Lost Girl Review: Energizer SuccuBunny

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"ConFaegion" was by far the funniest Lost Girl episode ever. Energizer SuccuBunny, anyone?

It even topped "Original Skin," which had some hilarious moments, but it was also quite serious at times. I loved that Dyson had a callback to that episode tonight as well. I usually prefer the more serialized, arc-based episodes, but this was an exception because it was so well done. 

Vex Brings Trouble

Even though she hasn't been around, the Morrigan hadn't forgotten about the blackmail picture that Bo had on her. The Dark leader was committed to hurting Bo and sent Underfae after Underfae after her with no success. When Vex visited her, she saw an opportunity to take out Bo by restricting her powers. The bug-like creature invaded Bo's body from Vex and gave her the intelligence and maturity level of a teenager, while hampering her abilities.

And hilarity ensued! A teenage Bo was a blast and it only got better when Dyson and then Tamsin joined her in their teenage years. Her attraction to Dyson was adorable, as was his for her. I was waiting for them to start singing about being in a tree and K-I-S-S-I-N-G. That didn't happen, though Dyson did a striptease to "Hungry Like a Wolf" on the bed and then they played spin the bottle.

In a more serious moment, Bo and Tamsin shared secrets via poem with each other and promised to never reveal them. After Lauren healed them, they seemed to forget everything that they did and happened while they were teenized. We'll just have to wait and see if they eventually remember the secrets or not. There is definitely something up with Tamsin. When Bo kissed her, she was immediately curious about what type of Fae Tamsin is.

While the kids played, Lauren and Kenzi worked to fight off the pigmen that the Morrigan sent. Kenzi picked up the "Staff of Righteousness" and became "Darth Vader." She had some mad fighting skills. I could watch that scene over and over again. Too bad she had to choose between being one-handed with the powers or give it up. She made the best choice, but it would have been awesome to see her maintain those fighting abilities.

Just when Vex was starting to fit in, he decided to leave. It's a shame, he was fun to have around, even when he temporarily turned against Bo and her friends. He's a lost Fae without his powers and much less formidable. It's sad to see him go, but it will make his return all the more exciting.

There wasn't much touched upon in the big picture of the Fae world, but Hale as the new interim Ash showed his strength when he warned the Morrigan against stirring up any more trouble. He was intense and had a strong presence. He acted like a leader.

Hale: You ever pull a stunt like this again, I'll personally rip your head off and shove it up your little white ass. This detente is too important to be screwed up by some petty feud. Am I clear?
Morrigan: Crystal. | permalink

Will the Morrigan obey? Most likely not, but at least the boundaries have been set and she knows where he stands. If she causes problems. he will go after her without restraint.

The big revelation, at least for me, was that Bo and Lauren are a boring couple. When they are in bed together, they are steamy hot and without a doubt sexy. It's when they leave the bedroom that it's a problem. They clearly love each other, but that's not all that is needed to make a relationship work. Bo is a succubus and thrives on sexual energy. Her lack of healing while with Lauren is just one sign that it isn't enough.

Bo had more chemistry outside of the bedroom with both Dyson and Ryan. With both of them, there was a fire and tension that just isn't there with Lauren. And, before you say that I'm discriminating against Lauren because she's a woman, that's not it at all. Instead, I think it's a situation of the guys both being Fae and also having a bit of a bad and sarcastic side. Lauren is too nice and polite, even when she was "spy-banging" Bo.

Will Dark Bo become more prevalent due to her lack of fulfillment while with Lauren? Or, is it possible that the goodness within Lauren is what will keep her from turning Dark? I'm not sure, but it will be a fun ride to find out what will happen. Plus, Bo will eventually find out that Dyson has his love back for her. Will he become a player for her heart again?

"ConFaegion" had some of the funniest lines of the series. Check out our Lost Girl quotes section. Is your favorite there? If not, share it! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Vex: It can't be easy keeping up with Energizer SuccuBunny. | permalink

Kenzi: ... suddenly I'm Darth Vader. | permalink

Did you love this episode too? Will you miss Vex? Are Bo-Lauren missing the chemistry that Bo has had with other partners?


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Let me also say this. The arguments that Dyson or Ryan or any fae (cough*man*cough) would sustain Bo completely were invalidated by season 1. As Dyson was her only sexual partner for 2-3 episodes --she was literally draining him dry. He couldn't not be his protector wolf self when she was boinking him exclusively. The "fire and tension" is subjective. I see it, my straight friends see it, and are blown away by it. But "lack of fulfillment with Lauren?" Seriously? Talk about out of touch. Lets see how the rest of the season plays out, shall we?


Louise, I feel the opposite way. The only times I've found Dyson unlikable was when he was not being himself, which was mainly during season 2 when the Norn took away his ability to love. Generally he has great chemistry with almost everyone he interacts with. In the first season it was mostly Bo, but since then, he's had great chemistry with Kenzi, Tamsin, Hale and even Vex. But that probably has a lot to do with the actor.


Well, like usual, I disagree with pretty much everything you have to say about Bo and Lauren together as well as Bo's "adorable" attraction to Dyson, but that's nothing new. You're "They're boring but they have chemistry statements are very confusing." And they didn't have sexytimes in 2.20. Lauren simply took comfort in Bo by sleeping on her chest. I think if anything, this episode solidified, why I dig the ladies together so damn much in or out of the bedroom. Their tenderness is a joy to watch, and Bo brings out Lauren's playfulness. What they have to go through to be together is much more powerful than what a fae/fae relationship brings to the show.


Bo and Lauren have only had ONE scene in their relationship and you already think it's boring? Um, ok. That's not biased at all. They haven't even scratched the surface of that relationship yet. Bo's nature is going to play a part soon and unless they completely assassinate Lauren's character, she will understand and respect that. It will have to be an "open" relationship which will add an interesting dynamic to the show. No one can sustain Bo alone. Throw Dark Bo into the mix and you certainly have me interested.


Why is it that Dyson is only ever likable when he's not being himself? All real Dyson does is brood and ruin every scene he's in. When he is someone else he actually steals every scene he's in. Go figure. I didn't like the body switching episode last year but this one was awesome. Unfortunately Tamsin lacks chemistry with everyone including Dyson. Skarsten hasn't evolved at all from her BOP days. Kenzi is still the best thing about this show. It's too bad Vex left because I was really enjoying the two of them together. Too bad x2 Syfy cut the scene where he called her out on her Dyson bias.


The reviewer summed up the problem I've been having with Bo and Lauren, which is that outside the love scenes, they are extremely boring together. This was made all too clear with this episode when Bo interacted with Dyson and Tamsin, who she showed a lot more spark with. In real life, that wouldn't be a negative against her relationship with Lauren. However, as a viewer, they just make for boring entertainment. I'm predicting that either Dyson or Tamsin will have a relationship with Bo, which should be fun, although I think that ultimately Dyson belongs with Kenzi! I'm also loving Vex this season. I have mixed feelings about this show. It's fun to watch the relationships, but I don't find the underlying plot that interesting as far as Sci Fi shows go. I think that shows like Haven and Continuum have much better plots in that regard.


Sorry, but Bo and Lauren's chemistry can't be matched. A relationship needs a lot more than "fire" and "sex" to work. Bo and Lauren's relationship have depth, which Bo and Dyson's never, ever did. Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer bring it to a whole new level and it certainly helps that the show is doing it right and doing their relationship justice. That is more than you can say about... any television show... ever. I thought this ep was good but ep 3.4 smashed it with a rock.


I really enjoyed this episode! It was quite funny. I actually liked Lauren in this, her interactions with Kenzi were amusing and I loved that they aired out their stuff. I thought you did a decent job reviewing and I fully understand your point. I hate that it always boils down to being accused of homophobia if you don't care for Lauren and Bo when that isn't the case. It is Lauren as a character, she comes across as stiff and stoic. On a show where other characters have a bit of bite and humor she always falls flat. It does affect her relationship with Bo. Sex aside they come across as completely incompatible. And no, I'm not being homophobic. I do like Bo with Dyson. Very much, but I seen more chemistry sbd fire between Bo and TAMSIN( who I really like. Nice addition) and would choose her and Bo over Bo and Lauren any day. I'm going to miss Vex! I really loved him and his chemistry with Kenzi.


I loved this episode. The Lauren/Kenzi pairing was my favorite. It was nice to see them finally clear the air. I would love to see them possibly become friends. Kenzi was awesome as the holder of the Staff of Righteousness. However, I would have loved to seen Lauren in that role as well. I'm anxious to hear more about Lauren's time in Afghanistan!
As for Lauren & Bo, their chemistry is undeniable. They have more chemistry in the tips of their fingers than Bo/Dyson & Bo/Ryan had combined.
I love Tamsin and the actress that plays her is very talented. I like the interactions between her & Dyson as well.


You didn't think much of the sex scene in 2.06 which is viewed by millions on Youtube and now the sex scenes are the only area you find they have chemistry. Looking at your review none of Lauren's scenes are featured and she was in it a lot. There's clear bias on two forums Afterellen and Heroes and Heartbreakers which are clearly partisan, I find your reviews the same ilk as the latter, you don't give a balanced review and because you write for the less populous camp, the only time you get a healthy response is when you sideswipe Lauren.

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