Suits Review: Daddy Issues

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"Zane vs. Zane," Bennett v. Litt, Zane v. Pearson, Zane v. Spector... this installment of Suits was one big battle royale between some of the hardest players this side of Manhattan - and man was it fun to watch!

Rachel's Big Case

First, Happy Birthday, Rachel!

We're sorry we couldn't get you a gift, but we are even more sorry that your birthday lunch with dear old dad came to such an abrupt end. I was fascinated by Rachel's relationship with her father. We haven't really seen any parents appear on this show other than over Skype (thanks, Louis), so it was quite something to have Mr. Zane live in living color and causing all kinds of trouble for Pearson/Hardman.

I could hear the collective scoff over Twitter at the slightest mention of Pearson/Zane. Dream on, sir!

Other than that, I enjoyed seeing Rachel come into her own a little bit more this episode. I've always thought highly of her, so it was interesting to take a step back and realize that perhaps she wasn't thinking the world of herself, and that was why she was unhappy and took the words her father hurled at their client as some direct call on her.

I'm glad she finally stood up for herself. I think it's long overdue, though I don't think there was every anyone in her path so far that she needed to stand up to.

That said, I'm pretty sure Harvey's decision to use Rachel in the larger plot of the case had everything to do with Robert's decision to recuse himself from the case and hand it over to Daniel Hardman. Mr. Zane came to play hardball, and it seems that no matter where our legal eagles turn these days, there's always something or someone waiting to pounce on them. They really can't catch a break to save their lives!

Speaking of someone else who couldn't catch a break: Louis Litt. While he expertly initiated his war with Katrina Bennett, he certainly didn't anticipate just how willing she was to match his performance. Their back and forth was as gold as Louis' $3,000 nail trimmers. Can we please get more?

I did like that there was a little bit of reconciliation that got to take place between most of the parties involved; most notably the hatchet definitely buried between Harvey, Donna and Louis. That mug shot display series was epic. I really want one of those to hang up in my room. No kidding!

Other highlights from this episode:

  • Getting to see Harvey and Rachel interact, and see Rachel take his bagel.
  • Discovering that Harvey has and requires designated "me time."
  • Mike and Harvey playing office HORSE.
  • Louis and the food processor.
  • President Louis and his photo-shopped head on some of the greatest American Presidents.
  • Louis admitting his respect for women such as Hillary Clinton and Gwen Stefani.

So, what do you think Hardman's imminent return will mean for our favorite firm?


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The episode was hilarious, but one thing I didn't understand was why Louis let himself get embroiled in a prank war with Katrina. A Senior Partner v a 5th year Associate? Really? Why didn't he just fire her?! Surely he had that power...


Love Suits and all the characters/actors! One of the best shows on TV, and fun to watch the story line develop each week. Thanks for your info...


Louis Litt and Katrina Bennett - best office conflict ever! They were hilarious. Loved the jail pics of Louis. He's definitely the bad guy you love to hate. Another fav, the conversation between Donna and Katrina and the jar of cookies --too funny. Zane vs. Zane wasn't nearly as entertaining for me as Louis and Katrina. I'm sure with the return of Hartman next week, the episode will be explosive.


I LOVED this episode and the one before. Dialogue is still sharp, which is what I like the most is this show.
Katrina/Louis I WANT MORE !!! It was fun as hell. Same goes for Rachel/Harvey : she took his bagel, HILARIOUS !!!
Zane vs Zane was VERY interesting !!! honestly it was good to see that side of her for a change. Be proud girl !
IT'S BACK !!!! Louis pants tearing up, just out of this world lol. The mugshots, I WANT ONE !!!!! photoshopped presidents big LOL, but no thanks.
Hardman is back....There's gonna be blood ! And damn I wanna see it !


While Louis and Katrina were amusing it rubbed me the wrong way. I get why Harvey, Donna, Jessica, and Mike are the way they are with Lois. It's complicated. Some of them communicate a certain way there is a history, good natured teasing, filling respective roles, sibling like jesting with the nobody messes with my annoying brother but me...rooted in respect thing. Katrina is new to the game. Respect the pecking order. Hell despite everything even Mike has to respect it to some degree. So I kept thinking who the hell does she think she is? And have at least one person leave Louis alone. Still don't care for Rachel though her relationship with her father was interesting and it was nice seeing her interact with Harvey for a change. LOVED the Harvey/Mike scenes Harvey /Jessica scenes and Donna. All of them were so humorous.


The fighting with Louis has to stop. Mike/Rachel better not stay unresolved for seasons on end. I loved Rachel/Harvey's interaction. Harvey/Jessica scenes lack variety.


Katrina is hella badass. Katrina Bennett for Series Regular 2013.


Love the sharp dialog in this show. I have also loved Louis since his character was on Philly 10 or 12 years ago. He always plays the same character--a smart pain in the *** with no social skills, but it is certainly unique on network tv.


With Daniel back in next week's episode, it's going to be interesting to see what Harvey and Jessica will do to bring him down this time........


I'm personally getting really tired of everybody hating on Louis. Especially new employees. Who the hell does the Katrina chick think she is?
I did enjoy Rachel and Harvey's scenes. Particularly the bagel taking.

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