Modern Family Review: Milestones

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Go Manny, it's your birthday! Well... it's your last year of not having to share your birthday at least.

This week on Modern Family, there was a very special "Party Crasher."

What's Gone Wrong?

That's right, Baby Delgado-Pritchitt is here! After a particularly embarrassing birthday, Manny got the ultimate present: a new baby brother. 

Sorry, Lily, you're no longer that bambino of the family. However, don't take any of your Daddy Cam's injury-causing moves to be anything but accidental. In fact, Cam causes Lily's injuries because he loves her so much that he wants to be give her the best of everything. Throwing rice for the wedding, getting a Barbie corvette as a just married vehicle and playfully nudging her off the chair when he got a little too excited: all part of Cam's full of love and life personality. The lawn chair thing was purely just a slip up. And I'm not gonna lie, I was laughing.

Cam's insecure bit does get a little old sometimes. He has to be favored and be the center of attention at all times and it gets annoying. What's wrong with Lily wanting to do some stuff with Mitchell instead? Share the parental love, Cam! 

However, my favorite father/daughter moment was between Phil and Haley this week when the latter heard what her dad was saying at the elevator. I still maintain that Haley Dunphy got kicked out of school for a bogus reason that isn't even realistic. Basically, 70% of all college students would end up at home if they underage drinking got you expelled. I feel like the writers could have come up with a better reason to keep Haley on the show.

At the same time, nobody made me laugh as hard as Phil did this week. When he almost chopped off Kenny's ponytail with the hedge clipper, I nearly lost it. Also, I always love when Phil reminisces about his cheerleading days.

When I was 17, I was really close with my friend Stacey's mom. Mrs. Robinson was a former cheerleader so she knew just how to massage my legs after practice. She had her own homemade Bengay that didn't burn no matter where she rubbed it on me. If I had the chance to go over there I never missed an opportunity. | permalink

This was my favorite kind of Modern Family episode. Things go from laughs to feeling tears prick at your eyes and little goosebumps of emotion. So happy to have a new addition to the family!


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way too much lily in this episode. they should really get another kid to play her.
i realize it sounds harsh on a little girl, but she is the most uncute, untalented girl ever and really spoils the show.
i cringe every time she is on. #cutLily the rest of the episode was pretty good.


Totally agree with Lindalou. The final 30 seconds was the best part of the episode. I was misting up as I watched Jay cuddling his new son.


I love this show!! It was so super funny this evening. I was dying laughing and even shed a tear. How many shows have been able to do that?! I love that Cam still wants to be the favorite dad. It's in his character and I hope he never changes! Claire and Phil are my fav on the show but everyone else is a close second. Such a phenomenal cast and I look forward to Wednesday every week!


Best episode in awhile...but the reason I gave it 5 stars was based on the final 30 seconds. Ed O'Neill's facial expression while holding his newborn son was beyond priceless!!

Sarah silva

This show was on its game with this episode! I laughed so hard and there were a couple supre funny moments that may be offensive to some but it was super funny! Loved every minute.


excellent episode! i did like that Haley was kick out of college, although i dont mind if we see her or not.
apparently the hormones make Luke smarter.
Poor Manny, finally a love milestone and it didnt last more than a day

Drea xoxo

loving the series and episode and don't understand how they didn't win an award!!!! not impressed GG to loose out to girls REALLY!!! manny is just too funny!! he got un friend zoned to be embarrassed in front of everyone and to top it off his mum's water had to break. lily yet again i was in hysterics and i do agree that cam's baby me act is tedious but hey its his character. the phil and haley moment is priceless and typical of that situation, phil wanted her to do well you cant blame him.


This season has been my favorite so far, the realtionship between Phil and Haley is just so beautiful. Poor Lily in tonight's episode, I think though a lot of viewers would've
enjoyed those scenes.


Great episode. So glad to hae a good one after that terrible New Year's show. Episodes seem to be one good one bad this year, but the great ones like this are still great. Is the baby a boy or a girl though?

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That's the whole point of a surprise party, you take somebody you really love and you play em like a fool.


Haley: You used to be fun.
Phil: You used to be....what? Oh yeah, at college.