Deception Review: One Alibi Found

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"One, Two, Three...One, Two, Three" delved deeper into the deception of Deception - and things are really beginning to pick up pace.

Mia's Secret

Just as the last few episodes have shown throughout Deception Season 1, when one suspect in the family is pushed to the forefront, more information comes to light. But the difference this week was Julian actually gave a credible alibi. Plus, part of the fun is discussing who the suspect is every Monday, depending on the information put forward.

And this week I place my suspicions squarely upon Robert and Sofia.

The dancing scene and Robert’s prior visit with Haverstock really shined a light on the willingness of Robert and Sofia to protect the family. Robert isn’t at all afraid of Haverstock and the damage he could unleash upon the company and the family itself. Instead, Robert easily clocked Haverstock right in the nose for threatening his family.

In fact, Robert isn’t afraid to dish out threats nor is he afraid to dole them out to Rayburn; the only thing that makes me a bit weary of Robert being a suspect is because Vivian, no matter what her choices, is still his daughter. It’s difficult to stomach the idea that a father would kill his child even if his billion-dollar company is on the line.

Sofia, on the other hand, is someone that’s easy to envision having a hand in Vivian’s death. Sofia has had to fight for her place in the Bowers family and is fiercely protective of Mia – she didn’t miss an opportunity to threaten Kyle, after all – so going toe-to-toe with Vivian isn’t out of character if she knew about the potential threat of taking Mia away.

Edward is still an enigma and the only difference now is there’s doubt over whether he killed that girl all those years ago. The flashbacks are some of the best parts of Deception and Edward’s are particularly enticing because of what it told versus what is shown. They are almost in direct opposition. Edward is shown as a man who is willing to silence all that oppose him and his family, but flashbacks depict him as a man who is having a very hard time picking a side.

He’s still not sure if he’s a killer, and the subsequent cover-up seems to have pushed him along a path that he has to live up to. If he is not a killer, then his family all of sudden has far less guilt and leverage to hold over him – making Edward a ticking bomb.

Joanna and Julian are still fun to watch, and Will’s jealously between the growing bond between them offers a fun take on a love triangle. I’m glad Julian has an alibi because I don’t want to see Joanna compromise her integrity and her career for him; something that began looking more and more likely as tonight progressed.

Until the end, though, Joanna has largely been watching and waiting for something to fall into her lap for the investigation, so I’m happy to see she might finally have an active role in the investigation instead of being a conduit for information now that she’s revealed who she is to whistle blower Ben.

What did you think of tonight’s Deception TV Fanatics? Who is your prime suspect this week?


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@DreaXOXO Mia IS NOT Sofia's daughter, she's Vivian's and Mia doesn't know that. I realize you said this was the first time you watched......
Also Sofia is not Vivian's biological mother........Sofia is a trophy wife.....and an evil bitch(sorry) wouldn't surprise me at all to learn she had some hand in Vivian's death....... I'm liking this show but I'm still wondering just where it can go after this case is solved, or if this season will leave us hanging on the verge of it being solved.........will it turn into a procedural drama with each case involving the Bower family?????? That would get boring........


Joanna is a really poor cop. Deception is very predictable.


Yeah after last night I too am leaning more to Sofia then the others. But hopefully in the end we will all be surprised by the killer. I enjoyed the Julian and Joanna scenes last night but I do like Will too. It shall be interesting to see how things turn out.


Julian was so clearly a red herring that it made things far from suspenseful. I like his complicated relationship with Joanna. They bring out interesting sides in each other. I'm still mostly suspicious of Sofia. I'm now suspicious of the father and I love this more vulnerable side to Edward.

Drea xoxo

this was my first time watching the show and i am hooked!! i like how they are progressing the story and its easy to watch. i don't like it when the shows get clever and make the audience loose interest (revenge cough cough). either way they can count on me viewing this show again and i still say julian is connected but i don't know how.... didn't see mia not being sofia's biological at all!! how is she going to deal with that???

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