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Elementary Season 1

"The Women; Heroine"

In Elementary's first season finale, Sherlock must deal with the memories of his drug addiction and the return of his lover Irene while Moriarty comes after Holmes and Joan.

"Risk Management"

Sherlock deals with a person claiming to be Moriarty and his former lover Irene Adler on Elementary.

"A Landmark Story"

Holmes goes on the hunt when he learns a series of murders may be linked back to Moriarty on Elementary.

"Dead Man's Switch"

When a blackmailer who targeted the families of rape victims is murdered, Sherlock tries to find his accomplice on Elementary.

"Snow Angels"

With a blizzard raging outside, Sherlock and Joan attempt to stop the heist of the largest cash vault in the country on Elementary.

"Possibility Two"

After initially turning down a wealthy business man who thinks someone has given him a hereditary disease Sherlock and Watson take his case after a scientist who agree it was possible to give the disease was murdered.

"Deja Vu All Over Again"

Joan searches for a woman who vanished during her first solo investigation on Elementary.


On Elementary, when someone attacks Detective Bell, Holmes investigates but the lead suspect ends up dead.

"A Giant Gun Filled With Drugs"

Sherlock attempts to find his former drug dealer's daughter who has been abducted but Watson is concerned the association will tempt Holmes to use drugs again on Elementary.

"The Deductionist "

Sherlock must work with an FBI profiler on this special episode of Elementary. Watson, meanwhile, faces eviction from her apartment.

"The Red List"

Holmes investigates a suspicious hit and run accident while Watson tries to help Sherlock and Gregson repair their relationship on Elementary.

Holmes faces off with a British criminal know as M who followed him to New York City on Elementary.

"Dirty Laundry"

Holmes investigates the death of a hotel manager who ends up in an industrial washer on Elementary.

"The Leviathan"

On Elementary, when an unbreachable bank vault is broken into Holmes has to figure out how.

"You Do It To Yourself"

Holmes looks into the death of a college professor while an old lover of Watson's asks for a favor on Elementary.

"The Long Fuse"

Sherlock comes across a crime that has been planned for years and attempts to track down the victim and the perpetrator before the crime is committed on Elementary.

"One Way to Get Off"

Holmes investigates a double murder that's resembles a crime from 13 years ago on Elementary.

"Flight Risk"

On Elementary, Holmes is convinced there's more to a plane crash when he realizes one of the passengers was died before the crash.

"Lesser Evils"

Holmes believes someone is killing off terminally ill patients in his latest investigation on Elementary.

"The Rat Race"

When a Wall Street executive appears to have died from a drug overdose, Holmes questions the theory. Watson begins dating again on Elementary.

"Child Predator"

A child abduction case is at the center of this Sherlock episode. It centers on a serial killer nicknamed "The Balloon Man."

"While You Were Sleeping"

On Elementary, Holmes is on the trail of a murderer who shot a man as he entered his apartment. Watson meets with her ex-boyfriend.


We meet the latest version of Sherlock Holmes on the Elementary premiere. What's he doing in New York City?

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