Hart of Dixie Review: Ship-naped

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During "Islands in the Stream" we saw that Lemon - having grown throughout Hart of Dixie Season 2 - still has a little bit of old Lemon left in her.

Elsewhere, George and Zoe attempted to justify why they are not together in the present, while Lavon tried to figure out why a familiar British man was in Bluebell. 

I have to admit that I didn't really enjoy this episode. The two thing that kept me happy? Annabeth playing a huge role and that "Quidditch" reference.

George's Family

My biggest issue with the episode was the fact that the writers were trying to put an edge in the current dynamics. While I respect that they are trying to keep it fresh and try new things, I didn't like it. Not because of any shipping. I just don't like how it played out.

First, we had George's overbearing and highly annoying mother butting into his affairs like it was actually her business. Yes, I understand that she has a motherly instinct and that she wants her son to have a strong future. It's still not her place and she needed to get the picture. Here's the big problem: George is happy but she isn't because it's not what SHE wants. I felt like pausing my DVR so that I could fast-forward this part of the episode. 

Secondly, George and Zoe have no need to revisit old feelings or try to justify why they are not together. They are both finally content. My favorite part about George/Tansy and Wade/Zoe is the fact that they are opposites and keep each other on their toes. Zoe went with Wade to a monster truck rally and Wade went to a foreign film with Zoe and this is what makes their relationship so great. Same goes with George/Tansy.

Lastly, I cannot stand George's mother. It is normally his father I despise, but tonight I wanted to reach in and give him a high five. So please, let's not bring back his mother for awhile. I am not sure I can handle her again so soon.

While all of this unnecessary drama was going on, we saw Lemon back in her former ways, trying to sleuth her way into figuring out who Brick was sleeping with. Granted, this was funny and comedic to watch as Shelby squirmed - but I didn't like how it ended up. We have all gotten used to mature and adult Lemon and to see her backtrack seems so out of character now. It was unenjoyable because Lemon is my favorite on the show; she's come too far to act like a brat. 

Also, I am fairly confident this will end badly for Lemon. She will try to butt in on something that isn't her business (i.e. Ruby and Lavon) and end up weakening her relationship with someone she cares about and unfortunately this time it'll be Brick. Shelby makes him happy, can't that be enough?

I like the dramatic twists but they shouldn't be put in if it will cause someone to go out of character.

My favorite part was Annabeth. Finally the writers gave her a storyline! I am so happy that she received screen time without Lemon or Lemon's agenda. Annabeth is a great character and needs to be given more time to shine. I adored the British man and I, too, became less attracted to him when his southern accent came back. Don't worry, Annabeth, you're not the only shallow person.

Now, if they are hinting at more Lavon and Annabeth, we all know that won't end with for Annabeth, knowing that Lemon still has strong feelings for Lavon. That'll be one intense love-triangle. 

I am glad this episode is done and over with now because I'm excited for next week! Why? Rose is back! According to my chat with Hart of Dixie creator Leila Gerstein, she will be making a cameo with her daughter and Tonya, Rose's best friend (played by McKayla Maroney), will be returning as well.


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I disagree I love the episode yes I love the couple that are together right now but I it was just great to see that they like the relationship that there in. My favorite part was when zoey was talk to George and Tansy on the boat . And wade could hear what zoey was saying it was too cute. I wish Annabeth and the mayor have something because I finding to like them together. but we know that lemon not going to take that laying down. . I can't wait for next week episode it look funny.


I have to agree. This ep was just too much drama for drama's sake. G's mom was psycho. And while I loved how hilariously mellow W was about the G issue, it was a bit off. The last time they dealt with that, he certainly wasn't. Perhaps he has more confidence because of Z's decision to have a real relationship. The little hint of him being concerned about bartenders in NY was the most important part. That's where really good writing lies: conflict based on differences in personalities/goals/values, not through ridiculous shipnapping by crazy mothers. That said, I can only hope the characters were being truthful and the writers have realized what much of the audience has already figured out: it's ABSOLUTELY OK if G/Z don't end up together. AB's plot was silly but I too loved that she had a real storyline. And while the little triangle they're setting up will of course end badly, for the 1st time I could actually see a possible AB/Lavon pairing.


I agree with Serenity. Only Annabeth save the episode. The rest was awful and unnecesary


The best part of this episode for me was also Annabeth. She has become one of my favorite characters and I love when they give her screen time. It was great that tonight she got a story that didn't involve Lemon (who I still am not a big fan of, honestly). I hope they give her someone soon. Every guy she likes is not the right fit for her. I like her and Lavon together, especially at the end, but I agree it won't go smoothly since she knows abotu Lemon's feelings for Lavon. My favorite part though was when Annabeth realized Lemon thought she was sleeping with Brick.

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