T.R. Knight on The Good Wife: First Look!

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When The Good Wife Season 4 resumes on January 6, viewers will be greeted by a new face.

Who is a very familiar face to Grey's Anatomy viewers.

On "Boom De Ya Da," T.R. Knight will guest star as a savvy campaign manager with whom Eli is forced to work by Democratic strategist Frank Landau. As you can imagine, our favorite fixer is less than pleased about the arrangement.

CBS has released a pair of photos from the first installment of 2013. Click to enlarge these shots of Knight now:

T.R. Knight as Jordan Karahalios
Jordan Karahalios and Eli

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Why would Peter and Alicia get a divorce? It seems tome they are working on their marriage. Where did Imane get that info. I agree; if Peter and Alicia are divorced than there is no more good wife.


If they divorce the show is over, ratings are going down and CBS doesn't play around.


That great...A New guest... Why don't finish somes storyline ? Is it true that Peter and Alicia will divorce? If it is I will be very sad and I know lot of people who will stop see the show...Hope so strong it's wrong cause Florrick couple have lot of fans and it make the show amazing !


Guest stars. Guest stars..and guest stars.




He was far too whiny! Couldn't wait to get his own story line.

Spindae 2o

I miss him so much on GA! :((( really sad how they handled him! I probably watch these ep-eps of GW just because of him! :D

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