Private Practice Review: Really, Really Good Fries

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The winter break is over, as Private Practice prepared for its sendoff this week with a special episode focusing on Amelia.

Good Fries Are Hard to Come By” was the perfect mix of fun and spontaneity, giving us a better understanding of where Amelia’s been and where she’s going. Recently, we've seen a lack of our favorite neurosurgeon from Los Angeles. It was like a breath of fresh air to have her front and center on the screen again. I have sincerely missed her spunkiness.

Amelia's Series of Blind Dates

First off, congratulations to Amelia for her continued sobriety! Her journey has been anything but easy, and it's nice to see that she's doing just fine after all that's happened. You can’t help but feel very proud of our girl for finding her way once again.

Although it took much time, unpacked boxes and even numerous disastrous dates, Amelia has definitely gotten her groove back. She’s different now in a better way and her growth throughout the year has been remarkable. Thanks to James, it also seems as though she’s back and better than ever.

I liked that that the Amelia-centric installment showed Jamelia (I just came up with that. Let me know if you can think of something better in the comments) working side-by-side on a case that required both their knowledge and skills. More importantly, we learned even more about their personalities at work and saw them interact with one another.

It really is hard not to like James, as he just seems genuine and such a good fit for Amelia. As nights turned into days and weeks turned into months, the two were growing close quickly, with politics in bed and even reading fortune cookie messages to one another from Chinese takeout. 

Amelia even met James’s parents. Though dinner didn’t exactly end nicely with James’s mother asking too many questions, Jamelia realized by the end of the night that they were both actually in love. Did it seem like their relationship was moving too quickly? Maybe, but the episode did begin with a day from nearly four months ago. Besides, time’s running out and so as long as the stories are there, I’m all for endings that aren’t left so open-ended.

Other Thoughts

  • I laughed out loud as Amelia watched workout videos while eating ice cream. Been there, done that!
  • Of course Amelia went to Charlotte for condoms. Not surprisingly, Charlotte had everything from glow in the dark, tingling and something called soldier.
  • Who was craving fries after listening to that commercial Amelia was watching? I certainly was. Then, Jake and Amelia had to talk about fries again! Seriously?!
  • My favorite moment may have been when Jamelia were talking softly under the covers about Amelia’s past. It felt so raw and honest with every word that she spoke and you could feel how tragic her life once was as she recalled some of the darkest days of her life.

Well, TV Fanatics, there are only two episodes remaining in Private Practice Season 6. It's hard to believe, right?! If the past few hours are any indication, the series may go out on a very high note. We already know that there will be wedding bells on the series finale.

What else would you like to see happen? Share your predictions in the comments now!


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I was glad to see someone explained what was driving me crazy last night - Charlotte pg in hospital when the previous episode ended with her going to the delivery room and then you also her at work - not pg.
Now the question I have is: Did I miss an episode?? The last one I saw she was on the way to deliver and stopped off to (for the first time) see the baby that had previously been born. Now this episode she is at work and no-one is talking about any of the babies. Are they all okay? Who is taking care of preemie triplets while mama is already back at work? I cannot believe we know nothing about the babies, but I don't believe I missed an episode. Please enlighten me!


I should have expected it but when Charlotte turned the box of condoms on hr desk it cracked me up! And this is my all time favorite Episode! I love Amelia, and really really hope she and James get a spot on GA cast, fingers crossed


@Guest - The episode started out with a note that we were actually seeing flashbacks from four months ago. So, Charlotte was still very pregnant up to that point.


Charlotte delivered her babies already, yet she appear pregnant in this episode?! James has to look oh so ... well built. Suave. Together. Why couldn't Amelia get together with Sheldon? A really sweet guy who loved her.


One of the things i remember most fondly was James' incredible body, I mean the moment he slipped off his shirt for the first time and those pecs....
Definetly a favorite episode of mine. I really like Amelia, her and Charlotte are my favorites.
When she doubted her ability to let someone new in...and the patience that James had. Those two really did go with their instincts and despite their pasts, or his parents, they worked it out and had a whole lot of sex.
I'm glad that Amelia is in a better place after all the trauma and hurt.
Her story has the ability to restore hope and faith to me or anybody else or watched this episode and has been through some tough times of their own.


I really liked this episode! amelia actually had me laughing in multipule scenes. i was glad that this episode had more light thenn dark. although i was a little scared when they kept showing them in the bedroom after she told him about ryan. i was terrified that something bad was going to happen, cause lets face it, amelias just got that kind off bad luck and shonda is just that cruel. so i was very glad when it turned out to just be two people hanging out and falling in love. the condom scene had me dying! of course charlotte had that many hidden condoms. and the scene between the women talking about howw they met their others. charlotte:i met mine on the couch, or would it be the sex chatroom?


LOVED this one! I wasn't sure about James when the season began, but I really really love the two of them together. He's just so good for her -- when they were under the covers & he told her don't let her perspective today change her feelings from then (or something like that) & also when he stayed the morning after she freaked out....just perfect!


I liked this episode a lot! I liked that there was a seamless incorporation of all of the dr's that have made an impression in Amelia's life. Jamelia rocks, Jame's parents really need to meet Amelia's mother and sisters. That would be amazing. Sadly Ms. Shonda Rhimes will not do that. I hope we see Amelia married to James. If anyone needs a happy ending, its her.


Was so happy to get an episode based entirely on Amelia. I've missed her so much this season.
Though I'm not a complete fan of James, I can see the chemistry between them and I really want Amelia to be happy, so as long as she's happy, I'm good with the character connection.
I was hurt for Amelia though when she JUST learned from Sheldon that he had cancer that way. It seemed completely impersonal and seeing as the two are bestfriends, I was hoping for more a tear-jerking scene. Sadly, nothing came of it.

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