Elementary Showrunner Teases Moriarty, Irene Adler, NON-Romance and More

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Elementary took center stage yesterday at the Television Critics Association press tour, with executive producer Rob Doherty and stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu answering a number of questions about upcoming guest stars and storlines.

So let's get to the scoop, shall we?

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JOHN HANNAH has been cast as Rhys, a British drug dealer from Sherlock's who arrives in New York needing his old client's help.

Yes, MORIARTY, is coming, Doherty said: “We have that to look forward to as we move into the back end of the season," adding that Elementary Season 1 will become more "serialized" over the winter/spring.

WHO MIGHT PLAY MORIARTY? TBA. "We want a tremendous actor,” Doherty said. “It’s probably in the immediate future, but we have a few more weeks before we have to sweat that.”

WE WILL MEET IRENE ADLER. Explained Doherty: “She’s an important element of Sherlock’s backstory. I’d love to have a face to that name. We’ve talked about doing a flashback show [to] see why Sherlock would be drawn to this particular women...  so we definitely want to meet her. In that sense, you will see a living, breathing actress reading lines as Irene."

NO ROMANCE HERE. Simply put, "as long as I'm part of this show it's not something I will want to see," Doherty said in response to the idea of Sherlock every hooking up with Watson. " When you look at the relationship in the original Conan Doyle canon they didn't need to get together. They did quite nicely."

Doherty could "not be more excited" about the show's POST-SUPER BOWL slot, saying of appealing to new and old viewers, the episode will center on “a story that we felt not only was a good example of what the show could be, but also something that our viewers would have fun with.”

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Having a romance between Holmes and Watson would appeal to non-Holmes readers, but it would not be good for the characters. Holmes as perceived by Conan Doyle would never clutter his life with a marriage.
I hope 'father' is really his brother Mycroft.
It is interesting that all three Modern and current Sherlock Holmes productions have Irene Adler in the storyline as a potential love interest (Elementary, BBC Sherlock, Robert Downey movies).


Frankly I hope they don't handicap this show with the 'Irene' situation. She wasn't Sherlock's lover in the books and frankly his interest in her seemed more about being impressed (and surprised considering what men thought of women at the time) that she sort of bested him intellectually than as romantic feelings. Even Watson's storyline wasn't weighed down with hook ups even though he was married so the writers would be wise to stick to the detective stories and developing the friendship of Holmes and Watson. Romance was the downfall of House Md., I'd hate to see another excellent show brought down by this maudlin obsession with pairing off characters.


I think people WANT Irene to be alive. They need to get past their need for this show to be all about the characters in the book.


They have great chemistry but that could be part of the problem--keeping the sexual tension out of the relationship. It's already apparent.


I also believe Irene is alive. I noticed he skirted around the question of Irene as well. I however am disappointed that there will be no romance between Watson and Holmes. They do have such good chemistry together that it would be nice to see a little love story develop between these two. Otherwise I might as well be watching Monk.


I don't think Irene is dead. With no body and just blood, chances are she faked her death and will appear in Sherlock's life and stir up trouble. If you read between Doherty's line, you'll notice he didn't even confirm her death, but simply the fact we'll see her in flashbacks.
As for the Sherlock-Watson apparent romance, though the two have great chemistry, putting them together would totally ruin the dynamic of the characters and the integrity of the show. I am extremely happy that Doherty has no interest in ever putting them together.

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