NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Foxy Lady

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A bone donation?

I'm not sure which was more shocking: finding out that you could donate bones and they are replaced with a PVC tube... or that crazy fox on Hetty's shoulders.

"Paper Soldiers" was another NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 episode that involved a case which NCIS didn't really need to investigate. Despite that, it did provide for a few humorous moments, especially with Hetty.

Smiling Hetty

NCIS was called in to investigate the death of Lt. Prietto when his widow questioned the circumstances of his killing. Wouldn't that be answered with just a simple records check? Or shouldn't the team have gone to interrogate Prietto's commanding officer? NCIS's entry into this case was the weakest I can remember for this show. Of course, the widow's private investigator being killed added to the intrigue, but that was a different case.

The mystery then turned away from how Lt. Prietto was killed to what happened to him after he died. The Marine had skin grafts and bones removed for donation at the morgue, even though he was not listed as a donor. Red flag! Something odd was at play here.

Hetty brought Nate, an operational psychologist who used to be a member of the NCIS: Los Angeles team, in to help. I was surprised to see Hetty use Nate like she did. There really wasn't any need for Nate to be the one to question Rose. Any other member of the squad could have called her up to talk about what was going on in the morgue. And Nate sacrificed Rose's trust in him by choosing his job over his relationship with her.

In the past, when Nate has assisted the team, it was because he had unique skills or access that was necessary to complete the investigation. Not here. He really was Hetty's pawn. The saving grace of his appearance was when he went undercover as Hetty's son at the funeral home. The differential in their stature was distracting and that combined with Hetty's odd demeanor and fox prop provided for a unique and unexpected cover.

Even though the PI was killed, his investigation provided the link the team needed to solve the case. Rose's pictures led them to identify the forged documents which pointed them to Ian. And Nell's discovery of the high number of bodies with donations sent to the funeral home provided the link to the organ scam. And that part of the case was solved.

The issue of how Lt. Prietto was killed was actually resolved with a phone call. He was killed while carrying out a highly classified mission. For security reasons, the location had been altered to protect those still involved. Case closed.

The usual banter on NCIS:LA was a bit stunted this week. Though, Hetty at the funeral home made up for it, especially when Sam gave her such a tough time. That was hilarious and probably words he has wanted to say for years. Unfortunately, he had to have a sit down with her afterward. Ouch!

Did you also find Nate's visit underwhelming? Did you love the Hetty stuff? What about that fox?


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Loved Hetty's Fox!!! a beautiful specimen! Nate's appearance was a bit of a yawn fest I will admit..


I really liked the episode. I didn't mind that this one wasn't a "national security" plot, especially following such a heavy NCIS ep. Lots of fun banter in this one, including Eric's mime routine in the opening, the funeral parlour and Kensi & Deeks (as usual)...


I watch because my husband likes. But I did enjoy the part with Heady and Sam at the funeral home LOL


Hetty wearing the fox stole really messed up the episode for me. The poor little animals killed for a silly stole. I didn't like the episode.


The undercover scene at the funeral home was a HOOOOOOOOOOT; I can only imagine the conversation that transpired after the show faded to black ("What do you mean 'shorty'?") I can't help but think that the issue regarding WHERE Prietto died was just "phoned in." I think the writers missed an opportunity for some intrigue there and played it kinda safe. Black market organs are nothing new on these kinda shows. As for the Rose / Nate thing, I can understand that she feels blindsided and angry at what happened, but she should also understand that she's not above the law and that Nate was doing his job. Why it fell to him just seems cruel on Hetty's part; I can't help but wonder if perhaps Rose wouldn't have been as put off if Sam or Callen(people she's NOT attracted to) or even Kensi (one woman to another), had interrogated her.

Sue ann

I will take any excuse to see Nate. (Although I am no fan of psychiatry, the man is a hunk!) I thought that the funeral home was even more odd than those I deal with all the time in my volunteer work. Over-written, and excellently played. Very funny. Creepy funny. I did particularly appreciate the ludicrous presentation of Nate as Hetty's son, and the dead fox as nearly her other son. I did not pay much mind to the story; I have seen it done before on another show. Up to and including the PVC tube replacements. I thought this episode was average ...

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