90210 Review: Who's the Psycho Skank Now?

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Liam has been locked up in the basement of the offshore for about a month now... but, damn, he still manages to look good!

Of course I'm just kidding, as "Misery Loves Company" took place only briefly after the 90210 fall finale when Liam's crazy bodyguard first kidnapped him.

(NOTE: I wasn't kidding about Liam looking good, I never kid about that.)

As this week marked the return of our favorite CW zipcode, it also marked the first time I actually liked Vanessa's character! That's too bad, though, since she's probably going to jail now. But, hey, at least she redeemed herself. We'll see if that lasts, won't we?

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Leave it to the original crazy stalker of Liam's to point out that a studio that won't reimburse for a mani/pedi would never shell out for a personal bodyguard. Vanessa also identified that Ashley had purchased surveillance equipment and had it shipped to a place that had been vacant for the past year. I guess her nuttiness came in handy after all. Liam's safe, but now Annie's not.

I really try not to get involved in all the shipping wars, but honestly Liam and Annie always find their way back to each other. She just took a damn bullet for the guy and I'm going to guess this is going to bring them even closer. I gotta say, I don't hate it. I really don't. Maybe it's finally "Lannie's" time? We need to see some kind of happy relationship on this show with all the other couples in total disarray.

Dixon and Ade are totally over. Even worse than hearing your ex hates you is hearing that they just don't care at all. Hating is a powerful emotion. You can't hate someone who you really just don't give a crap about. Sorry, Ade. Hey, at least biker boy was cute?! 

My favorite part of this episode was probably when Naomi showed up at her mother's door. I don't know why, but in that moment when her mom first swung the door open I got such an old school 90210 vibe. As in the original version from the 90s, not just 90210 season 1 when our characters parents were on the show. I've always wondered what happened with Naomi's parents and why she had completely cut off with her mother when her dad was the one who broke up the family. 

That was a sweet, honest and raw moment involving the Clarke women. Naomi is often the comic relief on this show and she's always trying to clean up everyone else's lives. It was nice to see her lean on someone else for a change. The only thing I want to point out is that I feel like Naomi has done nothing but work on her marriage with Max, so it's not like she's not fighting for him. It seems like he's the one who's not fighting for her.

Easily the worst part of this episode was Silver. She is so much smarter than she's acting. Going to Teddy's a-hole of an uncle to try and get help with the custody case? Horrible move. Why would Teddy want to listen to a relative he isn't even close to and has been against Teddy's lifestyle from the get-go? Then she forged Teddy's signature? Oy, there will be no good coming from any of this. 

Next week, Annie will probably be in and out of consciousness from the gunshot wound and we'll get to see what would've happened if she and Dixon had never left Kansas in the first place. I'm sure it'll be fun, but I'm dying to find out what happens next!

What did you think of the 90210 winter premiere and Rita Ora's performance? Did you miss Navid? Hit the comments! 


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YEY LANNIE FTW! Such a awesome way to kick-start the second half of the season. Erin's so desperate and crazy at this point, I just couldn't stand trying to destroy everything in her path: her friends, her friendship with Teddy, and Teddy's already strained relations with his family. Nice to see Naomi's mom again, although I was already spoiled with the news bit that she's coming back for an episode, I didn't expect she would appear as early as 5x10 and how tearjerking those reunion scenes turn out to be. I think it'd be a nice change of pace for the writers to do a "what if" dream episode (and it's Annie-centric). The last time they did a sorta dream sequence was Navid(?), who was MIA again in this episode, back in season 2. And yes, Naomi and Ade's season 1 drama was also front and center as well. Kinda miss the thing they used to have in Season 1.


Great return! Too bad it's going to be followed by what looks like the most horrendous episode to date since the writers clearly ran out of ideas. It just seems like a cop out and a waste of an hour. It was nice seeing Vanessa's good side for a change! That was a sweet moment when she was tearing up in the end after Annie got shot. It reminds me why I love Arielle. I'm not happy with the silver and teddy storyline. Their friendship used to be one of the most fun relationships on the show. I always loved when it was front and center. So I'm not excited to have that ruined :( and I don't see why they have to ruin max and Naomi and bring on this new guy. It's unnecessary.

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