The Vampire Diaries Scoop: An Original Return!

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Among the many twists and turns on the The Vampire Diaries Season 4 winter finale, viewers watched as April opened Rebekah's tomb.

But this (angry) blonde bombshell won't be the only Original who returns in 2013, as Joseph Morgan teased in an interview with TV Guide: Nathaniel Buzolic will soon reprise the role of Kol.

What will the interactions be like between brothers?

Three Originals

"In the beginning, Klaus and Kol start off more on the same page, but Kol definitely comes in with his own objectives and motives," Morgan says. "They do end up at odds and issuing threats at each other and it does become quite serious."

Earlier this season, in "The Five," fan favorite Daniel Gillies appeared as Elijah, as the series flashed way back to the 15th century.

There are no known plans at the moment to feature that Original again, but it sounds like Klaus will have his hands full with his two other siblings anyway.

Of Rebekah's return, Morgan tells the publication:

"Klaus is the one who daggered her and he's really used her in a way that's unforgivable. They have both attempted to exploit each other, but are also bound by this love and his feeling of wanting to protect her from her own weaknesses. So it's all mixed up in there like a big old wasp's nest of emotions."

The Vampire Diaries resumes on Thursday, January 17.

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Who knows how the new original so called siblings of Klaus will be like throughout the show but I can't wait to see what else happens even though some parts of the show are still pretty messed up. =]


Yay! The Originals are back! Sibling rivalry/bonding here we come!


Kol and rebekah are back just enjoy the real vampire actions!


Daniel Gillies currently stars in Saving Hope, which was canceled in the US, but is going for a second season in Canada. He may simply be unavailable.


Can Elijah come back so we can see Elena's feelings for him (before she turned vampire) and how they are now heightened :)


I'm looking forward to see Kol again... hopefully he's having more screentime than last season...


Kol!! Yay!



Fruit salad

I'd feel a lot better for Elijah absence if the writers actually bothered to come up with a reason for him being MIA. When he got daggered in season 2, there was a reason for him to be gone. It served the plot, kept the pace up. And when he returned, it was gamechanger and kinda huge, but not HYPE! THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC!! huge. I liked that. Now, on the other hand, they've reduced him to being little more than fanservice. And the worst is that they didn't have to, he could have had a bunch of great storylines back in s3 or this season - I remember thinking that the reason for him being in 3x22 was that they needed him to be in town so that he could bring Klaus back or try and destroy the stake - but no, let's not bring him back for anything other than painfully obvious fanservice. Hell, everything on this show is fanservice


Oh no !!! The trolls from DISH are making a comeback.

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