The Vampire Diaries Return Promo: The War Begins

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The Vampire Diaries rang in the holidays this week with hearts being broken and ripped out. What did you think of "O Come, All Ye Faithful?"

The episode left viewers with plenty to ponder, most notably the death of Tyler's mother, the return of total bad ass Klaus and the un-daggering of poor Rebekah. Will she be out for vengeance when the series returns next month? It's a safe bet.

Look for a war to break out overall, as the following CW promo hypes a reunion of Originals, along with a seriously pissed of Stefan. Watch now:

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Stefan cannot accept Elena for who she is now, so of course they break up! Damon will always love Elena, if she's human or vampire! Stefan just tries to change her into a boring good girl, Damon accepts the good AND the bad in her! Stefan should be with Katherine or Caroline. Damon and Elena belong together.


When a vampire drinks blood from another vampire they stay connected forevev"julie plec"

David and sabrina 2014

I'm stillm glad that Damon let Elena go but she turned to be a liar not telling Stefan about her loving Damon. That proves why Stefan is mad and heartbroken at the same time. Who knows if she'll be able to convince Stefan again after all the lies he revealed from her but I can't wait to see what happens when the season returns. ;P =|


I understand that.
But I just think that in the preview he's a bit too mean. Elena never wanted to ripp his heart off.


@mary it's cos some if not majority of tvd viewers are quite young that I worry about their logic. I know the show is about vampires and werewolves but basic rules still apply to brothers...unless you happen to be hot enough to heat up teeny boppers fantasies ala Damon and Klaus.


Yes stefan should b pissed elena neva cared about stefan if she up and slept wit damon yea they broke up but that doesnt mean she sleeps wit his brother bad move.


@princessJJ Yeah and breaking up hurts, especially if you get dumped for your brother. Be logical people, it's TV sure but it remains a question of emotions. I am aware that some of these viewers are quite young, so that explains a lot.


God Stephan is annoying, I don't get how he thinks he can be mad at her. He and Caroline are convinced they only reason Elena has feelings for Damon is because she is sired and is being "forced" to feel that way and none of it is really. But now he is mad about what she did, but I thought is was all because she was sired according to him, so how can he blame her. It just proves to me that he knows it just a bullshit excuse but he is a jerk and wants what he wants.


Why is Rebekah calling Tyler? To team up with him or what?

Drea xoxo

yawn i just want silas n alpha showdown to be the main focus n april have a purpose

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