Hart of Dixie Review: Ship-naped

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During "Islands in the Stream" we saw that Lemon - having grown throughout Hart of Dixie Season 2 - still has a little bit of old Lemon left in her.

Elsewhere, George and Zoe attempted to justify why they are not together in the present, while Lavon tried to figure out why a familiar British man was in Bluebell. 

I have to admit that I didn't really enjoy this episode. The two thing that kept me happy? Annabeth playing a huge role and that "Quidditch" reference.

George's Family

My biggest issue with the episode was the fact that the writers were trying to put an edge in the current dynamics. While I respect that they are trying to keep it fresh and try new things, I didn't like it. Not because of any shipping. I just don't like how it played out.

First, we had George's overbearing and highly annoying mother butting into his affairs like it was actually her business. Yes, I understand that she has a motherly instinct and that she wants her son to have a strong future. It's still not her place and she needed to get the picture. Here's the big problem: George is happy but she isn't because it's not what SHE wants. I felt like pausing my DVR so that I could fast-forward this part of the episode. 

Secondly, George and Zoe have no need to revisit old feelings or try to justify why they are not together. They are both finally content. My favorite part about George/Tansy and Wade/Zoe is the fact that they are opposites and keep each other on their toes. Zoe went with Wade to a monster truck rally and Wade went to a foreign film with Zoe and this is what makes their relationship so great. Same goes with George/Tansy.

Lastly, I cannot stand George's mother. It is normally his father I despise, but tonight I wanted to reach in and give him a high five. So please, let's not bring back his mother for awhile. I am not sure I can handle her again so soon.

While all of this unnecessary drama was going on, we saw Lemon back in her former ways, trying to sleuth her way into figuring out who Brick was sleeping with. Granted, this was funny and comedic to watch as Shelby squirmed - but I didn't like how it ended up. We have all gotten used to mature and adult Lemon and to see her backtrack seems so out of character now. It was unenjoyable because Lemon is my favorite on the show; she's come too far to act like a brat. 

Also, I am fairly confident this will end badly for Lemon. She will try to butt in on something that isn't her business (i.e. Ruby and Lavon) and end up weakening her relationship with someone she cares about and unfortunately this time it'll be Brick. Shelby makes him happy, can't that be enough?

I like the dramatic twists but they shouldn't be put in if it will cause someone to go out of character.

My favorite part was Annabeth. Finally the writers gave her a storyline! I am so happy that she received screen time without Lemon or Lemon's agenda. Annabeth is a great character and needs to be given more time to shine. I adored the British man and I, too, became less attracted to him when his southern accent came back. Don't worry, Annabeth, you're not the only shallow person.

Now, if they are hinting at more Lavon and Annabeth, we all know that won't end with for Annabeth, knowing that Lemon still has strong feelings for Lavon. That'll be one intense love-triangle. 

I am glad this episode is done and over with now because I'm excited for next week! Why? Rose is back! According to my chat with Hart of Dixie creator Leila Gerstein, she will be making a cameo with her daughter and Tonya, Rose's best friend (played by McKayla Maroney), will be returning as well.


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I remember a while back that Annabeth was looking at Lavon and only backed off because she found out he and Lemon having a past. She was being a good friend. I like Annabeth and I like Lavon. I can actually ship this couple. That's only because I never really cared for the Lavon & Lemon pairing. I think it will interesting to see how this plays out - afterall the two ladies are best friends.


Waste of time. This episode made no sense. I agree Wade should have gotten upset by that text message. George is okay but not with Zoey. Lemon is treating Shelby like George's mother treated her.


I love any episode where Zoe & Wade end up in a good place - they are my favorite TV couple. I had gotten to look forward to the bedroom scenes at the beginning or end or both because the total sexual magnetism is what got their relationship started so please don't loose that. Wade is such a hunk and his personality gets more complicated all the time. Now that Zoe and George are both with people who make them so much happier and more interesting, I think they can be a great story as friends. I like Tanzy lots, ditto Shelby, not sure yet about Lavon & Anabeth ? Still waiting to see what will happen with Lemon.


Oops, here's the rest :) And even though we'll have to live through Zoe/George at some point to fully get rid of that fantasy, it is pretty clear that all these things that were being thrown out about Zoe never ending up with a low life bartender like Wade and necessarily ending up dumping him because they don't have enough in common are just meant to be dispoven later on. What kind of a message would it be to have it turn out that this is right and people from different walks of like or with different interests cannot work after we've seen Zoe and Wade complete each other so well in spite of that? That wouldn't fit either the tone of the show or the story we have been told since the beginning. If there is one thing I am not worried about, it's that no matter what happens in between it'll lead back to Zoe/Wade ultimatelly :) They are the heart of this show.


Yep, that episode was really meh. Nothing super funny, or interesting, or necessary, or touching - just OK. I think most of it felt really contrived because the writers wanted to address Zoe/George so that they could give their fans something to hold on to and at the same time close that door for now to focus on Zoe/Wade. I understand the idea, it was just badly written really because it felt like situations were forced in order to get that exposition out and nothing about this felt organic to me. And having this non-Zoe/George storyline come back when it's not really needed since it's clear to viewers that each are happy with their significant other just becomes annoying and boring. And please, can Zoe once defend her relationship with Wade with some passion? We all see how much she has started to fall for him, so a list of events to explain it is a bit underwhelming. I did like the way things are being set up for the rest of the season though, especially with Wade and the bar. And even though we'll have to live through Zoe/George at some point, it is pretty clear that all these things that were being thrown out about Zoe never ending up with a low life bartender and necessarily ending up dumping him because they don't have enough in common are just meant to be dispoven later on. What kind of a message would it be to have it turn out that this is right and people from different walks of like or with different interests cannot work after we've seen Zoe and Wade complete each other so well in spite of that? Don't worry people, it'll always lead back to Zoe/Wade in the very end.


I love HOD
But I guess the point of this stupid episode was to give us viewers the hint that Zoe and George are end game. And I wouldn´t be surprised if the "bad guys" end up to be Wade and his ex wife, that is at one pint they will realise that they still have feelings for each other blablabla which will eventually lead Z and G back to each other......


Much Like everyone else I was not a very big fan of this particular episode.I'm having a serious problem with the inconsistencies of the writing on HoD. I think that they want to create a push and pull kind of scenario. Therefore, the "tension" is necessary in their eyes. However, it is completely unncesseary. I'm in agreement with some of the other posters that it seems very soap opera like. I think the writers could have done so much with Zoe's story. The life you want or envision is not necessarily the life that will make you happy. Zoe is evidence of that. I just wish that we could see Zoe's evolving outside of a relationship. That doesn't have to define her and that seems to be the focal point of the show. It's a shame. On another note, it was so uncomfortable to watch the retread with Zoe and George. I just feel like it's time to move on. Yes, Zoe and George like a few of the same things. Tansy said it best when she said that George is simply boring when he is around Zoe. There is no chemistry. I just wish the writers would stop trying to make them star crossed lovers and focus on the respective relationship of both characters. Wade bought her sausage simply because she mentioned it. The thought of Zoe leaving makes him ask about bartending in NYC. Where she goes he will follow. Let's see how two people make love work. The same thing can be true of George and Tansy. He's happy. I would love to see the relationship between his mom and Tansy. On another note, I've already mentioned that I would love to see Lavon and Annabeth. I'm glad we're going that way. Unfortunately, Gerstein is very much married to the idea of Lemon and Lavon. But I think it will be interesting seeing as how AB and Lemon are best friends.


I also liked how much screen time AB got..she's one of my favorite characters and wish they would give her more time..excited to see Rose again next week too


Not one of my favorites, wished that they would've given us more Zade time, wished that Wade would've gotten a little more fired up when he got the text from Zoe telling him that Mrs Tucker had kidnapped them..I CAN'T stand Mrs Tucker by the way..I agree..please don't bring her back anytime soon..I also was a little nervous about Wade asking about Bartenders in NY...
Also wishing that HOD would just get renewed for a 3rd season already!


Now usually im a big fan of: if u cant say something nice just shutt the hell up. But i was also bitterly dissapointment in this episode, a first for me with Hart of Dixie. It just felt forced nothing new came out of Zoe & George on the boat i believe we were all aware that both of them are happy in their current relationshipps. Something i felt was covered in the previous episode when they ran into each other, as well as on numerous other occassions thus my feeling that everything concerning these 4 was redundant. I was happy to see more pf Annabeth and too hope that we get to see much mich more. And i too like Lemon way too much to be a annabeth/ levon shipped seems there is just too much pain that can be caused by such a match up.
The highlight at the end of the episode for me was though realizing that it took a season and a half for Hart of Dixie to dissapoint me which still makes this my all time favourite show

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