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We finally had an hour where it felt like we were watching an adaptation of a comic book on "Vertigo," thanks to Seth Gabel's excellent portrayal of The Count.

He was just campy enough to draw out the comic feel and yet still a mean and frightening bad guy threatening Starling City. He was a fun opponent for Oliver and Arrow and 60 minutes just zoomed by.

Seth Gabel on Arrow

Alright, raise your hands: How many of you really thought Oliver would kill a guy to get to The Count? If Diggle could fail the test, then I'm guessing some viewers did, too. I knew there would be some trick involved and was wondering how the deal would go down once the guy woke up. I didn't realize it was a take your kill with you kind of situation. That was odd. It couldn't have ended any other way, but that was the one snag I couldn't explain. Arrow is so full of fun surprises!

I loved how Diggle didn't trust Oliver not to kill some random dude with the Russians, but totally trusted him not to shoot the arrow at the tennis ball when he was still high on Vertigo. Thankfully, their relationship is getting stronger. Each week it gets more enjoyable to listen to their banter and know they're growing closer as a result of it.

Another hand raiser: Number of people thinking, "Hey, Diggle, just suck the venom out of Oliver's chest!" Like I said in last week's review of "Betrayal" about the flashbacks, it's hard to get overly upset when Oliver is in danger, either on or off the island. The Count stabs two vials of Vertigo into his chest and I'm not worried. Oliver is tossed into a fight or die situation with his buddy on the island, and I'm not worried. Oliver Queen is not going anywhere. That's probably my biggest complaint with Arrow.

There is so much to love, but they need to stop with the Oliver-in-peril situations because while everyone else could take a tumble, Oliver is set in stone. He's the Green Arrow. Or,The Hood. Whatevs.

Thea's near miss of heading to trial thanks to a judge who was willing to use the Queen family as an example to show just how bad it is to do drugs (mmmkay), gave Oliver an immediate need to get to The Count. It didn't stop him from pulling out all the available cards, including imploring Laurel to ask her dad to speak to the judge on her behalf. That's what worked, but once Oliver knew what kind of a man The Count was, and was pumped full of Vertigo himself, getting a first hand reference of what The Count was pushing, he wanted to take him down at any cost.

During Oliver's quest, we were finally introduced to a cop who didn't have a bone to pick with Oliver or the Queens, his old high school friend, McKenna Hall. She was really great and had some nifty moves. I hope she sticks around for future episodes. We need someone who won't automatically jump to conclusions regarding Arrow like Det. Lance does. Can someone tell me why he was so upset to see The Hood with syringes to The Count?

According to the judge in Thea's case, Vertigo was the worst thing to hit Starling City in ages and stopping it was imperative. Instead of being even mildly grateful that The Hood (I hate that name) had captured and was going to incapacitate The Count, Lance laid into him about being a murderer. What the hell? That was such a stretch, even for his expected high and mighty routine. So the pusher was being pushed, it hardly made the guy who captured the immense criminal he couldn't a murderer.

Now that Oliver gave The Count a dose of his own medicine, will he make it back to the streets of Starling City? Reading this interview with Seth Gabel, and seeing The Count being wheeled down the hospital flipped out of his mind, it would appear to be a stretch. That would be too bad. The loss of a fantastic actor and a wicked villain continuing to tear up the streets would be a terrible in the long term. What do you think, will he be back?

Finally, while Felicity wasn't the next person to be in on the identity of The Hood, she did take a chance and turn to Oliver with what Walter had entrusted her to research. She thinks it got him killed. Felicity felt she could trust Oliver by his face. Was she also able to read the many emotions that ran across it when he saw the book? I wonder what she'll take away from that conversation and what Oliver with do with the new information.

Let's get Felicity more airtime!


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I like Oliver in peril - because it usually means Oliver sans shirt!!!

Sarah silva

This continues to be my favorite new show on tv! Well even one of my top favorite shows.
Seth Gabel was so good at playing the creepy Count! I am sure we have not seen the last of him. We all know Oliver will be okay but there seems to be some pretty crazy side effects from the drug and it is even more lethal in liquid form.
We always seem to get scenes with Thea being mad and then in the end she either finds out the actual truth or is told something that makes her change her mind and be sweet again.
I like that this flashback to the island gave insight into one of the things he learned on the island, the whole choke a guy til he seems dead then touch his neck and he wakes up.
There was about 2 seconds that I thought that Oliver killed that guy but I knew he had a trick up his sleeve.
I still think there is something off with Felicity.


Yes more Felicity love her. She knows more than she is letting on. Hope see more of McKenna. Love it when Oliver is shirtless and Diggs too. This will be interesting to see how Oliver became a Captain in the Russian military or is it mob? Show is getting better every week.


I swear that Seth Gabel's portrayal of The Count reminded me that of Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker; it was just that amazing!
As for the episode itself - ASTONISHING! A good episode and probably one of the best I've seen this season. Reasonable screentime for all cast members too - except for Felicity. WHO, I have to agree needs more screentime and definitely a romance with Oliver, however, I predict a Clark-Chloe relationship like the one in Smallville.

@ Jarrod Mitchell

EXACTLY what I thought re: Chloe and Clark...will def start seeing more and more of Felicity. Let's face it, she rounds out the team :) Yeah...I know this is a year late but I'm just now watching the


Great episode I loved it. I like that Thea's not going to jail and I like that she'll be working for laurel even more it should be interesting. Oliver taking down the count while still a little high on vertigo was awesome. I don't like detective lance because matter what the hood does to save people lance only sees him as one way and that's a murderer not a hero like everyone else. I wonder what Oliver is going to do with the new information about his mom and having another book. Can't wait till next episode.


Ok the Count has been the best villain on the show since Deathstroke, & we only get little screen time of Deathstroke but the scene of him beating up that guy in front of everyone was awesome hope he appears in Sarling city. But if they don't bring the Count back I will be highly pissed plus now that he was injected with so much vertigo he could have a condition on how he needs the vertigo to keep his sense of balance but still use it to fuck up other people.. Good episode probably the only one so far that kept my interest 100%


There's definitely something up with the new cop. Her "CI" told her where to find The Count's headquarters about the same time the Green Arrow gets there? Oddddd.
I hate Thea's hair.
And yes, more Felicity! Her and Oliver. I ship.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

A fucking AWESOME episode. Now THAT'S how you do villains, CW. Seth Gabel's Count was incredibly psychotic and entertaining and now, thanks to Oliver, he will be EVEN MORE psychotic and creepy next time, which is awesome(also it explains on why Amnell called Count the first Arrow's villain that is of his own making, since Oliver ended up making him even more crazy and dangerous). Can't wait till he will be back. On other hand, Oliver finally learned about his Mother. Can't wait to see where the List storyline goes...and the island...UGHHHH, this show has SO MANY great storylines.


Are you kidding ? the count was more campy then Cesar Romero from the 1960's Batman tv shiw


Vertigo is a terrible street name for a drug. Can we get rid of everyone besides Ollie, Diggle, Felicity, Walter, McKenna, Malcolm, Helena, and The Count? Laurel can stay if she stops being written as an afterthought. The Count was a bit much but was played well and fit nicely.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Diggle: Find what you're looking for?
Oliver: Took down three Vertigo pushers tonight, Diggle. Last one finally knew a name. The Count.
Diggle: The Count. That's worse than The Hood.

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