Arrow Review: Playing With Fire

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You know what they say about playing with fire: you're bound to get "Burned." On the winter premiere of Arrow, Laurel got herself involved in a dangerous situation by contacting The Hood for help on the special phone he gave to her father.

Now Quentin will use Laurel and The Hood's connection in order to nab him down. Kind of a cold move to use your own daughter to find the vigilante, especially when everyone is now calling him a hero. I suppose Quentin just has a one track mind when it comes to Arrow.

So what led up to this secret arrangement?

Arrow vs. Firefighter

Laurel's coworker and best friend Joanna found out her firefighter brother was killed on duty in precarious circumstances. Sure, Daniel had a job that caused him to risk his life everyday, but the coroner reports showed that there was a third variable or chemical rather that caused Daniel to die. When Joanna begged Laurel for help, she couldn't find it in herself to refuse.

Laurel is normally the kind of girl who will take any chance in order to to the right thing and help other people. After all, that's why she took a job with legal aid. But Laurel especially knows what it's like to lose a sibling and feel like there is more to the story than you are getting. She knows what it's like to have that hunger for more information in order to get some piece of mind. 

With this mindset, she swiped the special Batphone, if you will, from her father's desk and reached out to the vigilante: a man she once referred to as a killer but secretly trusts more than she will allow herself to admit. 

Whoever this guy is, he's got a habit of putting himself between danger and you. | permalink

There's certainly no argument in Quentin's statement. The Hood has a tendency to protect Laurel and to the audience it's obvious why. With a little research and some coaxing from Diggle, Oliver pulled himself out of a six-week hiatus following his face-off with The Dark Archer. I must note, it was an interesting psychological observation that Diggle made about Oliver losing his spirit after that fight. Oliver was right when he said he had more to lose now, but Diggle was right when he said there was also more to live for and that's why he needed to fight.

This latest cast was solved fairly quickly with some research by Oliver and Laurel and in the end Oliver/The Hood was able to take out the bad guy in one fell swoop. So what if his club got burned up in the meantime? He's got plenty of money for those renovations and Tommy's certainly got the time. The most important part of this whole thing, besides saving a bunch of people of course, was that it gave Oliver the confidence to start paying attention to the list again. It's time for him to get back into the swing of things.

It's hard with Walter missing and there being no proof of life for six weeks, but if Oliver, Moira and Thea keep themselves busy and on track maybe they can make some progress and help get Walter back. After all, Walter is being held by The Dark Archer

What was with the flashbacks this week? I feel like we were teased without much payoff. What would you guys think of an episode dedicated entirely to an island flashback? Some people have been suggesting it.

Also am I the only one who wishes the show would balance out with a few light and humorous moments? Tommy renting out a football stadium to play strip kickball with models? I wouldn't mind seeing that storyline! 

What did you think of the winter premiere of Arrow? Hit the comments! 


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I agree Diggles was looking really fine without a shirt this week. Very nice looking men in this show. Not much action this week but Ollie will be back next week. I thought it was a lillt odd for Ollie to run to his hide out and then run back upstairs to stop the fireman. I know men don't take long to change be Ollie has to be the fast man of earth when it comes to changing his clothes. Also how stupid is Laural and everyone that knows him not to know Ollie when he is the Green Arrow. I also agree the wig Ollie wears on the island is really bad!

Sarah silva

I was thinking Batphone too!

Sarah silva

I love this show and think that every episoded is fantastic and when you see a shirtless Stephen in the first 5 mins it makes it that much better! Speaking of shirtless men, is it just me or did Diggle get way more muscular since we last saw him shirtless. I laughed when Oliver told Diggle he had amrs the size of bowling balls, Ollie you are not slouch yourself!
Now on to the episode, I really enjoyed the talks that Diggle and Oliver had, Oliver needs someone to talk to about being Arrow and Diggle is the perfect guy to talk too, his advice was great. I also like when Thea told Moria to snap out of it and be a mom! That is all she needed to get out of her funk.
I knew Detective Lance put something in the cell phone, I am not sure I like him listening in on Laurel and the "hood's" converstations as I do not want him to interfere.
The one thing I laugh at all the time is the wig that Oliver wears in the flashbacks it looks so funny.


Hope It Starts Again Next Week Here In The Uk.Love the series


This show is seriously lack something, I wish it had more action, cause seriously the best parts are to me are seeing glimpses of Deathstroke on the island, hopefully he makes an appearance in starling city




I was slightly bored.... I think I'm almost done with the show it's just not as cool as I hoped it would be :/


Loved the episode. It was great seeing Oliver he'll laurel as himself and not the hood for some of the episode. I'm glad Oliver is back to normal and not questioning himself anymore. This episode proved that he really is a hero. Laurels dad bugging the phone so he can get the hood was just wrong the moment before I started to think he was becoming a pretty good guy and would start to like him but then he did that which through me liking him out the window. Can't wait till next episode should be amazing.

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