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Poor Bo's love life is a mess. It's gotten so bad that in "Original Skin," she turned to a self-help book. Of course, Kenzi wouldn't have any of that and decided they should party instead. And nothing is ever as simple as a fun night out for our Lost Girl and her sidekick.

Bo's Out of Body Experience

What were they expecting showing up at the Dal anyway? It's definitely not the place to hang out if they want to avoid their friends. I was hopeful that Bo was over Dyson after working on the Lich case together without any hint of their past relationship. But that was wishful thinking. Her feelings for Dyson are still there, she is just better at suppressing them.

And Dyson may lost his love for her, but he is still haunted by the situation. He has physically moved on with Ciara, but not emotionally. Their relationship is probably not going to last long if he continues to shut Ciara out about his history with Bo. However,, if he tells Ciara the truth, she may very well leave him. He is in a no-win situation.

The arrival of Raynard and Woods set into motion a series of events that heightened the emotions and feelings of everyone involved. Raynard using Bo's body to almost kill Ciara was just the beginning. Thankfully, after Bo reclaimed her body, she was able to revive Ciara. And with that they hugged and perhaps started a friendship. If nothing else, at least now have a friendly tolerance of each other.

The switching of bodies allowed Kenzi and Dyson to bond. Being in Dyson's body permitted Kenzi to understand what the Norn had taken from him. She felt the emptiness in his heart. At the same time, Dyson realized the strength that Kenzi has within her.

Dyson: You are weak, pathetic and you need glasses.
Kenzi: Oh, well, that, that's kinda mean.
Dyson: It's a miracle you survived this long, Kenz. You may be the strongest person I have ever met. | permalink

Despite her closeness with Bo, Kenzi wasn't able to reveal what she learned about Dyson, but she did what she felt was right by Bo. She gave her a gift with a simple response as they watch Dyson and Ciara leave the Dal:

Bo: Normally, that would make me jealous.
Kenzi: It shouldn't, Bo. | permalink

Outside of the relationship stuff, the biggest reveal happened when Bo was in Limbo. Nain Rouge told Bo she was significant (which we knew), but that it involved the coming extinction of all Fae (that was new). Wow! And, then to add even more pressure, Bo saw her supposed destiny: to kill Trick. Double wow! What is Bo supposed to do with that information?

Bo decided not to let Trick know the truth about what Nain Rouge told her. Instead, she asked him why Nain Rouge called her, "Isabelle." Is that enough of a hint for Trick to figure out what is going on? Could he reveal his own secrets to her to prevent the destiny revealed by the Nain Rouge? Or, will Bo have to kill Trick to survive?

Odds and Ends

  • The status of Bo and Lauren's relationship is unclear. Bo told Lauren she felt awkward about the kiss in front of Nadia, but Lauren just blew Bo off.
  • The switching of characters' bodies was hilarious, but none as funny as Kris Holden-Reid pretending to by Kenzi. I could watch that portrayal over and over again.
  • Kenzi and Hale finally kissed! Only ... it wasn't really them! It was Dyson and Ciara in their bodies. Bummer.
  • Who is the Ash? Why does he have "his" head in a trunk? That doesn't look good.


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I don't care about continuity or 'filler', this episode was hilarious. I could watch Kenzie in Dyson's body for hours! And Dyson in Kenzie's body? Equally fun. I mean, all the swaps were great but these two were perfect.
I was a little confused about the continuity from the previous episode and the return of the awkward but breakups are like that, one week you think you're over it and then you just have one of those days that suck...also, Dyson's awkward wasn't so much to do with Bo but rather the fight he'd walked out on with Ciara ABOUT Bo. So...that covers that. Anyway, a decent episode to spice things up and put a bit of levity into a heavy section of the season.


I could really, really do without body-swapping episodes in sci-fi/fantasy TV shows. This one did nothing to improve my opinion of these lazy wastes of time. @DeAnn: "the whole thing with the Ash keeping his head in a box is FREAKY! Does that mean that he's only pretending to be the Ash, because the real Ash is dead?" Not dead, I think, but clearly usurped. Whether his identity got stolen before or after he became Ash would be an interesting question if we actually knew anything about they guy other than that he is a dick. @DeAnn "does anyone else wonder why Dyson is so enamored of the bad-tooth Brit Ciara, who can't hold a candle to the beautiful Bo?" What's love got to do with it? We know that Dyson cannot love anybody other than Bo and that he is no longer able to love her, either. He still has a sex drive, and being with Bo appears to be painful or distasteful to him, so he has to seek his satisfaction elsewhere. Ciara loves him or is at least strongly attracted to him, and she is attractive, so she's a good companion for him. That's it.


Oh, and I forgot to say that I think the whole thing with the Ash keeping his head in a box is FREAKY! Does that mean that he's only pretending to be the Ash, because the real Ash is dead?
And does anyone else wonder why Dyson is so enamored of the bad-tooth Brit Ciara, who can't hold a candle to the beautiful Bo? You would think if Ciara is as rich as she claims to be that she'd get her teeth fixed first thing. She has an interesting face and pretty blond hair, but she's not what you'd call stunningly beautiful, like Bo or Kenzi.


To the reviewer, please note that it is "Isabeau" no Isabelle, as fortyseven pointed out, and that the main character would be Belle or Bella and not Bo if her real name was Isabelle. You could see by Trick's face when she said that the Nain Rouge called her that that he knows something, but he's not telling her. Therefore it is only fair that she didn't tell him that she had a vision of killing him.
BTW, LOVED Kris HR's portrayal of Kenzi "I got Wolf junk!" It was hilarious, and sweet and sad all at the same time. I think that Kenzi's revelation about Dyson being empty means that he still loves Bo and still needs her, and I hope that bodes well for their future relationship--anything to get her away from boring, wimpy Lauren. Also, gotta say that Bo's "1970s Barbie doll" haircut does nothing for her lovely face. Also lightening her hair to mousy brown was a bad idea, I think. She was really rockin' the lush raven tresses.


This episode was definitely a filler that lacked continuity thanks to the back 9 order. Not giving much away, but Bo *is* over Dyson, as evidenced in 2.08. That's what the status of their relationship is going to be like for the rest of the season. Bo and Ciara are even going to become friends. This one was an exception because, as everything else, it simply did not make sense. It was fun and all, but it should have been a one hour special rather than an actual episode.


I thought this body swap episode was better than Eureka's and I liked Dyson and Lauren's alter egoes. What I didn't like was the lack of continuity between Dyson working with Bo the previous week and then a re-establishing of AWKWARD. This episode says what's wrong with Dyson, nothing to do with Bo, it's exposed by both ZP and KS doing an impersonation. All they've got is a stone face and flinty speech. It's a shame someone didn't get the chance to swap with Lauren, I'd like to see them imitate her mannerisms but I guess they have to keep her mysterious.


Isabeau not Isabelle though it is a variant. Body switching was revelatory. Limbo reveal was very interesting. Dyson/Kenzi bonding was great.

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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Lauren: Sorry.
Bo: No, it's okay. It was weird. You kissing me in front of Nadia.
Lauren: No, I mean, sorry, I need to talk to Trick.

Bo: Hey, there is nothing wrong with a little TLC for the soul.
Kenzi: Whoa, you did not just use TLC in a sentence.