Hart of Dixie Review: Ship-naped

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During "Islands in the Stream" we saw that Lemon - having grown throughout Hart of Dixie Season 2 - still has a little bit of old Lemon left in her.

Elsewhere, George and Zoe attempted to justify why they are not together in the present, while Lavon tried to figure out why a familiar British man was in Bluebell. 

I have to admit that I didn't really enjoy this episode. The two thing that kept me happy? Annabeth playing a huge role and that "Quidditch" reference.

George's Family

My biggest issue with the episode was the fact that the writers were trying to put an edge in the current dynamics. While I respect that they are trying to keep it fresh and try new things, I didn't like it. Not because of any shipping. I just don't like how it played out.

First, we had George's overbearing and highly annoying mother butting into his affairs like it was actually her business. Yes, I understand that she has a motherly instinct and that she wants her son to have a strong future. It's still not her place and she needed to get the picture. Here's the big problem: George is happy but she isn't because it's not what SHE wants. I felt like pausing my DVR so that I could fast-forward this part of the episode. 

Secondly, George and Zoe have no need to revisit old feelings or try to justify why they are not together. They are both finally content. My favorite part about George/Tansy and Wade/Zoe is the fact that they are opposites and keep each other on their toes. Zoe went with Wade to a monster truck rally and Wade went to a foreign film with Zoe and this is what makes their relationship so great. Same goes with George/Tansy.

Lastly, I cannot stand George's mother. It is normally his father I despise, but tonight I wanted to reach in and give him a high five. So please, let's not bring back his mother for awhile. I am not sure I can handle her again so soon.

While all of this unnecessary drama was going on, we saw Lemon back in her former ways, trying to sleuth her way into figuring out who Brick was sleeping with. Granted, this was funny and comedic to watch as Shelby squirmed - but I didn't like how it ended up. We have all gotten used to mature and adult Lemon and to see her backtrack seems so out of character now. It was unenjoyable because Lemon is my favorite on the show; she's come too far to act like a brat. 

Also, I am fairly confident this will end badly for Lemon. She will try to butt in on something that isn't her business (i.e. Ruby and Lavon) and end up weakening her relationship with someone she cares about and unfortunately this time it'll be Brick. Shelby makes him happy, can't that be enough?

I like the dramatic twists but they shouldn't be put in if it will cause someone to go out of character.

My favorite part was Annabeth. Finally the writers gave her a storyline! I am so happy that she received screen time without Lemon or Lemon's agenda. Annabeth is a great character and needs to be given more time to shine. I adored the British man and I, too, became less attracted to him when his southern accent came back. Don't worry, Annabeth, you're not the only shallow person.

Now, if they are hinting at more Lavon and Annabeth, we all know that won't end with for Annabeth, knowing that Lemon still has strong feelings for Lavon. That'll be one intense love-triangle. 

I am glad this episode is done and over with now because I'm excited for next week! Why? Rose is back! According to my chat with Hart of Dixie creator Leila Gerstein, she will be making a cameo with her daughter and Tonya, Rose's best friend (played by McKayla Maroney), will be returning as well.


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I've got to second (or rather, third of fourth!) the judgement that this episode was much too forced. George's mother's stunt, and the characters' reactions to it, simply stretched credibility to the breaking point. It was very bad. This episode actually made me re-evaluate whether I wanted to give HOD an hour of my precious time every week. And yeah, "old" Lemon's reappearance felt forced too. I liked that Annabeth had a story line, but NOT that there was a hint of her and Lavon getting together -- really, how many more obstacles are the writers going to throw up between Lemon and Lavon? And hasn't Lemon had enough bad breaks to deal with? This felt like drama for drama's sake. We can see that on any old soap opera.

Sarah silva

I am actually shocked at the low rating for this episode! I actually really liked it. It made me glad I stuck with the show!
I think the George and Zoe admission about having liked eachother before and thinking they were meant to be but now not knowing if that is acutally right, was perfect! George and Zoe may have movies and some other things in common but I still do not think they are meant to be! I much prefer George and Tansy and Zoe and Wade.
The only thing I did not like was Lavon and Annabeth, that will destroy Lemon!


Just watch this.. youtube .com/ watch? v=CrTUonh3eYY


After season and a half of waiting we ( Zade fans, I apologize to all ZG fans ) deserve to see little more than what we're getting now, especially since we know their relationship will end at some point ( hopefully not permanently ). As for the rest of the episode: loved Annabeth, Lemon so-so, Lavon has to cheer-up, hated George's mother... All in all, it was fine... I guess.


I can't say that I liked this episode. It's not because they revisited (and closed?) Zoe/George storyline, at least for a while. I almost cringed several times...and that doesn't happen often. I love that Zoe and Wade are together, but come on, people, show us something real there. I hate how Zoe insists on having to do what you don't like so you can make relationship work. How about finding a mutual ground ( other than bed, ofc ) for them?!


I actually enjoyed the episode... George's "baby" to Tansy was so sweet.
I honestly didn't mind George’s mothers craziness. I know they shove George and Zoe down our throat as the couple Leila wanted but this episode was written from such a different stand point of George genuinely being happy with Tansy and vice versa for Zoe and Wade that his mother pining for George to be with Zoe was hilarious and fit her personality to a tee. On paper George and Zoe should work but in reality they don't and I love that they went there with that this episode. Also, Tansy is quite possibly my FAVORITE character! Loved watching her get all feisty, lol.


Here's a darling interview with Rachel Bilson! She also talks about pranking Wilson Bethel. :) Wish these two were together in real life! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


Did not like this episode. It just felt too...forced. And now with Lavon seeming to make googly eyes (Thanks Wade) at Annabeth, this is starting to feel just a leeeeetle bit soap opera-ish, as in everyone is either dating or likes someone who was dating someone else in their immediate circle. (That made more sense in my head).
I'm hoping we get back to the light-hearted feel of the show next week. I think that's where it excels.


I completely agree with you! This episode was definitely lacking what the other episodes have had. I felt the scenes were very forced, and that even the actors didn't enjoy performing. I can't stand George's mother! I hope she doesn't come back on the show for a long time. Honestly, I would've just been fine if I missed this episode. I hope next week is much better!


Definitely not the best episode of the season by a long shot. Hopefully this is the last time for a while we have to sit through the revisiting non-story of George and Zoe. At least this time it came across as forced because it really was with the OTT kidnapping by George's crazy mother. The only good thing from that was that George and Zoe finally admitted that they don't want to be together. I didn't mind Wade's relaxed attitude. I do think now that they are in a relationship he has been down this road too many times to not know how it is going to end. I think he realizes that if Zoe really wanted George she'd be with him. I loved the bit about him asking about bartending in NY at the end. He is beginning to think of the future and I see his storyline emerging. I enjoyed AB and Lavon's scenes and am interested in seeing where this goes. Lemon, Brick and Shelby was ok but again nothing exciting. I also loved Tansy in this episode.

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