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After the emotional roller coaster that was "High Noon," Suits kicked off 2013 with its aftermath in "Blind-Sided."

Despite the fact it was Mike's first day back, he attacked the job like he'd never left. The whole time, though, it was clear he was falling apart. His relationship with Rachel was in disarray once again and the case was a catalyst for the righteous bitterness he's harbored against the people responsible for the death of his parents. If only he has listened to Harvey and sat this case out.

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Instead, Mike caused a complicated firestorm for Harvey, who more or less was forced to follow through on a bribe in order to cover Mike's rear. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the episode came when Harvey told Mike to get his "shit together." If anything straightened him up, it was that. Though Mike's road to recovery is clearly long from over after such a devastating loss, he really needed the kick in the pants to move forward.

That said, moving forward was the last thing Louis was allowed to do this episode. While he still retains senior partner status, he's got anything but respect from his fellow associates. He went from the high of hiring his own top-notch associate - and apparently bedding Sheila - to associate-less and girlfriend-less in the course of the hour. No way this goes down without some backlash.

One unexpected but nonetheless welcomed element of this episode was Harvey's visit to Zoe's house, especially his interaction with Olivia. I actually saw a father-figure in him. If I didn't enjoy the Harvey that played the field so much, I would be readily advocating him settling down with Zoe and Olivia for good.

I wonder, though, why she seems to be making an exit just now? I was kind of getting used to the idea of having her around and now she's leaving to be a mom to Olivia. Could they not sign her onto the show for longer, or is her place in this story really over?

Highlights from this episode:

  • Donna's banter with Harvey at the outset of the episode. Was I the only one who loved seeing her perched in Harvey's prized chair?
  • Sheila's unexpect dominatrix desires.
  • Mike finally kicking Tess out. She was only around for a bit, but I was already tired of her character.
  • Mike's visit to Nick Rinaldi. It was reckless, but I feel like he needed to get it out and face his past dead-on given the circumstances.

While all seemed quiet on the northeastern front, is the war at Pearson/Hardman really over - or is it only in the midst of a temporary cease fire? Sound off now on the return of Suits Season 2!


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I enjoy the Harvey character, as he is. Its only season 3, so settling him down is not really necessary at this time. Unfortunately, it appears they may attempt to use the Zoe character to settle him down. I don't agree with this because 1) its only season 3, 2) they have 0 on screen chemistry. The only reason to support the union is because the actress that plays Zoe is his wife in real life. Unfortunately, something like that can break the show, since the woman they finally settle him down with should be one with the looks and personality of the Donna character.


1. I loved seeing Harvey, Zoe, adn Olivia together. Too cute for words. Would love to see Harvey in a real relationship, but not with anyone at the firm.
2. Mike should have been off this case from the beginning. It hits too close to home and Harvey knew it. Harvey should have low-balled Mike or gone with him in the settlement deal if he didn't want him to offer strictly the $100K. Mike isn't a lawyer, but he needs to keep the rules or people will start asking more questions about him - seriously, breaking atty/client privelage!
3. Glad to see Mike dump Tess- didn't like her one bit.
4. Louis with Sheila was just creepy.
5. Plot twist Louis can't hire his wunderkind, but Harvey can hire the ADA. That's gonna cause trouble. In addition, the wunderkind, having heard Mike's name will get hired by a competitor and will be gunning for Mike. This is going to be a good season - if Mike can get his stuff together.


boring: harvard isues
lame: drama mike and rachel
stupid: mike ross keep using pot, harvey didn't notice
blunder: mike ross inconsistency character


Messy and unrealistic. Mike is a hypocrite and a terrible lawyer


Zoe ! It's Gabriel 's wife !!! That explains a lot ! I totally forgot lol


WOW ! Suits id back ! FULL FORCE ! I loved all of it ! Seriously, I hope Mike gets his shit together ! Glad he kicked that girl out but the did he find out ? Man next episode is gonna be SICK !
Zoe and Harvey, gosh they look good together.
Loved Donna ! Still fierce !
Louis was funny but honestly, it's gonna be bad... him "betraying" the firm, AGAIN, I think he should go. For his own sake ! The man is not happy there, people don't like/respect him.
I cannot wait to see the next one. Now I wonder if Rachel and Mike are meant to be ? I was rooting for them no I wonder...


★☆☆☆☆TV No intrigue. Agree with most comments. Except for Zoe, like Jessica and Donna she really holds her own. IMO


Aaron and the writers are given us the same dialogue. Julie Plec has to deal with teens you don't have that luxury. Treating the USA viewers with this much exasperation is awful. @pb It is definitely the smartest show on TV. MTV, has better writing. No seriously, Awkward ftw.


This first episode really bothered me. Mike is acting like he is righteous when he was having one ethical lapse after another. I know that Louis is the supposed villain of the show but seriously, why isn't he gone from the firm and starting another. Hopefully after his being disrespected by Harvey and boss lady, he plans a devastating exit. Everybody should be realizing that Mike is a liability for the firm in terms of legal exposure, ethically poor judgement, drug use and by his not having a license, preventing top notch talent from joining the firm in the form of Louis' first year intern. Will give this show 3 more episodes before turfing.


Today was the first time Mike actually really annoyed me. Damnit boy, get off your high-horse. I do like that he realized he was committing a wrong, and dumped Tess.
I actually liked Harvery with Zoe, and the kid. He would make a great father.
Loius, his associate and girlfriend both really freaked me out. *shudder*
Donna and Harvey are perfect the way they are. A relationship would make them kinda boring.

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Suits Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Mike: We have a problem.
Harvey: Don't worry, Mike, I'm sure N*Sync will tour again someday.

The next time I have the option to cross the line to save you, I'll send you packing and not think twice. Now get your shit together.

Harvey [to Mike]