a snowflake to be exact. "There's something lonely about it," she observes regarding the work ... and likely her potential Original love interest himself.

Caroline initially turns down his request for a glass of champagne, but then comes around when the two "start being nice to each other." Meaningful glances are exchanged before Klaus asks, "Is that our thing?"

Is it? We'll see in about 36 hours.

Watch the scene from "O Come, All Ye Faithful" below and be sure to check back late afternoon to see what Klaus himself, Joseph Morgan, tells TV Fanatic about the big episode tomorrow night ...

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Nina Dobrev Love: haha Caroline is soooo self righteous! It's ridiculous! Such a hypocrite you'd really ought to think before you post, so you won't look like an uneducated dunce with double standards. Nina Dobrev Love: Aww u mad Amie? "Elena Salvawhore" haha bitch please, you are so mature! lmao Sooner or later Caroline will jump into bed with Klaus like she did multiple times with other guys! Lol what show are you watching? You know, if you quit watching the show with a blindfold and pulled out whatever is stuck up your ass, you would know she never slept around nor slept with "other guys multiple times!!" Oh and believe me, we're not mad. lmao, you're amusing. You see I don't care if people hate Caroline, because she can get pretty annoying, she tends to annoy me time from time, but when you hate her for a dumb ass reason with valid points that came out your ass (while at the same time praising elena which makes you seem very contradicting), do expect someone to call you out on your hilarious bull shit. Lol have a nice day.


Ugh, I really find it ridiculous that the fans and writers keep pushing this couple. What's even more ridiculous is all the "omg, klaus and Caroline are totally into each other" but "tylers a dick for getting mad about that". Wouldn't you be upset if you were him??
It's hard to say if Caroline is just distracting him( and really, shouldn't this 1,000 yr old, immensely powerful vampire be better at seeing through bs?), or genuinely interested. But it's starting to make her look like a hypocrite and it's disappointing to see that Caroline''s loyalties have never really been to tyler(she spied and lied to him all season 2, she broke up with him in season 3 because he was turned into a hybrid, and now she's cozying up to klaus).


Am I the only one who still thinks Caroline is just leading Klaus on to distract gimme?


I'm completely in love with Klaroline! They have the best chemistry (right after Damon and Elena) and they've only been acting together for a little over a season! I want them together sooooo bad!


Thank you precious!!!
First of all it´s just tv and second being judgemental is not really a pleasant trait if I recall correctly.


Hey ladies,self respect please elena is making money what about u.waisting your time.


Aww u mad Amie? "Elena Salvawhore" haha bitch please, you are so mature! Sooner or later Caroline will jump into bed with Klaus like she did multiple times with other guys! SHE is the whore. Not to mention her relationship with Tyler. This "relationship" is just based on sex and lust.


ok people. you need to chill put with the whole "salvawhore" thing. IT'S JUST A MOVIE AFTER ALL. and plus, everybody hates her and calls her whore but love klaus even though he is still the bad guy there. Don't get me wrong. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KLAUS. but you all seem to forget he is the evli one who you could hate not elena...

David and sabrina 2014

Who knows how Klaroline will get throughout the show(even though I'm hardly hearing things from Tylerine)but I can't wait to see what'll happen througout the midseason finale. =] =|


You need to cool it with the "Salvawhore" stuff. Not cool. Please no whore bashing...

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